Disaster 51- The secret service

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Chapter 3: Learning, rooms and Love

After 2 minutes of making sure Mia was okay the man cleared his throat. "My name is Mr Carter, and I am the man behind the business, this place here is called Disaster 51"He watched there facial expressions thinking one was gonna flip out.

"51 different students from different schools around the world have been chosen from there physical attributes, there mental skill and other things we found interesting about them"He said as he clicked his fingers then tapped them on the table, seeing the kids now confused and intrigued.

"They come here to learn, to become better than what has expected, you have been picked because you have the potential, to become assassins"The kids were equally shocked at what Mr Carter said.

"Assassins?! Really?"Riley asked wide eyed as Mr Carter nodded.

"Yes Riley assassins"He said and chuckled as he sighed"It was pure luck that you were all in the same class, the pick up was easier than expected"he mused with a smile then glanced in a certain raven haired girl's way.

"Or in some cases deathly"Amy and Aimee tried to stifle a giggle at the remark made to the girl who just rolled her eyes in response but Abbie raised her hand.

"Mr carter, what did you see in us that made you pick us?"

Her voice was quiet as she asked the question but the young man smiled.

"Well, I have all of your reports here- first off Abbie and Amy Robinson"he declared and looked up to give the twins a reassuring smile.

"I noticed your army cadet classes you both attended and passed with flying colours, you know how to disarm a gunman and knock one out, you work well as a pair when not fighting, I picked you for your abnormality"

He looked up and locked onto Riley who was twiddling his thumbs.

"Riley Kudirka, I picked you because your physical side of the test, you're a trampoline fanatic, you're a great sportsman and always in shape, I noticed your dyslexia and dismissed it, it doesn't matter at this stage"Riley grinned, feeling confident about this news which was new to him.

Aimee looked at Mr Carter hopefully waiting for good news about her side of the test which made him smile as he opened her file.

"Aimee, your mental side of the test was phenomenal, you aced the brain teasers we set and you came out ontop, you are one of the smartest students I have ever met, be proud of it"

"Jade"he said and smiled as he looked at the profile of the blonde girl"handles a gun like a pro, knifes like gordon ramsey, what else can I say, your physical was one of the best I've seen"

"Thanx Mr Carter, that's made my day"Jade's response made his heart feel warm before everyone locked onto to the last person in the room who had there eyes closed, hands in there lap and one leg over the other.

"I'm waiting to find out what you have to say about me"

"What is there to say about you, you killed one of my men with one single kick, in the special physical, you took down 5 guys your same size, and the special mental challenges I was advise to give to your teachers came back positive as well, I congratulate you all"

"But now I warn you, some of your new classmates might not be as accepting as you might be so give it time and they should come around, I will show you to your rooms"

Aimee frowned at Mr carter"what about Mia?"she asked and Mr Carter glanced at Mia.

They had just been assigned there rooms, Cameron and Riley were together as were Jade, Aimee and the twins.

"She has a single room, only reserved for the student who are- very healthy and able to kill people, we think being on your own would be better, roommates can be annoying"he said and Mia nodded smirking.

"I'm not complaining"

After getting there room cards and settling in, the group wandered to the main lounge where loads of students were talking as Amy and Mia were chatting when Amy knocked into a boy and stepped back as he looked at Amy.

"Look where you're going squirt"he growled before Mia stepped in front of him.

"She didn't bump into you, it was me, don't treat her like that, it was an accident"she sighed and the guy laughed.

"Fine then, take the blame"

Mia stumbled back from the shove and hit the floor as Amy and Aimee helped her up.

"Hey Mi, I think you might have a stalker"

The words were whispered into the girl's ear as she frowned and looked around until she saw a boy watching her from a far off with his friends and Mia turned away.


"I think i'm in love"

Riley looked up from playing cards with Cameron and raised his brows at Amy.

"With who might I ask?"he got up and folded his arms as Amy smiled.

"A guy in our tactics class called Martin Dark"she marveled and twisted before Jade took her sholders and slapped her lightly in the face.

"You joking right?"

"We kissed"

"We've been here a day"

"I know but I love him"

"Amy, you can't be-"Mia sighed as the group walked into there tactics class and she surveys the class.

"Which guy is he?"

"That one"

Amy pointed to a boy joking with his friends, he had blond hair and was about Mia's height but the girl parted with Amy and walked right over to the group and waited until the group looked at her, she noticed the boy that was looking at her yesterday in the group.

"Are you Martin Dark?"Mia asked the respective boy nodded.

"Yeah, what's it to you?"he asked and she raised her brows.

"Did you kiss my friend Amy yesterday?"

"Yeah, were dating"

"You hurt her- you will be sorry"

Mia turned and walked back over to the group and Aimee rolled her eyes at the girl who was smiling for once as they all started to talk about songs they liked before the teacher walked in.

"Class, my name is Sgt Rogers today were going to be doing a maze, filled with obstacles, I will give you 5 seconds to get into pairs"






Mia watched everyone run around as she stayed put on her own and Sgt Rogers looked at her.

"odd number, you are on your own"

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