Disaster 51- The secret service

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Chapter 4: Maze

Abbie and Amy were in the maze first, everyone watched them from the giant flat screen t.v connected to watch them.

Abbie held Amy back while she jumped over the tripwire and motioned for Amy to follow and avoid traps until they got to a dead end and a lever.

"this must open the wall up"

Amy yanked the lever to make the wall rise but the floor opened up and caught them in a net.


"good try girls"

After a few go's it was Riley and Cameron's turn and they didn't even want to do it.

"Wanna just find where the twins got to and fail ourselves?"Cam asked Riley who shrugged so they did and failed which made Sgt Roger laugh and ask the boys why and they replied they were tired making him laugh even more.

Amiee and Jade got further than the girls but got caught by drones flying through the air which attacked then making them run back and trip over the tripwire they just jumped over.


"Last but not least Mia, go ahead"

Mia walked into the maze and watched the door close up and picked a rout and started to walk through.

"This is where we failed"Jade said to Aimee as the class watched Mia walk to the drones which locked onto her and flew at her only for her to grab one and throw it into the wall and it smashed.

She grabbed the last two and crushed them together as she advanced but then got to the point Abbie and Amy failed as she turned to go back but she was closed in.

"She has nowhere else to go"

Mia looked at the leaver and shook her head as she jumped up.

She kicked off one wall and turned grabbing the ledge of the other wall, climbing ontop of the wall as she looked around and started to run, as fast as she could on the top of the wall as she stopped and toppled her arms waving as she almost fell 30 feet to under the maze but went into a cartwheel and regained her balance.

"If anyone here can complete the maze it's Mia"Abbie said smiling.

"You sure about that squirt?"

The voice came from the boy who had shoved Mia over after Amy knocked into him.

"Bet your ass she will"

"What do you want to bet?"he asked and Aimee stept up.

"You introduce that boy to her, the one that keeps watching her if she wins"she declared and the boy smirked.

"And if she doesn't and fails then she will have to- you will have to get her to do somthing embarrassing in front of the class"


They continued to watch as a drone appeared and knocked into Mia making her topple and fall from her place on the wall and hit the floor as she got up and listened then turned and bolted at the dead end behind her and braced her shoulder as she jumped and crashed into the fake wall as she hit the floor and rolled to find a screen and a display.


Mia rolled her eyes as she tapped on the disarm button and a series of dots appeared and started to flash before her eyes and before she knew it, her hands were tapping the flashing dots keeping in rhythm with the motion and glanced at the clock as it went down to 10 seconds.

She saw the progress bar and the found herself half way done and then the screen changed to something that Mia recognised and walked to the table next to her then started to hit her fist into a beat on the table and stamp her foot and the bar was going up more as she started to increase her speed until she started to hit the table harder and faster and looked at the clock.

The timer stopped and nothing happened and Mia sighed in relief.

"I won, I did it"

The explosion sent Mia flying into the table and sliding off it on the floor as she gasped in pain and tried to stand but failed to do so and landed on her left wrist making her gasp in pain.

"Hello, are you single or what?"Jade looked up to find a guy from her Evasions class in front of her at breakfast smiling at her as she swallowed.

"Why would you want to know?"she pondered with a smile playing on her lips as the boy smirked at her.

"Your Jade aren't you? Jade Dodd, I'm Damon Harding"he introduced, smiling at Jade and held out his hand and she shook it and noticed him wearing a leather jacket over his chest and took in his features.

He was just a fraction smaller than her with Bleached white hair and perfect teeth, he had a small scar on his lip and his green eyes made her shiver in delight, his thin nose and complex jawline made Jade smile as she looked back up to meet his eyes.

"Like what you see then ey' Roots?"

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