Disaster 51- The secret service

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Chapter 5: Arguments and Friendship

"So class"

The group looked at the teacher who smirked at them"I'm Mr Stark, and today were going to look on how to get your victim to come quietly, as in some cases seduce them and they follow you then you assassinate them in the back room of let's say a club"

Mia looked up from the nudging of Riley to focus on Amy and Martin snogging in the back of the class and she rolled her eyes and waited till Mr Stark was facing the board and took a spare pencil and threw it at Amy, it hit the back of her head and she looked to see Mia mouthing words at her and she frowned.

"What?"she mouthed and Jade rolled her eyes.

"Stop snogging"she whisper yelled.

"Who's snogging?"Mr Stark asked and turned to find everything normal but found Aimee and Mia reading a note thrown over the class and he stole it off them and chuckled.

"Tell us to stop snogging, you can't even get the courage to talk to that boy that keeps staring at you, go talk to him or I will do that for you, and tell him your secret"he read out and Mia shot up turning to Amy.

"What the hell? it was Jade who told you to stop snogging, and anyway I only said don't do it in class or you would get a detention, you didn't have to mention him"she blurted out angrily and Amy smirked.

"It's true though, you blush whenever you walk past him"

"I was given a single room because I murdered a guy in the music classroom, do you want to be my next victim Amy?"she growled and Amy swallowed.

"You wouldn't kill me over exposing a hidden love would you"

"I'm talking about the secret, you don't even know what it is, so why do you say you know it"

"Well- I know it, it's about you and you little companion on your bed, a little tiger stuffed plush"

"Pervert, you been watching me sleep or something- wait, don't answer that, you would expose a secret fetish of yours"

Mia spat the words from her mouth as she grabbed her things and made her way from the lesson as Jade and Cameron ran after her to calm her down.

"A stuffed toy? you sleep with a stuffed toy?"Cameron asked and Mia shot up as Aimee and Riley walked in.

"I have nightmares Cam, I have nightmares that scar my mind forever, since I had peanuts I haven't had the nightmares ever since"


The shout interrupted the conversation between the pair.

"Amy and Abbie have left the program, there being sent back home and 2 more people are being accepted into the program"Jade said out of breath from running to the room.

"They got to leave?! I asked to leave the program and they refused"Cam said annoyed and Aimee flicked him in the head.

"Amy was kicked off and Abbie went with her because no use having one twin without the other"

"A-are you Cameron McCarley?"

Cameron looked up to find a girl in front of him, she had mousy brown hair and freckles, she was shorter than Cam by at least half a head and gave him a weak smile.

"Yes I am"he confirmed and smiled back as she swallowed.

"I-I'm Maria Scotts"

"Goes with your accent, you Scottish?"he asked and she nodded and he grinned.

"I'm quater scott, wanna be friends?"she smiled.

"I actually came to see if you wanted to be friends so yes"

The two shook there hands and smiled as Riley poked Mia and Aimee looked up with the other girl and noticed Cam as Mia smiled and rolled her eyes.

"Next, your gonna either be getting into relationships or making friends, I bet on it"

Riley rolled his eyes"why do you worry about everyone else but not yourself?"he asked and she folded her arms.

"With me, I have nothing to worry about"she hummed with a slight smile.

"It's only you lot I have to worry about"

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