Disaster 51- The secret service

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Chapter 6: Revelations and Dreams

"Come in"

Mr Carter looked up too see Cameron come into the room sheepishly.

"Cameron, what brings you here? take a seat my boy!"he smiled and gestured to the seat and Cameron sat down.

"I wanted to ask you something sir"he replied and Mr Carter nodded.

"I'm all ears"

"when you told us what you saw in us to become assassins, you missed me out, I wanted to know what you saw in me"he confessed and the man stared.

"I missed you out? oh sorry lad, I'll get your file"

He vanished then returned with a white file and opened it as he smiled again.

"Here it is"he said and looked up"the reason I picked you is because you are a tough talker, your persistent like the twins, which sadly had to be sent home- but anyway, your persistence, your strong minded and when set on a task, will do anything to do the task given"he said and looked up.

"I might not have mentioned your physical or your mental test's but your head is good at planning, that's why I chose you Cam, be proud of that"

Cam left the office smiling like a kid in a candy shop as he left for the lounge area.

Cam walked into the lounge to find Mia and Aimee staring at eachother, bent over the tables staring into eachothers eyes.

"What? you gonna kiss or somthing?"

Both girls flipped him the bird making him smirk.

"Aimee can't accept the fact that I will not back down in a staring contest"

Mia uttered the words as more students gathered to try and put the girls off as the boy who Mia actually had a slight interest in (the one who was staring at her) smirked and tried to put Mia off as he knelt down.

"I'll give you a kiss if you let her win"

The invitation was tempting as Aimee smirked.

"Go on Mia"

The raven haired girl shook her head"no, I'm winning this no matter what, I don't back down for the sake of a kiss"she said with a smile and the boy who yet still hadn't revealed his identity to her leaned forward and kissed her cheek and her face flushed red as she tried to keep a straight face.

"You want to keep those lips or me to cut them off?"she asked and he let her go and jumped up backing away.

"Thank you"


Aimee fell back onto the sofa and closed her eyes to re coat them after they had dried and Mia smirked.

"You can't be beat"

"I know I can't"

"Mia Aimee I need to talk to you"

Jade ushered the girls into her shared room with Aimee"What's up?"

Jade looked at Aimee with worry"I had a dream last night"

"No shit sherlock"

Jade glared at Mia who smirked.

"It was about Damon and me"

"I like what I'm hearing"Aimee said grinning as she leaned forward"Well don't just sit there, what happened?"

"We did it"

Jade sat down and Mia began to laugh hard and Aimee frowned.

"You did it? what is it?"she asked and Mia howled in laughter.

"It Aimee, they did it"Mia grinned and started to hump the bed while pretend moaning and Aimee went wide eyed and started to laugh.

"Tell us then, this is like free porn"

Jade hit Aimee but smiled.


Dream flashback.

Jade kissed Damon passionately as he grabbed her waist, pulling her tighter making her moan slightly into his mouth. He smirked and pull her up so her legs were around his waist as they stumbled into Jades room, they fell onto the bed as Jade straddled his growing boner making him groan and roll his neck.

"Stop being such a tease and lose that top"

Jade complied and yanked her top off, too hot to keep it on anyway as he grinned and rid her of her bra before she could blink, he switched there places and flipped up her skirt as he shed his shirt and shorts.

The pair threw there underwear onto the floor as Damon stared down lustfully at Jade"Is this a good time to ask if you wanna be my girlfriend?"he asked and she smirked.

"Yes, and yes I will"

She clamped her teeth onto Damon's shoulder, her abdomen filling with pain as he thrusted and she dug her nails into his back and he stopped so they could get a breather.

"Look at me"

Jade looked at Damon and he kissed her and began to thrust again as they went at it hard for about 5 minutes when the door opened.


The two screamed the other's name before coming down from the high of the climax and breathed in heavily.

"What the actuall fuck"

They looked to see Aimee and Mia who watched their mate, bang her crush and Mia covered Aimee's eyes smirking.

"We wanted to know you were fine, thought you were hurt, but we're gonna go aren't we Aimee?"

"But I want to see then re-create 50 shades of grey!"

"Were going"

End of flashback


Aimee yelled and Mia hit her"keep your mouth shut you idiot, someone will hear this"

"Sorry"Aimee mumbled and Mia shook her head.

"So you like him then?"she asked and Jade nodded.

"No shit sherlock, I had a dream about banging him, obviously I like him"



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