Assassin's Daughter: Book one of Crowned Assassin Series

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Ezra is a secluded seventeen year old girl, she lives with her father and uncle. Learning many fighting styles, languages, and skills to survive anything thrown her way by her father and uncle, her world is normal to her, until one day she finds out the truth. Her father is a highly sought after assassin, and her uncle helps him, what other secrets will she learn? Prince Zander is a good person, with little to do with relationships and focusing on being a good king one day, he doesn't have time to settle down. He may be great but that does not stop death threats from coming in. After he meets the most intoxicating women that saved his life, will he change his mind, or will she be his downfall?

Action / Romance
Jessica Nolan
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*This is book one in the “Crowned Assassin series”

Make sure to follow for any updates on the second book of the series. I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave any comments or reviews!

Looking up as a swift kick went over my head, I barely dodged it but had time to counterattack. When I heard the umph, I knew I had connected with my object but never had time to rest because there is always another hit coming from somewhere.

As I Started my usual day of training with my uncle Orson, the grunts, kicks, hits, and dodging them kept going. It is frequently a blend of martial arts, boxing, and constantly a random quiz in between fighting. This is a daily routine for us since I could walk.

Between my father Zane and my uncle, they made certain I was fluent in nine different languages, martial arts, archery, hunting, and many more subjects, on top of maintaining a 3.0 GPA.

It seems peculiar to some people but I suppose it’s my father’s way of making sure I survive in this world, it’s just us three left. My mother died during childbirth. Even though I have heard stories of her, I would never really know how she was.

Part of my schedule is going to a biology class in town twice a week at the local college, other than that I’ve been homeschooled my entire existence. The class lets me graduate High school in two weeks, and with my upcoming eighteenth birthday next week, it would be a great present.

I have taken nothing but advanced classes since I was nine because being anything but outstanding is not an opportunity in my family. My dad says a mind that is always learning is a sharp mind, and we always need to keep our minds sharp just in case.

Friends and dating weren’t a privilege either, between my busy schedule and my father keeping us away in the woods, it keeps me too busy to even think about them.

My dad travels a lot for work, periodically for days, and occasionally for months, so my uncle stays with me.

We have never discussed my dad's career, he declared that family time is for the family not to discuss work, but he makes a pile of money with his job, so it's ok.

I have never challenged them or complained a day in my existence. This was our way of living, and I accepted it not experiencing anything else, and it doesn’t hurt that I know how to take down anybody with a flick of my hand.

I also cannot wait to explore the world like my father, with all I have learned about other places out there, I have never been beyond our town yet.

Little did I know that secrets, lies, and a whole other world was waiting for me, just not the one I was expecting.

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