Stolen by a Gangleader

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"I'm aware, blue Chevy has been following us since the last exit." She said calmly. I just hummed in response. "So what's the plan?" She asks. I just chuckle. "We shake them off sweetheart," I say. She rolls her eyes but presses on the gas pedal. I pull the gun from under my seat and turn off the safety. I roll down my window and start shooting. Someone shot the trucks tire and we swerved off the road. We drove into a ditch and looked at each other. Not even a scratch. We both smile. I lean forward and kiss her in case one of us gets knocked out and have to wait forever to kiss again. "We should go talk to my dad," she said smiling at me. "I guess this is one way to meet my fiancé's parent," I say chuckling.

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Bree's POV

My heart beats fast, matching the rhythm of my feet. I walked into the near by IGA in Gardenhave.

A tall guy with sun glasses and a jacket had been following me for blocks. I am that teen watches and reads the thrillers.

I was the kind of person to walk in a store and scope out all exits and entrances. Mostly when there was a problem it was my imagination getting the better of me.

I walked down the bread isle and pulled out my phone.

1:23 am.

I opened my camera and started snapping "selfies" of myself. I zoomed in on the photo. About a isle back was the same guy. Was I paranoid or had he followed me into the store. I grabbed a loaf of bread and walked to the cashier.

When I stepped out of the IGA, the air was crisp.

I shiver and silently scold myself for my outfit choice.

I was wearing jeans and a cropped hoodie and was freezing.

I looked into the streets and shivered again, but not from the cold.

The streets were empty and that scared me even more than when they were full.

No one would see if something happened.

I slightly turned my head a noticed the guy was still following me when I turned the corner.

I started sprinting.

My heart beating faster and I forced my feet to continue as I lunged toward.

I turned my head to see him racing toward me.

So I am not psycho.

I pushed myself on with ragged breathes.

I suddenly felt something cold pressed against the back of my neck.

I froze.

My breath still erratic.


I slowly turned around and there he was.

Gun in hand!

"Walk with me"

I silently walked with him, one tear fell down my cheek, knowing this could be the end. We walk up to an old Chevy and he opens the passenger door for me. He then took of his belt and tied my hands behind my back. The door slammed and he locked it as he walked to the other side. He unlocked it with a key and kept a steady eye on me.

I sat there trying to stay calm. I always thought I'd be the badass in the movie that was brave but I wasn't.

But I was expected to.

Liam's POV

Her eyes darted around the car and fixated on my face. I wasn't sure if she knew who I was or not but she did notice me. I turned towards her And made eye contact.

"Who do you work for?" She stared at me confused as if she didn't know who I was.

I guess I am faceless to most people.

Hiding in the shadows.

Unknown, so in the future, my children, if I choose to have them, can live a life without reprimand.

"What?", she questions. I put the car in gear and we drive off.

"Do you know who I am?" She starred at me blankly trying to make a connection.

"No?" It was more of a question than a statement.

I smiled to which she looked at me weirdly.

I glanced over at her a couple times on the ride to my half way house, she was surprisingly calm. I pulled up to my house. You couldn't see crap with how dark it was. I unlocked my door and walked to her side of the car. She stared and me with a scared look as I pulled her from the car.

Her hazel eyes met my green ones and I turned her around, shoving her forward.

I pushed her along the path up to my house.

The whole drive I thought of where to put her. At the front door she stopped. I tried pushing her but she stood still.

"Stop! Please just let me go!" Her knees buckled and she fell to the ground. I crouched down and picked her up. I walked her to my room and laid her down across the bed. She then Sat up fast and started punching me.

This chick.

I grabbed her wrists, placing them above her head, shaking my head slightly, before calmly pressing her pressure point on her shoulder. .

Bree's POV

I woke up to the sun shining in my eyes. I tried to move to block it but my arm was completely constricted. As my eyes adjusted to the light, objects became clearer. I was in a room. Nicer than I expected. The room was definitely made for a girl. The walls were a faint pink and it smelled of flowers.

My eyes darted around and fixated on a object.

My purse.

It laid across the dresser.

I stood up and tried to reach for it.

I failed miserably and sat on my bed.

Then I had a idea.

I sat on the floor and started pulling at the end of the bed. The hard metal of the cuffs digging into my skin because of me pulling against the handcuff. I pulled the bed over to In front of the dresser and stood, grabbing my purse.

As I turned around there was a figure in the doorway.

How had I not heard him open the door?

"So tell me sweetheart, what's the plan?" He stared at me, a smirk playing his features. I stood there staring. He then reached in the back pocket of his back denim jeans and grabbed something out.

"Looking for this?" My phone. He had in his hands. "Don't worry, I texted your parents and informed them that you are just fine" he said.

"I told them that you got your own apartment and don't want to be involved with them." I stood there frozen.

He had a satisfied smirk on his face, thinking my fear was from him, but once he realizes who my dad is, he will rethink all his life decisions.

He walked towards me, slowly. I backed up till my back hit the wall.

He reminded me of HIM.


I slid down the wall and in seconds he was in front of me.

"What's your name?" He leaned in closer.

"Emily," I said. He stared at me for a hot minute then sat beside me.

"Okay, ya," he stared at me for a few moments more than stood up.

He walked towards the door then stopped. "Okay well I'll be back in about 5 minutes, I hope that's enough time for you to learn not to lie to me," he turned around I stared at me. "I hate it when people lie to me Bree," he said, before waling out of the room and shutting the door.

I finally let out a breathe that I didn't know I was holding.

How did he know my name.

I stood up slowly and walked towards the bed.

If he knew my name what else did he know?

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