When They Call

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Kory Summers is your average teen. Top of her class, invisible to her classmates and gifted with a voice and musical talent. Her life was going great until her senior year when the first of the seven signs hit. Suddenly forgotten and outcasted. She was forced into the clan her world flipping upside down. Now struggling to adjust can she find not only her place but find herself....before they call?

Action / Romance
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Perfect Life

My eyes stared at my reflection taking in my soft curl purple hair. I gathered my chest length locks into a high ponytail. Next I took in my blue eyes deciding to accentuate them with a smoky look and eyeliner the need for mascara wasn't necessary considering I was blessed with thick full lashes. I scanned down my face my high cheekbones lightly dusted with faint blush, my plush full lips were a natural healthly red. I unconsciously bit down on my lip ring. With a contented sigh I stepped into my bedroom to choose my outfit.

Rummaging through my underwear drawer I settled on royal blue lace bra and panties. Reaching into my shirt drawer I grabbed an ash grey tank top coupling it with a cropped black thin hoodie. For my lower half I chose white high waisted shorts with little rips on the thighs completing my look with a pair of chucks. I walked to my vanity pulling out a black choker latching it around my neck letting the star settle in the dip of my throat. Little silver hoops lined my lower ears three holes high my left ear held two cartilage piercings and my right an industrial. Smiling satisfied with my appearance I headed downstairs snatching my backpack on the way out of my room.

Bouncing down the stairs I bounded into the kitchen. " Mornin mom, Mornin dad!" My dad peeked over the paper and mumbled a good morning before grabbing his coffee pulling it behind the paper with him. Rolling my eyes I turned to my mom as she slid a plate of bacon and eggs in front of me.

" Morning sweetheart. Remember after school you have mixed martial arts and voice lessons."

" I remember." I smiled. Eating my breakfast I scooped up my bag heading towards the door. I walked the little gravel path to the driveway standing at the end to wait for my bus.

Boarding the bus I took my usual seat behind the driver popping in my head phones and listening to brain stew by green day. The fifteen minute ride to school seemed shorter today and soon we were filing out of the bus and towards the school. I stepped off the bus and scanned the crowd for my two besties. I spotted bright blue and pink from the corner of my eye. Turning on my heel I headed in the direction of the colored beacons.

"Tyler, Brittney! So what's the agenda for today?" I tilted my head at the two.

"Well we can meet up in Tyler's garage at eight I have ballet practice till seven." Brittney's soft voice mumbled.

I looked at the bubble gum pink beauty. Brittney was indeed beautiful other than her bold choice of hair color she was the definition of classic beauty. Standing at an impressive 5'6" her now pink hair a natural blonde underneath, far from dumb. Blue eyes, impressive facial features to rival any model. Lean and toned body, complete with legs that seemed endless. Yea I'll admit the first time meeting her I was jealous but who wouldn't be? Yea I wasn't fat but I had curves, yea I was toned from my mma training but I only stood a measly 5'2". I felt like a hobbit amongst the elves so to speak. Glancing at Tyler as he wrapped his arms around Brittney's waist. Perfect couple I sighed internally. Tyler was 6'0 athletic build. His light brown eyes pop with his blue hair. Chiseled features gave him a serious look most of the time. He was in fact a softly at heart. The first one I made friends with when I started here.

"Yea sounds good I have mma and voice practice till seven thirty. If it's alright with Tyler I'll meet you guys at pino's pizza when I'm done?"

"Sure." Tyler shrugged. Ah always a man of few words. The bell rang out signaling the start of the day. With a wave I headed off to homeroom.

After the final bell I gathered my stuff and threw it into my bag. Stopping by my locker I grabbed my gym bag and headed off to mma and voice. Three and a half hours later I drug myself into pinos plopping down next to Brittney.

"Hey Kory you ok? You look kinda pale."

"Yea B I'm ok just tired and stiff." I rolled my neck for emphasis.

"Why don't we just practice tomorrow night then? Since you both have a free day."

I turned to Tyler and smiled slightly. "Yea sounds good Ty."

We climbed into Ty's car after some pizza. He dropped me off first. I literally started feeling like utter crap by time I reached my room. 'What the hell I was fine this morning. ' I thought. Quickly changing into my pjs I curled up in my bed passing out almost instantly.

Rolling over with a groan, I slammed my hand down silencing my alarm I flung my legs over the side of my bed struggling to sit up. Pulling myself out of bed I walked into my bathroom to shower. One steamy shower later I stood in front of the mirror wiping away steam. I dried my hair and looked in the mirror only to let out an ear piercing scream. There starting at just behind my ear on the left side of my face was an intricate lace pattern that extended down my cheek to my collarbone. It was beautiful and deep bold gold color. My face paled and I started trembling as I heard my parents burst into my room. My mom's voice frantic.

"KORY! KORY! What's wrong!"

"Mom!" I squeaked. Stepping out of the bathroom. Her eyes snapped to me and her whole body went ridged as she took in the markings.

"No...." she whispered as she turned into my father's chest. My dad's hard gaze grew to disgust as he looked at me. My heart shattered. Tears started rolling down my cheeks.

"Get dressed and packed I will call the clan master and you will leave this house." My dad's voice was deathly calm and steady. Honestly it scared the crap out of me.


"No....not anymore." He cut me off. I watched as my parents walked out slamming the door behind them. I fell to the floor in a blubbering heap. Why me? I had the perfect life.

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