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When the worlds of two strangers collide, Destiny will prove that they should have been together from the beginning. Alexis is the eldest out of 5 daughter's to Billionaires Alexei & Elli Aliyeva. She is... Gorgeous, Fearless, Intelligent and not to mention Deadly. The most sought after runway model and undercover trained killer. Life changes after she is assigned to save a Billionaire "DAMSEL" short for ( Damsel in distress. ) named Mikhail Windsor, who will change her life completely. Destiny can sometimes take it's time to align and become complete. How long? With her quiet and private lifestyle. All she needs is the only man she would come to Love.

Action / Erotica
4.4 8 reviews
Age Rating:

Warning Mature Content

Warning Mature content for readers 18+

This book will contain violence and erotic sexual scenes that are scattered throughout the story.

Please STOP if you are not into this type of reading.

Thanks for understanding...

🤙Have a fantabulous day 🤙


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