Executor of Valentine!

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The Darkness does not simply vanish when another villian is murdered in cold blood, when another hero saves the day from a supposedly unstoppable genocidal freak that threatens our little blue planet. If their is no evil their is no good, it has been said constantly throughout history. But no one ever acknowledges the concept, without evil, good means nothing at all. That is why one can not eliminate evil without becoming it. One man kills another for their crimes, that is simply an Execution of Valentine.

Action / Fantasy
The Valentinian
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Relentless Damnation

In the Ancient Sands of Egypt before Egypt even was established as a great civilization, there was nothing but sand. However, despite that, Two brothers from the West ventured out to places no humans would dare at the time, in search of knowledge and power. That's when they reached what would be Egypt one day. To stop and rest with their crew.

“Sartne! Come here!” Entras, One of the two brothers that led the group called for his brother. He had discovered that one of the crew members, out of the Twelve of them had fallen mysteriously ill. As soon as Sartne came over, he helped Entras carry him to a tent where they tried to figure out what was wrong with him suddenly.

“If we plan on building our own civilization near, we can't have sickness here once so ever. Especially with this little amount people with us. We're going to have to… dispose of him.” His brother agreed with him, they carried the sleeping man a decent distance from their camp and set him on the sand.

Sartne put his hand into his bag, grabbing an engraved knife he found on another trip to southern africa. He lifted it up into the air, and slammed it down into the man's chest with brutal force. His blood splattered amongst the grains of sand, they knew this was wrong, but they had to do it for the safety of their would-be city. The man then died from blood loss. Some say that was the blood river that the plague caused, because they moved his body beneath the sand for secrecy.

They both went to bed that night, disregarding the entire murder as if it never happened. As his body was crushed by the Sand's weight and began to freeze from the nighttime cold of the desert, it was preserved however. Then, pillars of sand shot up from the dunes, spiraling into a whirlwind of sand. But what emerged from it was more than what was expected… Shinaku, The God Of Darkness! He stood on the sand, looking down upon the dead body.

“This Man… was murdered by someone who's will and determination is strong… I can smell it from here… The Raw Evil radiating from them.” He turned, walking to the dunes edge, seeing the small outpost of tents that laid ahead. He jumped from the dune, landing softly upon the sand below as he reached the tents in an instant. He continued to smell for the evil, heading towards Sartne and Entras' tent.

Entras heard the footsteps of the God as he walked into their tent, he quickly grabbed his knife and attempted to kill the intruder, moving faster than the speed of light, The God dodged, the wind caused by his simple movement knocked over the whole settlement and killed everyone else there. Being blown back, the two brother's mentally asked themselves what the hell have they gotten themselves into.

“It appears you were ready to kill again, two bodies wouldn't look too good on your record, deary. Allow me to help you out in that department, You may have anything that you want for a measly price, your souls.” Not even knowing what a soul was, the two agreed to his Malevolent offer. Their souls left their bodies, the white essence seeped from them and into Shinaku's hand, he crushed it in palm and grinded the magical dust in the sand. “Now, what do you desire from me?”

Entras nodded to his brother, agreeing on the same thing, “We want to be kings of a great empire, stronger than any before this one!” As he said that, Shinaku waved a hand, the sand whirled up from the ground into a spinning whirlwind, shooting out in multiple directions. Forming into a greatly fortified city filled with people and riches more than anyone could imagine in their wildest dreams. Shinaku then vanished from sight, leaving them and their society behind.

Only a few months after they became rulers of the fastest growing empire ever, a strange disease began to ravage the people and livestock. The town leader's confronted King Entras, as Sartne was on a military campaign to conquer what will one day become the Chinese Empire. As he left the palace, he could smell the scent of pure death and agony in the gentle breeze that was usually a grace against the harsh daytime temperatures.

They reached a livestock farm with lifeless cows lying on the ground, and the smell became even worse. He was wrong, it wasn't the odor of death, it was the smell of pure evil leaking about. Something he had only smelled once before, when Shinaku faced him and his brother. He started to worry internally, but he had to maintain composure for his people. Who didn't even know that the same person who created them, seems to be causing their destruction now.

Eventually, everyone died, and the empire fell into ruins within days, turning to dust, it seemed the extreme cold of the night would freeze the moisture of the material used to build the city, and the heat would melt the ice into water. Corroding it extremely quickly. They had lost everything they had worked for, That is when Shinaku returned before the two brothers once again as they laid in the sand.

“So, You see what you have earned for your greed and lust for power, Sartne and Entras? Nothing, you did nothing to earn it, so that's what you ended up with. Now, you have already given me your souls. Now you must pay another price, serving myself for eternity as my Divine Representatives. Have fun.”

And with that they were whisked away into the dark realm of Ouykpouon where their sentence would be reconciled, the pool of dark gidpu that formed a rumbling typhoon around them both as they were transported. Turning the entire Sahara Desert into nothing but water for a moment, before it turned back to normal. It seemed that whatever energy that emitted from the god, caused strange occurrences like this to happen. As the greatest empire to exist was destroyed, and later rebirthed as Skeltania, only to fall to the creation of the atomic bomb, the world made it through the trials and tribulations the first Divine Representatives caused indirectly.

But, Justice always returned to undo improper Execution of the supposed guilty. As fate would have it, The God of Destiny, Mektra, would have took notice of this Injustice thousands of years later on. He decided against reviving him, but instead, reincarnating him through one of his descendants. The world's first murder victim would be brought back in the year Twenty Twenty. Funny, Because he was twenty years old when he was murdered. And now his great descendant, Nicazi Ayyeaoc, would go on to re-vitalize the bloodline of murder victims and drug abusers. Well, excluding the drug abuse part of course. He is a teenager after all, what else would you expect exactly?

Unlike his ancestor, he was no one important, he wasn't expanding the limits of human exploration and indirectly creating one of the strongest empire ever to exist on earth. He was just a teenage loser, with no real motivation for anything in his life. Though, he wouldn't admit to anything like that, he would have a tough guy persona on most of the time, to protect himself emotionally. He was really a mess, kind of like the Author of what you are currently reading.

January 24th, 2020.

This day was particularly brisk, while also being unusually gloomy, as the dark grey clouds blocked out the ferociously bright sun from gracing them with the light of the daytime. Though, Nicazi didn't quite mind days like these, he enjoyed the mood that was set by the weather and scenery. Something that he inherited from the same people that caused him to be in such a situation as he was. It's pretty hard maintaining a family financially when your relatives have massive debt and die Young, perhaps a curse? Who knows.

He was walking to his school that day, not really saying anything while on the way, no particular gestures towards anyone who happened to say hello to him or anything of that sort. He wanted to be alone, but with seven billion people on the planet, that proved to be a nearly impossible task for just about anyone.

As such, he would have bumped into a fellow 'scholar' at his school. It was Nexan, an exchange student from the Reformed State of Skeltania, the two never really got along to begin with. Especially considering that Nexan was part of a religious group called The Star Smashing Saints, a considered to be cult derived from the ideals and beliefs of the Skeltanians. Considering that, they believed that they were better than every other race.

In this case, better than Nicazi at the very least. Which wasn't that much of an achievement to be proud of, not at all. But, being better than someone physically made Nexan feel so much better, he too had a rough childhood. And that feeling of superiority was like a drug to him. He took the opportunity that was caused by Nicazi bumping into him to start picking on him, “What are ya, blind you bloody twat?!” He rhetorically asked him, with a thick Skeltanian accent, sounding something like British and German unpleasantly mixed together.

Nicazi, decided to respond to him in the most disrespectful way, with sarcastic humor, “Actually, I am Legally Blind, I can't see idiots, fools and jackasses. So that pertains to you, Nexan. Oh and don't worry, I'm definitely not sorry for anything.” He continued to walk past Nexan, bumping into him yet again with a purposeful essence in his actions. Nexan did not take action against him, just yet at least, perhaps school would be a better place to set his foe straight, in front of everyone and anyone. So that they may see his fall.

Around the time of the morning he arrived at his school, he would have missed homeroom and the first half of first period. He liked it this way, as he missed the most boring part of his day, while still getting to see his current obsession. The girl he was crushing over, Luna, he just found her so attractive, her looks, her personality, it just motivated him to deal with the education system he hated so much.

As he entered his class, his eyes would have quickly been drawn to his crush, who sat on the right side of the room where the entrance was. He found himself staring for a little too long, so much so that the door cameback around and slammed him right in the face. That hurt quite a lot, more so than the embarrassment factor of the situation, as he did not really care that some of the class laughed at him. They were all immature idiots anyways, so he did not mind it.

His seat would have soon been filled, he slouched over in his chair, his face laying against the surface of his desk in less than a few minutes. Boredom already beginning to sink in deeply into his very soul, piercing it greatly as he sat there. He began to think on things other than his schoolwork.

Why was Luna even here, isn't her father some rich billionaire asshole? Could he not afford a luxurious school so that she could learn more, hell could he not buy the whole school and teach her individually? That would've far better than the mess of freaks and nobodies that go here, such as myself.

Weird, he began to insult himself internally again, that hasn't happened in quite some time. Perhaps he was beginning to go down that road again, or maybe he was just being honest with himself. Who knows, nobody around him, that is most definitely for sure, trust me, I'm the writer around here. He did not like disclosing anything to anyone, which is why he no longer has a therapist. Just a waste of money, for his already struggling parents.

His strange thought process was soon interrupted by someone who also arrived late to that class, Nexan. Who walked past his desk on the way towards his home, and me may or may not have bumped into him on purpose, though if one had common sense, they could tell that he was trying to start a physical conflict with Nicazi. He was tired of him simply being there, and to add onto that, his sarcastic manner fueled his rage.

Nicazi did not care for alot, but one thing he truly hated and despised was people touching him when he did not want them to do so. He quickly rose up from his seat and faced the passing Nexan, their eyes soon met with flaring tension and intensity. It was obvious that this wasn't going to be a apologize and it's over type event. This was going to end pretty severely for one or both of them, it all was riding on their actions in the next few moments of this encounter.

No one tried to defuse the ticking time bomb of this situation, as they knew that nothing was going to put an end to what was about to happen between the two rugged, hate-filled boys. With countless different pent up emotions, that pushed them further towards this encounter until they reached this day, here and now. It would soon begin, well actually, the fight would begin right now...

I have had enough of this, this will end now and here as a put my foot down and stand up to my enemy. Stand up so that I may put a foot in his fucking ass that is! Nicazi had started to think to himself about what was currently happening, his thoughts raced through his mind at the speed of sound, and his adrenaline surpassing light itself. He felt invincible, so much so that he decided on taking the first swing at Nexan.

His knuckled fist would have impacted upon Nexan's left cheek, his knuckle bones smashing into his cheek bone, it was not anything capable of breaking bones or knocking out his teeth, but it was easily extremely painful for the recipient of the attack, Nexan. Who would have fell backwards, and slam onto a nearby desk with great force.

Nicazi did not hault his assault upon him there, he rushed over to said desk, and intendes on continuing the pummel which more blows like the one he just gave him not even a singular moment ago. But, he got up before another incoming fist could make contact with his body. All nicazi doing was punching the desk, which actually kind of hurt his fist. He shook it off, the adrenaline quickly made the pain go away.

He planned on only walking out with scratches, but it seemed that it would be more difficult than that. As Nexan and him were both as equally unformidable, even though they were practically throwing each other across the entire room, they were still quite feeble for what was to come. The fight seemed like it lasted forever to each participants in the brief battle, yet it only lasted just over a minute or so. By the time it was over, security had escorted them both out of the room. They silently complied as they were escorted out to the principal's office.

When they arrived, the counselor, principal, and two security guards stood behind to ensure nothing else like this occurred between the two of the boys, especially in the principal's office, of all places, that would probably be the worst to have something like that happen. Well, mainly because it would effect the school's already poor reputation, when it came to handling violent and physical encounters.

The Principal intended on setting them straight, they did not intend to tolerate or allow such behavior. She would have had them sit down across from her, but next to each other. To re-inforce the idea of actly orderly near each other, even if she had to be there for it to work out, it would have been progress in her book. She turned around in her spinning chair, revealing her crisp, grey suit, and her nearly-bald haircut, the last time they were here, she definitely looked far different and dressed more elegantly, but that wasn't important right now.

“You both know why you are here, everyone knows, I know for certain. There is no need for me to explain or ask of you what happened here today. You both know that this behavior of hostility and aggression is unacceptable and never will be a thing that should Happen like this, ESPECIALLY in the classroom environment.” She would have raised her voice accordingly, slamming her balled fist onto her desk, one could likely see the veins in her hand, and think they were going to pop out from her fist. She most certainly was not pleased by this interaction, she had no more words for them both, and simply pointed towards the door. They knew what she meant, it was her way of saying, “You have been suspended for a month.” Otherwise, she would have actually said it rather than pointing to the door.

January 24th, 5:07 PM 2020.

Nicazi did not receive the questions of a worrisome parent that night, such as, “Are you okay? What happened?” When he arrived home. Instead, he delightfully received punishment for sticking up for himself, in the form of getting kicked out onto the street for a little while, he wasn't allowed in the home. Wonderful isn't it? He was forced to roam the streets for somewhere to sleep for a few days, find a way to eat... About a total of two hour or so later, he stumbled upon a night-club, in which he entered, and everything spiraled downwards...

To Be continued in Chapter 2: A Nightly Angel.

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