Executor of Valentine!

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A Nightly Angel.

January 24th 9:32 PM

Nicazi was enticed on what he walked in on when he entered the night-club. The shining lights, flashing blue and green consistently in some sort of hypnotic sequence, it was difficult to tell the difference from what was what for a few moments. As he looked around the place, he saw various different types of people, some that looked like how he felt, unbelievably high, even though he never touched a drug before. Then he saw girls in skimpy outfits, practically presenting themselves to the entire world that seemed to be inside of the club as of right now.

As he walked through, he neared the counter, where one would purchase alocholic beverages, and perhaps in even narcotics, he imagined that they probably even sold slaves there, that's surely what it seemed like. He would have walked into the wooden counter, leaning his arms on it until the bartender arrived near him. Whistling some to try and keep cool, he didn't want to embarrass himself or anything, especially with all these people in here to see something like that happen.

The male bartender would have gotten around to him, looking him over, finding that he appeared to be a little bit too young to be in here legally. Then again, so was mostly everyone else here, so he shrugged it off and went on to asking what he wanted, “What will it be kid? Beer, wine, vodka? We got just about everything, and by everything, I mean everything.” He was clearly referencing far more illegal products, like, a particularly new drug. “Well, I've never seen you 'round here before, So I assume you want some of that new Angel's Blood.

That name ringed around in his head, like a monsterous migraine for a few seconds, as if it held some sort of unknown significance to him that he did not know of. He held his head for a moment in temporary pain, then he turned back to him, to answer his questions, he hated ignoring people. It made him feel rude, which he disliked when he didn't want to be. “Yeah... I guess I'll take some of the Angel's Blood stuff you were talking about, how much is it exactly?”

He laughed at Nic for a second, and he joined in awkwardly, unsure as to why exactly they were laughing. “The first try doesn't cost anything to you bud, it's on the house.” This was because they wanted them to get addicted to their product quickly, and for word to spread just as efficiently, it's not like the police would stop them anyways, seventy five precent of the police force was corrupt either way. They could be easily bought out so they could be ‘stumped’ on finding the source of the highly potent new product. The bartender then handed him a small vial of the stuff, it looked like watered down blood mixed with some sort of dilution.

Nic grabbed the vial and nodded towards the bartender as a way of saying thanks, who then left to attend to other customers. His eyes felt beaty and his hand shaky just looking at the vial, he gulped and popped it open. Bringing it towards his mouth, he almost hesitated on drinking it at all. But he swallowed his fear about all of this, and continued to consume of the drinkable drug.

As he drunk, it felt like a small snake slithered down his throat and he had no choice but to swallow it. It was thick and scratchy against his tonsils, How could anyone possibly enjoy this stuff? Was his initial reaction, but soon, everything seemed to warp and shift and bend in on itself. He stumbled back, into a seat, where he still felt like balance left him in entirety. Usually, one would feel empowered by this drug, but it felt as if it was rebuilding his body from the inside out, tearing away at the old and reforming it, with no remorse for the immense pain it may have caused him while it did this to him.

As if he was practically destined for this to happen, for this very moment at this very night-club which happened to have this exact drug, which contained the blood of fallen angels within the substance. This as said had an unusual effect for him specifically, Due to his bloodline, his inheritance of power that he would have never known of until he consumed of the liquid that day. Well, the next day, as he was knocked out pretty easily. Only reawakening a few hours later on, around the time of midnight, 11:37 PM.

He was only woke up by the sound of screaming and shouting, he looked around, and soon realized what was going on, gunfire was zooming across the place, the bullets— wait, they seemed oddly slow, like he could see them move towards their target. And catch it like someone throwing a toy ball, though he did not try to, as he thought it was just his drug side-effects kicking in, so he fell to the ground and tried to crawl towards the exit. While everyone was standing, he would have not been seen by the shooters, and he successfully escaped out and onto the streets nearby.

As he uncoordinatedly stumbled about the sidewalks, he found himself near and alleyway, where he decided to take shelter and spend the rest of the night. He didn't have anything particularly valuable, so he was not worried about getting robbed or anything of that nature, and if some derranged killer decides to come along and attack, what difference did it really make? He thought none at all.

Meanwhile...At Xpynkoe Industries.

Luna's father, the owner of the company had a one on one meeting at the moment, in his highly elevated and decorated office, where a great view lied, one that could allow you to see the entirety of the city from the window. He would have turned from his spinning chair, and faced his visitor, the Principal of their school, but why in the world was she here, meeting with such a Malevolent business man of all people?

He would have spoke, actually standing from his chair, showing that he wasn't in the best physical shape, especially in his stomach area, combined with his white hair and colorless eyes, he didn't seem very, friendly at the moment, well that's what most people thought at least. “I told you before, if something happened at that school of useless children, especially between that bastard who has his eyes on my daughter, that I was going to shut it down, as well as shut you down. But you seem to not understand that, I suppose. I cured your cancer, I even gave you something most people can not have, and this is my repayment? Endangering my daughter? You do know, I can reverse the Angel's Blood, just as much as I can make some. Perhaps that would teach you something valuable.”

She would have collapsed to her knees, getting on her hands and knees after a single moment, her head facing the floor, as she seemed to be bowing towards him in repentance. “Please, just allow me another opportunity to show you that I definitely deserve your mercy, sir. Any mission youay have for me, anything at all.” She looked up and clasped her hands together, as if praying to the man as if he was a higher being of some sorts.

He did the same thing she had done to Nicazi and Nexan, as a form of mockery? Perhaps it was, but she knew that it meant to go ahead and leave to do her business as he expected of her. Angel's blood wasn't free after all, as something that could fire cancer most definitely would be from anyone else. It just happened that he wanted payment in the form of her using her new abilities to do his personal dirty work. She had left the office, and went into the employee elevator, alone within the elevator she pulled a ski mask over her face, putting a good on to conceal her head in entirety. Now it was time please him, and she knew exactly how, murdering Nicazi, as he always did express his hatred for that boy whenever he got a reasonable chance to do so.

January 25th 6:32 AM

Nicazi had awoken from his rough slumber in the early morning hours, the sun was still on it's way to the peak in the sky where he it could shine it's light over the world in the most proper manner possible. The sky looked grey, the clouds undisturbed, and so was he, he somehow came out in one piece of that horrible experience. But something felt different, in his sleep, his body had fully adapted to the Angel's Blood, and reconstructed it in entirety. He no longer felt that pain, but rather, immense strength coursing throughout his veins.

He stood up from the alleyway, and walked out on the sidewalk, not going anywhere in particular at the moment, just wandering around the city that was supposed to be his home. What he did not know was that he was being watched, by his principal, attired as a common criminal. She was on the rooftops up decently high, looking down upon him as she awaited the perfect moment to strike him down.

Swift like a starving beast hunting it's prey, she swooped down from the roof, at extremely high speeds, while in the air, she gripped onto the side of the building she jumped from, sliding down along the side of the building, landing silently on the ground. Well silently to the average ears, however, Nicazi heard perfectly, the distinctive sound of her shoes contacting the concrete that was the sidewalk. He turned around quickly, Seeing the asked person coming at him.

She was immensely fast, faster than any bullet could go, fast enough to outspeed sound in a race. She was too fast for him to run, barely enough for him to mentally process her speed and the threat at the same time. She directly slammed into his body, like a quarterback, and he was surely sent flying aback, not just simply a few feet. The momentum was so great, it knocked him all the way into the other side of the street, and into a wall.

From the sights of it, one would assume that he would have died upon impact, she had hit him with the force of a bullet train in a singular blow. But, he had lived! Amazing how just the night prior, he couldn't handle a simple drug, now he was dodging bullets and slamming into buildings willy nilly! Though, he had lived, his body was unharmed, but he could feel all the pain for a moment or so, before he stood up. His eyes set on his assailant, he did not focus on the screams of bystanders, their constant running, which seemed so slow, yet so fast against his ear drum.

She was surprised, he had actually survived? There was no way that was possible, unless perhaps he was also using Angel's blood, that was the only way he could have survived something like that. She knew that it was a steroid, though how can the simple street version out-do the state of the art drug she was given? Whatever the case may be, she definitely planned on finishing the job quickly, it was the only way she could think of to please her temporary master.

Nicazi just started running, he didn't think like he usually would have, he just started sprinting towards her. Across the street, cars where headed his way, but they could not have came to a hault in time to avoid hitting him, that was, if he was of normal human speed. He jotled across the road at speeds that rivaled sound's travel through the air, as his foot reached the sidewalk, he pivoted and dipped down. He somehow knew that he could not take her on fist to fist, so he attempted to lift her up and slam her into the ground below.

Such an outburst of power from him was something he nor she had expected, he had successfully lifted her up into the air, but she had gripped her palms onto his shoulders, and swung him around. Turning the tables on him, so that he was in the air, they struggled like this for a while, until Nicazi began to feel weaker, his strength dissipated, his enhanced state was gone. She knew this, and took advantage, knocking him out cold in a single hit on his head, literally dragging him all the way to Xpynkoe Industries, so this could be a presented Execution for him to see.

Despite her grand efforts to stop Nicazi from messing with Xpynkoe's daughter, that was not really even the problem. He was too cowardly to even ask her anyways, in fear or cold and clean rejection. But the real issue for her safety, was not him, rather it was Nexan, who was never actually interested in her at all, romantically or sexually. Though, he has a vendetta to execute against Nicazi, and this was the only way he could think of. Taking his crush away from him...

Within Nexan's home is where they met. As his parents were never around, they were far too busy to deal with their children like responsible parents. Maybe that's why they had such a tendency for hatred for one another, their likeness through their origins of broken households and wicked parents. Neither boy would admit such a thing, especially to their enemy. They were very stubborn bastards most definitely.

Both of them simply sat there, after a while their conversation material started to run out, and instead of verbal they began to get physical with one another. Truth be told, if Nicazi did ask her out, she would have definitely said no, with disgust at that, because she preferred Nexan over him any day of the week. And in any situation, as stated before, he had no love for her though, he was only doing this to absolutely enrage Nicazi.

As part of the act, he would begin whispering and gently nibbling on her ear, in a gradual attempt to seduce her. “I heard you like white boys, you black slut~ Well I'm one hundred percent pure bred Skeltanian... So let's have some fun.” If you paid attention, he is a part of a racist group after all, and is kind of the bad guy, so don't get mad at his comments, ahem. Despite the demeaning nature of what he was saying, she was actually turned on by what he said, and started to press herself up against his body. Things got hot and heavy extremely quickly, and it involved into full blown intercourse soon enough.

All he was thinking while he was doing this with her, was how he was gonna show everyone. Everyone would be talking about it and shove it in Nicazi's face, how would they confirm it? Well he set up a undercover camera in the room so he could post it online for any skeptics out there. They were not going to take this victory away from him, he may have lost the actual, physical fight, but he was winning the ongoing war in his book.

It was about 10:57 AM by now, and masked their principal, Ms. Fieldsburg, has successfully dragged him all the way to the headquarters of Xpynkoe Industries. Where she would have taken him to the upper floors, where the illegal things took a prominent place. One of those things? Locking him in a storage room until she went and retrieved Mr. Xpynkoe from his office.

His eyes fluttered as he began to wake up from his Unconcious state, he slowly and gradually sat up from the the floor. Then making his way to his feet, which he could just hardly stand up on, wobbling and stumbling all over the place. Once he gained his balance back and could actually move around properly, He realized that this room, was no ordinary storage room. It was a holster from all of the raw Angel's blood, thought to be unconsumable. Which was why she put him in there specifically.

Nicazi was not stupid however, he saw the racks of Angel's blood, and felt Himself being drawn towards them. He stepped back, and then back again, near the door, and started running forwards. Smashing his way into the cases full of gallons of the drug, which would she splashed onto him, he immediately felt himself fall onto his knees. Grasping at his face in pain, yet it sufficed his newfound hunger for the drug, for the power it lent him temporarily.

It shifted his body once more, forcing it to adapt to it's power furthermore. His back muscles near his shoulders started to tear and rip right open, and shooting out from his back, were two black feathered wings. Which sprouted out vigorously, and soon dropped down to his ankles as he had no control over them, maybe he needed flying lessons. He turned in the opposite direction, facing the titanium door that kept him in there. He drew his arm aback, and brought it forth, smashing through the tough metal like a sheet of paper, it crumbled into the hallway as he walked out.

Scratch walking, he started running, running towards any exit he could possibly find, to leave this place before she could return. His wings dragged along the floor as he was sprinting, he jumped forwards, slamming into a door, as he entered an office room where the floor's paperwork was done. Gliding over everyone, until he neared the end of the large room, and collided into the tinted windows, the glass shattered, falling down countless stories below them all. He had no hesitation, his wings flew on their own, and he began to lower towards the smaller buildings, still extremely high nonetheless.

He had reached something no ordinary person could do with Angel's blood, he had become what is considered super-natural and beyond human understanding and capability. As he soared through the sky, the sun loomed overhead, as it was around Noon, for a moment, it seemed as if it was the peak of the night and the moon was glistening above it all, he was a Nightly Angel, gliding within the silver lined sky of the sun's light.

To be continued in Chapter 3, Sickening Vendettas.

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