Executor of Valentine!

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Sickening Vendettas

A sky in which angels may soar is a sky that is above any other sky even when the moon looms during the daytime. When the sun sets beautifully on the horizon, but when angels of evil and darkness, with wings and hearts as cold as the night fly. It is cursed, and destined for imminent destruction in every way imaginable, and that is what Nicazi was now. A winged warrior of wickedness, hell-bent on doing one thing. And that was facing off Against Nexan once more, and not just getting him suspended or expelled or even hospitalized. He wanted to murder him, just as much as Nexan wanted to kill him. And this was before knowing about what happened with Luna, so just imagine his anger then...

1:14 PM That same day.

Nexan, was no fool, not at all. He knew that Nicazi could beat his behind before his quote on quote power up had occured. He has committed such an act with Luna for more than just the sweet suppliment of revenge upon his enemies. He wanted something greater, some sort of hidden power, So that he may do as he please while everyone else would be crushed under his heel. Now that his last shred of purity was destroyed, his virginity, the ritual could take place...

Beneath his parent's home, lied the closest headquarters of the Star Smashing Saints, in which his ritual would take place. He went down the dimly lit stairwell that appeared even older than his own home, which led to multiple pathways in which one could god down. That went on for miles each, but his parents led him down to this specific one, so that it may begin quickly.

He entered the room with his mother and father, where he saw the other members wearing costumes that resembled The Ku Klux Klan, white and red robes, with pointed ends, but on the chest lied a strange symbol. It looked like a portrait of the solar system, in which Everything revolves around the sun. One of them came forth, gesturing for Nexon to come forth. “Come, young one. So that you may be blessed with the power of an entire star! Our very own, sun. With it, you shall make the entire world turn to shadows, the shivering cold will topple society's remains, and from under the rubble that lie there, we shall arise according to the prophecy of Skrun, myself!”

Skrun. A most definitely strange name, one that dates back thousands of years before the modern day, even before the Pyramids of Egypt. Could he really he so old? A certain possibly, but who knows what it a possibility in this strange world. Skrun would have put his hands on Nexon's shoulders, the others formed a circle around him and stretched out their hands. Sending their solar energy into his body, he began to change colors, from a pale white, to blue, red, yellow and every color one can imagine. Their leader Skrun also began to glow strangely, and their power flowed into the body of Nexan delicately.

He fell to his knees, his palms on the dusty ground beneath their heels. He looked up towards Skrun, his eyes diluted with raw energy, that appeared as white as snow and as radiant as the everlasting sun. Nexan was now a star smasher, the greatest of them all, empowered with the very sun above their heads. The prophecy of Skrun had been fulfilled, so far, he has also predicted the destruction of the star we call the sun, let's find out what happens...

Some time passed, and now it was February.

With their anger and hatred embued passion to kill each other, one would suppose that they would try to kill each other as soon as physically possible. That was not necessarily the case, especially here, Nexan wanted to ensure his death to the absolute best of his abilities. Because of this, their wicked plot did not go through until later in the month of February, where a so called solar eclipse was supposed to happen that day. Nicazi had reunited with his parents, who took him out to see it, at a subtle attempt to make up for what they did last month out of selfish rage.


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