Forbidden Love

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What will you do when your new replacement teacher looks more like a gangster than a educator?

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Chapter 1


“I’m here as the replacement teacher for class ...” before I could get to finish my sentences, the woman at the front desk cut me off.

“Yes. Miss Sasha Irisha, the headmistress informed us about your arrival. You’re the new replacement teacher for the special class. Good luck.” This woman has such sour expression.

“Follow me, please. I’ll brief you about the Special Class.” Why do I feel that this is not like any other class in a school?

“Millennium Academy is a school for various backgrounds of students. It doesn’t matter if you’re from the poorest of the poor or the richest among the rich you’re equal here inside this academy’s soil.” Damn, she needs to be more welcoming!

“It was formally known as Larove High. But the new chairman changed its name since he took over from the former owner of this school.” She suddenly stopped before facing me. It was too sudden that I almost hit her with my body.

“Since you look like ... well like this, the students probably ... well see you as something else and far from as a teacher. Still, the headmistress chooses you to take care of this class, so I’m guessing you’re something else and not because you’re her daughter.” I smiled.

Did she just comment on my tattooed body? It’s my passion, tattoos. They’re arts and culture ... she seems like she doesn’t live much.

“Maybe you should find some more appropriate attire to cover your ... body full of arts.” I sighed.

“Bitch, what’s with you? Is there a shard of glass in your asshole?” I was hoping for some reaction but she seems fine.

“Oh please, this is nothing. The students in your class are much worse. Anyway, this is a short dossier about your students.” She handed me a dossier before continue leading me through the hallways.

“I advice that you cram this dossier for your to have the upper hand. Also, do it at home.” She opened a door for us to enter. I’m not sure where I am but this doesn’t look like a classroom.

“This is the teacher’s lounge. I’m sure you realized that you’re alone and where are the other teachers. There’s no other teacher. There’s only Mrs. Higgins but well ... those students just hate her guts. That’s why they end her.” End her?!

“The headmistress gave her an early retirement.” That voice! When I turned around it’s my father, the chairman of this academy.

“Sasha! You’ve made it!” He was hoping for me to hug him like my other siblings but I just don’t see why I should do that here ... and in front of her of all people.

“That’s cold ... so cold, Sasha.” He should know better, he’s my father after all.

“Anyway, I don’t know why your mother decided to let you teach that class. In my opinion, those students are a lost cause but your mother believes there’s always a chance to change them.” He sighed.

What’s the point of him coming here?

“Oh! I almost forgot about the meeting I have to attend. Sasha, please tell your mother I won’t be coming home tonight. There have been some issues with the black market auction.” I gave him a little nod.

I watched him go before turning to the receptionist.

“The chairman is so ... handsome. Oh! Please follow me to your new class.” She should just show me the way from the start!

All the way to this Special Class, I noticed that the students seemed confused by my presence. I know that I look more like the people from a gang but still, don’t they know that they shouldn’t be judging people from their exterior?

It’s the interior that’s important!

Some seemed proud while some even decided to whisper to their friends about me. What kind of atmosphere is this? Maybe for me, it’s weird since I was sent to a boarding school but still, even boarder like me act normal around others.

“That must be the new replacement teacher.” I heard one of the students by the locker said.

“Seems like the administration decided to hire a thug for those creatures.” Creatures? Thugs? Me? That seems harsh.

“Ignore them. They’re traumatized since your new students used to be in classes with them. Most of your students can from a prominent and dangerous family. They like to use their power over people. Besides, they have the worse grades out of them all so ... it’s your job to fix that. We have a reputation to uphold.” Seriously?

“This is your stop. Good luck, Miss Sasha Irisha. You’ll need it.” She smiled but avoids opening the door for me.

It didn’t take her long to disappear from the door at all. Wow, she’s fast!

I knock on the door before entering the classroom. My first step into the class was accompanied by the students ‘death glares’. I gave them all my sweetest smile before placing the dossier on the teacher’s desk and face the students.

I’m not sure if I should be nervous or scared since they all seem to be annoyed by my presence. Some of them wonder if I am really an educator. I’m not but ... who knows, I might like this profession.

“Morning class, I am your new replacement teacher. I am Miss Sasha.” I introduced myself. It was a long awakened silence until one of the students laughed at my introduction.

“What kind of name is a Sasha? Your parents must but nuts to name you that.” Soon all students followed him laughed at me.

Well, even I thought my parents both nuts. But still, they’re the ones who created me in this world. I just have to accept their flaws.

“Maybe they’re nuts. I’m not sure. But I do remember my senior year in a boarding school. They went all out.” It was embarrassing.

“What? ... you suppose to yell at us. Come on woman, that’s our entertainment! To see teachers losing their patience or hair because of us.” Said the same male student from earlier. Just how evil can they be?

“Your hair is so blonde. It’s fake right?” Asked the female student sitting in front of my desk My hair?

“My hair is natural. I inherited it from my mother. Why? Is it weird?” I asked her back. She shakes her head no.

“It looks so unnatural. I just have to ask if it’s fake.” So straightforward.

“I’m guessing none of you have that many friends in this school? Don’t you have friends from other classes?” I asked them all.

“Why would we even consider to be in the same present as those commoner?” Replied one of the male students who seem to be pooping well at some point if he even called other students as a commoner.

Maybe I should read their dossier sooner. They all act so almightily for some point.

“Yo teach, if you could just shut up for a second. I can’t hear what my girl here is trying to say to me.” What a rude bunch of students there. Even I don’t act like this in front of my parents. Hell, my mother would kill me if I ever this rude to her.

“Just why did you choose to be an educator? You look like someone that came from a gang or the streets. What’s with the tattoos? Why do you have the need to fill your body with tattoos? Aren’t you afraid of cancer?” Sheesh! Just how judgmental can they be?

“Why did you express yourself in exams like you do now? I heard that this class only has the most trouble students this academy has ever seen.” They seem ticked off.

“But that’s gonna change since I’m here. You think I’ll be marching down that door until I finished my job? Hell no. I’m going to teach you, people, just how ‘fun’ studying can be.” I smirked.

“I’m gonna call my father about you.” Said one of the male students that stood up from his seats.

“Do it.”

“My father’s in the mob! He’ll kill you.” Said another.

“Really? I’ll be looking forward to it.” I smiled.

“Her parents are a yakuza! You will never live your life normally!” Said another student while pointing at one of the Asian looking students. She was confused by the situation as she removed her headphones.

“Really? A yakuza? Bring it on. I’m not afraid of all of your threats. I’m not like your ex-teacher, little boys, and girls.” I started to enjoy this. Seems so badass to ‘bullied’ other kids.

I shouldn’t have said that. I’m a teacher now.

“Elizabeth! Isabella, do something!” Shouted of the students. Are they twins? Wow, twins.

“Ahem! I’m sorry Miss Sasha. We’re Elizabeth and Isabella Madden. You know, daughters of Raymond Madden, the police superintendent. I don’t think your approach is really what I call as an educator material. I just have to inform my father about this outrageous turnout.” Said one of the twins.

She’s hot though. Really, really hot. I’m not sure if she’s really a senior since she has such ... huge knockers for a high school student.

“Elizabeth was it?” She nodded.

“I don’t give a damn about your father’s position in the police force. I don’t think he can do anything since I am qualified to be an educator. I graduated top of my class in quantum physics. As you can see, I’m a genius baby.” I proudly announced myself as a nerd.

Hell, these students need someone they could be a match for. Who’s a better match than me, Sasha Irisha?

A Yakuza, police superintendent, financial group, businessman, drug cartel and even famous personality! My students came from such various background and there are all living in such luxury!

No wonder they all living in such fake world! They don’t have to worry about their future since their future has been determined all along! Born rich really has its perks. I can’t say the same for me since my parents said that education is important. Hell, they force us to study like our life depends on it, literally.

“You seems in trouble for some reason.” My brother Durov walked passed me just to get the tv remote.

“There’s no trouble. Just wondering how am I suppose to handle a class full of snobs and egghead.” I sighed before closing the dossier.

“Do you know when mommy will come home? I just have to shove this dossier at her face.” I said without even thinking the possibility that she’s actually behind me, crossing her head as she heard me say those things.

“Well, I’m waiting. Shove it to me if you dare. I swear that’ll be your last thing to do before your hands miraculously broke on their own.” That’s definitely my mother talking.

I heard stories about this woman I call my mom. Some say she’s an assassin when she was young. Some even say she’s a stripper. Well, that’s true since she owns a brothel ... that I sometimes go to but still, how can someone so ... bodaciously sexy be a headmistress of a profound academy?!

“How’s your first day as a teacher? Is it hard for you to handle the special class?” She asked with a smile.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the real situation? They’re all ... overly privilege trust funds kids! Mommy, you know how I act in front of those kinds of people! They’re morons! Morons I tell you.” I exclaimed.

My mother wasn’t too happy hearing that.

“They’re your students, Sasha. It’s your job to shape them up, make them ready for the real world when they graduate from the academy. They’re seniors this year. They should know that they should be thinking of their future rather than spending time idling with their time.” She seriously wants me to shape them up?

“Mommy they already threatening me.” My Mother smiled.

“Oh don’t worry about that. I could just shake my chest a couple of times to get their parents to drop their charges or death threats. They know not to mess with me and my teaching skill.” That’s true.

Everyone seems to be following her orders for some reason we don’t know why.

Even our father, who’s actually a big shot crime Lord, can’t say anything against her.

“Oh, honey, just don’t get in trouble with the Madden sisters. They’re the twins of Raymon, the superintendent. I don’t wish to get myself I trouble with him. He’s an annoying little prick.” Is that how you give your daughter some pep talk, mom?

“Durov, where are your other sisters?” She asked.

“Where’s your father?” She added. Oh! I forgot to tell her that he’s not going home tonight. When I told her that, she seems pissed.

“That man ... he forgot that today’s suppose to be Elra’s birthday. I was thinking we could go somewhere for a celebration.” Oh! Even I don’t remember her birthday. The beauty of pushing out a human being from you must’ve craved such an important date into her brain.

“Anyway, Durov, I received a call from your dean saying that you skipped classes. Why?” Mother asked my brother. He stops midway as she feeds himself with the cereal.

“You’ve been naughty Durov. I don’t know what kind of punishment should I be doing to you. You know how anti I am whenever my kids skipped school. That’s not how I raise you.” Oh, snap! She’s angry.

I made way for our mother to do whatever she wants to do to my brother and focus on the dossier.

“I’ll give you another chance to fix this attitude of yours young man. But don’t expect me to give you more than you can bargain.” She patted Durov’s shoulder before going to the kitchen.

She may be born with a silver spoon in her mouth but she raised us all in a five bedroom double stores house like this just to teach us the meaning of modesty.

My parents are rich since they’re the notorious crime lord and has a lot of illegal and legal business throughout the world. But they still wish for us to find our own richness rather than using their wealth for our own selfishness.

“She’s in a good mood. I wonder what happened at work today.” Durov releases a relieved sigh.

I shrugged.

Why do I have to sink myself so low for these brats? I’m their teacher. They’re the one who suppose wait for me, not vice versa!

I looked at my wrist watch and wonder where are the rest of the student body. There’s 20 of them but only the twins and that foul mouth male student in the class right now. Where are the rest of the 17 students goes?!

“Alright, really funny. Where are the rest of you going to? It’s been 20 minutes! What kind of atrocity are you doing right now?” The twins shrugged while the male student, if I recall correctly, his name is Clayton Mullins, from the Mullins Financial Group.

“Who knows. You’re the teacher, teach. Not us.” That’s so ... kind of him to say.

If this is how they want to be, I don’t have any choice but to be more aggressive to them. Seems like talking won’t do them any good. Even counseling won’t do them zilch!

I stood up from my seat and opened the door. I stood there, looking around the hallways if I could see them somewhere. It didn’t take me long to notice ‘sounds’ coming from one of the empty room.

“YOU GUYS HAVE 10 SECONDS TO GET YOUR ASS BACK IN THE CLASSROOM! 1!” Nothing. Do they want to make me go there?

“2!” I shouted while tapping my foot and crossing my hand.

“If you guys still stayed inside that room, I don’t have any choice but to smoke that room and locked the door from the outside. That’s the only way to kill rats.” I reached for a few pieces of paper and my lighter from my jeans.

“3!” They thought I’m bluffing?!

“4 5 6 7 8 9 ...” Azusa Hinako was the first to walk out from the room with wide eyes.

“You weren’t bluffing?!” She asked while pointing at the papers and lighter in my hands.

“Why would I bluff? Rats should be killed without any mercy. I didn’t know there was a human inside this unused room.” I smiled.

One by one of the students came out from the room and went into the classroom. They really thought that by hiding in here will make me follow what they say?

“Just to let you all know, I’ll still teach the class even though there are only 3 students in it. Why would the others suffer for rats like you all.” I closed the door behind me as I entered the classroom. Now that we have all of the students, I can’t help but notice how annoyed they’re at me.

“Why do you guys hate studying so much?” Asked out of the blue.

“Because it sucks.” Aaron Gregory, his father own one of the largest steel industry in the world. A classic Richie Rich if you asked me.

“Studying suck? How do you expect to overtake your parents business? If you don’t have any knowledge, what so ever, you will live in poverty once your parents died. You think those people who work for your parents will be as good as they’re now? So naive.” Some of them seem pissed.

“Business can be taken over easily. Even a gang or a mob can be easily wipe out. I’m here to teach you how to handle yourself once you graduate from this academy. You’re seniors now people, get a grip on your own life!” I said as I opened the first page of the book.

I’m not sure how it got in there but there’s a dead lizard in my book. They expect me to feel disgusted by the dead lizard? Is this their harassment? This is it?! How lame!

“Even my sister can think of a better harassment than this! What kind of joke is this?” I showed the whole class the dead lizard that was put inside my book.

“Aren’t you afraid of something like that?” Clayton asked. He’s probably the one who put it there since the twins look like they gonna puke for some reason.

“I have no fear.” They all seem skeptical.

“Everyone has their own fear. Even you.” Is he deaf?

“Boy, I have no fear.” I smiled.

“Let’s that be our mission guys. Let’s find this gangster, her fear.” Gangster? That’s actually quite a nice name for me. It’s not got worse, at least.

“Alright. If that’s your mission, tomorrow you’ll have the whole day to find my fear. You may do whatever you wish to do to me. If I lose, you’ll have the privilege to embarrass me in front of the whole student body. But if you lose, your average score for this upcoming quiz will have to be at least 70% or .... you just have to go to weekend classes with me.” I smiled.

“Nice going Clayton!” Most of his classmate doesn’t like the idea of average 70% score in the upcoming quiz. Just how stupid are they? I noticed a student suddenly stood up from his seat and face me.

“Alright. You have a deal, teach. I hope you’ll not walk out from your end of the bargain. That would make you such an unworthy person.” Marc Roberto, son of the notorious drug cartel. My parents have issues with his father not long ago.

How did his son end up here in their school?

“I am a woman of my words. Don’t worry, I’m not a person who walks out at the end.” I was raised not to. I can’t believe that I even let them get into my head like this.

But still, nothing scares me. There shouldn’t be any problem winning this.

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