It all started with the Assassin

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What happens when a girl gets moved to an all-boys school? And that girl happens to meet the greatest guy in her life? Seventeen-year-old Maroline, has been transferred to a new school. After leaving her dark past, she begins to find a new future. And this new future all will start by the man we call The Assassin.

Action / Thriller
Violet T.
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Chapter 1

“So, because I was such a bad person at Francis your making me move here?”

Maroline frowned at the rusty old school she was having to move to. Her old school; Francis High, had kicked her out for… things to be explained. The new school she was now moving to; Satergin High School, was an all-boys school. Later on, Principal Satergin had announced that it will be a private school for both girls and boys. Though Satergin had just announced this news, not many girls have come. On top of that, the school was old and falling apart. But because it was cheap, parents have sent their sons to Satergin.

Maroline was a seventeen-year-old who had quite a temper. What she wanted she got, what she didn’t want… she still got. It never bothered her though. She’s always been spoiled and because of that, she is going to a crappy school full of a bunch of boys.

“It’s for your own good, Maroline. I must tell you-” Maroline’s father was interrupted.

“Oh, so this is the ‘angle’ that is being invited into our school. Caroline, was it?” An odd man came running down the stairs from the entrance of the school.

“It’s Maroline, and who the hell are you?” She snarled at him.

“Why I’m Principal Satergin, I own this school.”

“Your the principal?”

Maroline gawked at the man standing before her. He looked like he was in his late thirties and was fairly dressed. He wore a navy blue suit, glasses, and a low ponytail that actually suited him. He looked tremendously professional, but once you take a look at the school you wouldn’t even be able to tell.

“Yes, I know the school looks bad and gloomy, but in just two weeks exact it shall look magnificent.” Principal Satergin’s words were all emphasized.

“Now as you must know, this place is more than just a school.” He gave Maroline’s father a wink. Her father gave him a weary smile.

“Yeah, it was an all-boys school’ right?”

Satergin gave her a devilish grin that made her feel more uncomfortable than she already felt.


“Why this is like a boarding school, only there are no punishments except for detention, ISS, expulsion, and so forth.”

“So… I’ll be sleeping here? Will I be allowed to leave off campus?”

“Not without permission and a supervisor.” He winked again, almost as if he were enjoying this.

“D-dad? Why are you allowing this? Why couldn’t I just go to a better school? One with girls in it.”

Before her father could answer Satergin said, “Well the last time you were at a school full of girls you traumatized them, bullied them, drove them to suicide… Must I go on?” Maroline shook her head and rolled her eyes at the stupid memories. “It doesn’t matter, here at this school you won’t be able to treat anyone like the way you did there. The sooner you can accept that, the better.” With that, he patted her head and started back to school. “See you tomorrow, I gave your father a list of things that are required for you to live here.”

Anger boiled up inside of her. She was so angry at her father for making her go to this stupid school full of idiotic boys. This was the last thing she needed right now. All this anger wasn’t good for Maroline, it made her sick. So sick she literally just might puke.

“Great, I guess we should get home so I can pack then huh?” Maroline glared at her father, still trying to hold back her tears that were begging to be let out.

“I guess so.”

That’s when she saw it. The glow in her father’s eyes. His eyes glowed when he was glad or happy about something, in this case, there was nothing to be happy about. Well, at least not for her.

“Your happy I’m leaving aren’t you? You’re glad that I’m going to be gone.”

His eyes glowed again. “More than anything in the world. Trust me.”

Her heart crumbled into pieces hearing those words come out of his mouth,

“Your mom and I have carried so many weights in life, and a ton of them are about to be dropped now that you’re leaving.”

“Here’s the list that you need so you can pack your stuff.” Her father handed her the list, but she refused to take it.

“I don’t need a stupid list, I can do it myself.”

A low chuckle left her father’s lip, “Suit yourself, it ain’t my problem.” With that, he put the list away in his pocket.

“It’s not my fault I’m such a bad person. You and mom are the ones that raised me.”

Once they made it home, Maroline stomped into the house grabbed a bad, and began packing.

“Hairbrush, underwear, pajamas, makeup-”

“He said things that you needed, you know.” Maroline turned to see her mother glaring at her. “I get your going to a school full of boys, but is makeup really necessary?” Maroline turned away and ignored her mother.

“Makeup and clothes. Alright, I think I’m set to go.”

“That doesn’t look like enough to last you a whole entire year, Don’t forget your not coming to visit us on the holidays, so-”

“So nothing mother. I will escape that disgusting school, of course, I won’t tell you how, but I will.”

Her mother grinned evilly then shrugged and went to go make soup for dinner.

“You know,” Maroline says as she strolls into the dining area, “You guys really don’t have to do this. I can be better.”

“We’ve heard that one before, and you’re still the same.”

At this point, Maroline knew she wasn’t gonna win. Her parents never took the time to listen to her, to understand her, but that was ok. She didn’t need them to, all she needed was is herself.

After she had eaten dinner she lay in bed thinking of what will happen tomorrow. She giggled, she knew she had a way with the boys. Soon they’d all fall for her and do as she says. She will have control.

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