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Family of Mafia

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City of London. Dangerous on your own. Monsters are everywhere. Sometimes hiding as humans. Humans with Agendas. Meet Hunter. A returning Lad that wants revenge. Hunting the people that hurt him and his family. Living life in the shadows and hiding in plain sight. Warning: This does have sensitive things that go on such as mental abuse, mentions of suicidal thoughts and dealing with the theme of death to a point. So read at your own comfort.

Action / Thriller
Chloe Godden
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Hunter is here

Finally, in the UK and ready to pounce. Not everyday, you pack everything up from a LA skyscraper, filled with people from different backgrounds and travel for work. Travel to London to deal with a rival group. A group that has taken near enough everything from me, and they need to be taken down.

I carry light.

I carry for jobs, I don’t carry for pleasure, not now. Not for a while. Not until I get them back. Get her back.

Until needed. Especially now. No need to get attached to anyone because they leave or get killed. I’m never getting in that position just to be hurt.

Walking though clean and spotless airport corridors with a crowd of people being released from the airplane, backpack resting on my peeling leather back like my wife when she got tired....

Shaking my head from that memory, I continued to walk down when I reached a lounge where people were hugging people and I just walked on, on my own. Even though, I’m not. I saw someone holding a sign ‘Hunter L’ and it must have been someone from the agency that I’m part of but in the London area. They were wearing a crimson hoodie and a black dress with lace shrouding the fabric. I walked towards them, taking large strides to them, each step getting closer to my first job in London.

“Hunter?” She spoke, her feminine voice peeking through, her moving

I stood there, stoned faced and not showing anything.

“That’s me. You must be Luna” I spoke bluntly, gripping the bag strap that was attacked to the bag that held my essential bag.

“I’m here to take you to your flat. Someone is going to meet you later tonight” She spoke, turning to walk out of the holding area.

Walking ahead of me, I followed her making sure she stayed in my sight. I’m still not sure about her.

We got outside, no one told me that it was going to be cold that you are cutting glass but you learn on the go. Luna walked to a black Ford 2014, and opened the doors. I walked over to get in, looking and observing ways to get out. Luna got in before she turned on the car, which booted up the radio to life. She started driving towards the main city.

“You won’t have to rely on me for long. We’re just waiting for your Harley Davidson to be brought over” Luna spoke.

The bike that.... The only link that I can’t get rid of. Even if it hurts to much.

“Thanks. For driving me and picking me up” I spoke, being thankful.

“No need. How long are you staying for?” Luna asked, turning onto the main road to head into main London.

“I have no idea. I need to get this job finished and get my family back” I spoke, slight bitterness in my voice.

Luna doesn’t know about me.

Or what happened for me to be here.


Travel was smooth but even when you have someone that you could talk to, it was lonely. I sat back, taking in the city and the roads, making sure I memorise them to make sure I know this place like the back of my hand and to make sure I can get out with ease.

We reached a road that we needed to go and Luna made a hard turn that I had to hold onto the door. Such a dangerous driver, so glad I’m not a cop. She stopped and turned the car off, letting the radio turn off mid song.

Shame, I was enjoying it.

I got out of the car, holding the backpack so tight that the handles could break. Luna walked to the door and went into her pocket to pull out a single silver key to open the green door that could have a new paint job, grey from where people kicked the metal door, paint chipping to the damp, potholed sidewalk. Lucy would have been all up on that door with re fixing it.

Walking inside to be met with with concrete slabs, some had dried blood on it, cracks from blunt force and broken glass. Luna walked ahead. As I followed her, I started to take in the place that I’m going to be calling home for the next few days, possibly weeks. Reminds me of my first home in LA but more blood and a little less drug use in public. I was only 14 at the time and staying at a head gang member of the Miami Sharks, the gang that took in teens that was growing up on the streets. The worse thing but also the best thing that happened to me.

I shook my head from the past.

Things that need to stay in the past.

Luna turned to look at me as I looked out of a single, broken window, letting a slight breeze crawl in to see the city that I need to know. And fast. Lost in thought, I couldn’t hear Luna calling my name and I started to have small snipets of what happened in the past.

“Hunter!” Luna barked.

I jumped at her voice and looked at her.

“Just up here” She spoke, nodding towards to the apartment door.

She walked towards a black, recently painted door and started to unlock it. I walked up as the door opened and she let me in first. I walked into a strong sent of floor cleaner and it hits you like a bus, with a hint of lavender and bleach, with a small scent of mint following behind. Walking further in, I could see stuff that I sent over and Luna followed behind.

“I’ll be back in the morning to take you to see Dean and to bring breakfast. Just try and get some sleep and relax. We’ll get your daughter back” Luna spoke, putting the key on the waxed sideboard, where pictures of Lucy and Jane was.

I nodded, walking over to the picture frame that held a crumpled up photo of the happiest day of my life. Faces etched out of the frame as a way to erase them from my life. They took one from my life but Jane, she need to live. She has to.

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