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“Is that an invitation?" He tickles my side and I squeal slightly, smacking his hand away.  "Take it as you please."  "I'm gonna take it how I please." He whispers in my ear, his lips brushing against it causing a shiver to rush through my body. My stomach and thighs tighten again and I'm very willing to take him up on the offer.  "Prove it." My lips touch his as I speak and I can feel his reaction to my words, poking me in the butt. I am not gonna be let down tonight, that I'm sure about. He slides me off his lap, grabs my hand and drags me out to his bike.  I decide to tease him and stroke his stomach and his erection as we ride, he growls deep in his chest and the vibrations hit me hard.

Action / Romance
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Peyton Lennox


This wasn't foreign to me, at least not in the grand scheme of things but in this area it was rare. It's a gated community, locked off to many people and has it's own police that keep control of the area.

I'm only in here because I had a meeting with one of the residents here, yet as I drive towards the main gate I recognise the ear piercing scream of a woman in trouble. I stop the car and grab the baseball bat that I keep hidden behind my seat.

I'm not going in unprepared.

I turn the corner and see the woman backed up against the wall by two hulking men. They're massive, with barrel chests and heavy arms. Christ, this will not be a fair fight but it's better with the both of us rather than leave her to fend for herself.

My God, Peyton, one of these days you're gonna get yourself killed.

I roll my eyes at my thoughts and warm my shoulders. I decide to do a sneak attack on the guy closest to me since I wouldn't be able to overwhelm him otherwise. I'm 5'5 and he is at least 6'6. I swing the bat down on the back of his head and he drops like a stone. I scream at the woman to follow me and we dash out of the alley, his friend following behind us.

I get in the drivers' seat and am able to put it into drive fast enough for us to get away. I know he wants to follow us but he can't leave his friend, especially since someone would've called the police by now. He needs to get out before it's his ass that's backed up against the wall. "Thank you."

I look over at her quickly with a smile. "I'm Peyton." The roads are dark, lit only by street lamps, very few people are out at this hour since it's a quiet town so it's only us on the road.

"I'm Lexie." She has to be around my age, 24, with soft features that mimic that of Bambi. With big blue eyes and pale skin, her hair is strawberry blonde and pulled back into a ponytail that has half fallen out due to her assault.

"Where can I take you?" Her body is shaking softly so I turn the heat up and slow down so that I can find out where we're going before I drive in a random direction.

"Riders of Apollo MC." I nod and speed up again. I know where they are, I've never had a run in with them but they have been on my radar since I started as a bounty hunter six years ago. Never been called up to get one of them though, they're awfully sneaky and despite doing basically everything illegal, nothing can ever stick on them. "Why did you save me?"

"Why wouldn't I? I couldn't leave you there, especially not if I'm able to help." She thanks me again and the rest of the ten minute drive is done in silence. I pull up next to the line of motorbikes and unlock the doors.

"Please come in, I'm sure my dad and my husband would want to talk to you." I turn off the ignition and nod, it's weird that we're around the same age and she has a husband while I've been single for years. She also has a father, never had one of those myself other than genetically but that doesn't really count unfortunately.

"So you're one of their Angels?"

"Since I was born into the MC, I'm a Rider Princess though my marriage to the King does make me an Angel." She grins at me and swings the door open. The noise of the room is silenced immediately as all eyes turn to us, upon seeing their Princess they relax.

A tall, beefy guy approaches her with love in his eyes and he sighs in relief as he folds her into his embrace. "I thought we'd lost you." His touch is gentle despite his calloused hands and what seems to be overwhelming strength. He's the same size as the guys earlier and Lexie is only five feet tall.

She is easily swallowed by the atmosphere, yet her wide grin and innocent aura keeps her in the limelight. She's definitely their pride and joy, no doubt about that. A small smile works its way on to my face, I brought her back to her family, safe and alive. That's a good deed if I've ever heard one.

"Peyton saved my life, she knocked Marius with a bat! She came from nowhere." She points at me with frantic gestures and I pass my hand through my hair out of nerves. I'm not used to having this many eyes on me.

An older guy, maybe fifty, lifts himself from his seat and I watch curiously. He has salt and pepper hair with a messy beard, he has kind green eyes and a warm aura despite being in a MC. I decide that I like him, cut and all. "Thank you for saving my daughter."

"Trust me, I'm very happy that I did." I squeeze his outstretched hand and shake Lexie's husband's hand as well. Their gratitude is overwhelming and I realise that this must be what it's like to have a family, to have somebody care. "I'm Peyton, by the way."

"I'm Gears and that's Bear." Her father points at himself then at Bear, his smile still hasn't left his face and he looks down at me. I look over the rest of them and notice one hidden in a dark corner, he seems to be a staple part of the club considering he is patched but he has faded to the outskirts, almost as if he's doing it on purpose.

I wonder what that's about.


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