Scions: Ragnarok

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Evie's Off Duty

(Saturday Afternoon - Westview Group Board Meeting)

Hitoshi was engaged in somewhat of a juggling act. He places a phone call to his mother in which he offers his apologies, but informs her she should not expect him at the meeting ... even though he is safely ensconced in another meeting room in the building.

“Very well,” Karen says, her disapproval evident in her tone. “And have you decided about the Directorship?”

“I gave it serious consideration,” Hitoshi replies. “Mother, I cannot accept. I have other concerns that take precedence.”
“Like working on cars and motorcycles? Hitoshi, the point is that you don’t have to do that!”

“I’m not going to argue with you, Mother.”

“You’ll have to face it eventually, Hitoshi.”

“When the time comes, then.”

Karen took a moment to regain her composure before entering the board meeting. She wasn’t technically a member of the board of directors, but her position as Chief of Casino Operations assured her presence at the meeting. The other board members were engaged in small talk and last-minute politicking, except for the somewhat enigmatic James Sokatsu, the representative of a shareholder who did all of his business through his agent. Sokatsu was seated at the table, a tablet computer arranged just so alongside two smartphones. A Bluetooth earbud was visible in his left ear, while a black wristband hinted at some other high-tech wearable.

“All right, all right,” said Gregory Mason, glancing irritably at his watch. “It’s more than twenty minutes past our scheduled start, and Jennings isn’t here. We still have a quorum. We’ll just have to convene without him.”

There was a murmur of assent.

“What’s first on the agenda? This ‘Live Entertainment’ notion?” asked Amelie Pelletier.

Sokatsu held up a hand. “Actually, I have an important matter that takes precedence, and which will also explain the absence of Director Jennings.”

James takes a sealed envelope from his pocket. “This is John Jennings’ resignation, back dated to the beginning of the month. You will find a copy in each of your folders.”

“... relinquish my shares in the Westview Group ...”

“... in favor of a lucrative offer ... he sold his shares?”

“That’s twelve percent of our stock!” Mason snapped. “All of you, call your brokers. We need to put those shares back under board control!”

James clears his throat. “There is no danger to the Westview Group. The shares have been acquired by my principal in their entirety.”

“Wait a minute, that makes him the majority shareholder ...”

“It does.”

“And I suppose you have one of your little envelopes, Sokatsu?”

“I do not. My principal would like to address the Board in person.”

“Ah. So we finally get to meet our mystery shareholder! Is this where we find out you’ve been playing us all along, James?” Pelletier asked.

“I am entirely what I appear to be, Director Pelletier, nothing more,” Sokatsu says - even if that wasn’t entirely true. He picks up one of his smartphones and autodials a number. “Yes, Sir. The Board is waiting for your arrival.”

“Excellent, I shall be there in a moment.” Hitoshi replies.

He stands and looks over at Mika. He had called her earlier in the day telling her to meet him at the Casino in the boardroom he was in now. Once she had arrived, he had explained the situation to her so she was now fully informed.

“I do not think your mother will take this well.” She says as they walk down the hallway towards the other boardroom.

Hitoshi pauses to look in one of the mirrors lining the hallways, and straighten his tie and smooth down his white suit jacket.

“Oh I know she won’t, but thats part of the plan.”

He stops outside the doors to the boardroom, but rather than allow Mika to open them for him, he does so himself, striding in with confidence.

“My apologies for being late, traffic was just murder.”

“Ryder,” Mason says, giving him a look of disapproval. “I’m afraid the question about a Director of Live Entertainment is on hold. We’re in the middle of something a bit more important.”

Hitoshi smiles. “Oh I know, you are discussing who bought up all the shares of John Jennings.”

He calmly walks over to James Sokatsu and nods. James quietly gets up and holds the seat for Hitoshi who sits down and crosses his right leg over his left and folds his hands in front of him.

“So, lets get down to brass tacks shall we?”

"Hitoshi Ryder is your principal, James?” Mason asks, somewhat agog.
“He is. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Board of Directors, may I introduce you to my principal and the new majority shareholder in the Westview Group, Hitoshi Ryder.”

Dead silence.

“Then I submit Hitoshi Ryder’s name as the new CEO of the Westview Group,” Amelie says, giving Mason an ‘up yours’ smile. “Is there a second?”

“Seconded,” says Selene Chase. “Let’s proceed to a vote. I say yes.”

“Hmph,” Mason frowns. “I vote no.”

“Yes,” Amelie Pelletier says.

“I see no reason why we shouldn’t,” says another board member. “Yes.”

“New blood, new opportunities,” rumbles Douglas Maxwell. “I vote yes.”

“I don’t like this,” objects another member. “We promote Karen Ryder to Director of Casino Operations, and now her son comes out of left field as majority stockholder? I know Greg; I don’t know Ryder. No.”

The vote goes against Mason, five to three.

“The motion is passed,” Amelie Pelletier nods. “Gregory, you’re no longer CEO.”

Mason glares at Amelie, then Hitoshi. “Fine.”

Hitoshi laughs. “Well this is unexpected. All I was trying to do was get my mother off my ass on the whole get a better job issue she always throws in my face. I’d say this about does it.”

He smiles. “James, I of course want you to stay on as my agent to assist.”

He then turns toward his Mother. “Mother, I was going to actually accept your offer for the position, but being as I am now the CEO, I have a feeling I shall have to be a part of everything. I there for nominate to the board Mika Hanamura to be Director of Entertainment as my first act as CEO. Votes?”

“Second the motion,” Amelie Pelletier says. “And I vote yes.”

“Never hurts to suck up to the boss, eh, Amy?” Mason sneers.

“You don’t want to go there, Gregory. You really don’t,” says Amelie.

Hitoshi waits patiently. James had kept him apprised of the political in-fighting among board members.

“I’d like to see Ms. Hanamura’s resume,” Selene Chase says. “A provisional yes for me, if you don’t object, Mr. Ryder?”

“Mother... I’m sorry, Miss Ryder I mean, I believe you have Miss Hanamura’s resume. Please fetch it for Miss Chase, Thank you.” Hitoshi says, rather enjoying the moment.

“Miss Chase, While my mother gets you the required information, I shall go ahead and say that she hired Miss Hanamura to be my aid if I was to become the Director of Entertainment, so I do believe she will work out just fine, however, I shall be focusing my efforts in that area as well at least until she proves herself in your eyes. Now, beyond that, what is on the agenda today?”

He coughs. “Could we possibly get some tea in here? I hate these stuffy boardrooms, they always dry out my throat.”

“I have Mika’s resume right here, with copies for the Board,” Karen says. “I will have tea sent up for you, Mr. Ryder. Otherwise, the wet bar is amply stocked.”

After reading through Mika’s curriculum vitae, Selene Chase gives her assent. “I see no reason not to approve her for the position.”
Mason doesn’t even glance at the sheet. The two votes, however, do show clear allegiances; both women seem to have a cold attitude towards him, while the ready agreement from other members suggests that they are simply weary of Mason’s style.

“The only remaining item is the discussion of a potential merger with a Japanese conglomerate,” James informs you. “A prospectus is in your folder.”

Hitoshi opens the folder and finds the appropriate document. Takinga minute to read it over carefully, he then looks up and folds his hands. After a moment he stands and walks to look out the window at the strip below.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the board, I lived in Japan for eighteen years of my life. I spent most of my time wandering the streets and either finding trouble, or having it find me. Beacuse of that I have a bit of insight into the seedier organizations of Japan that my Mother is just finding out now that I knew. I would like us to be careful with this merger because of that. Many companies in Japan deal in some way with the Yakuza, either through vendors, back alley dealings, or as front companies. I would request that we send someone to investigate this company thoroughly before we agree to this merger. IF the company is clean, then I shall put my vote in along side the yes’s without hesitation, but I would not want our company to be shamed by having dealings with the Yakuza in any form. At the very least it would eventually hurt our reputation when it came to light in the public eye, and with so many cameras on the streets connected to the news, and so many hackers able to get into databases these days, it will be a matter of when, not if.”

He pauses for a second as he picks his next words.

“At the most, you all could eventually find yourselves no longer on this board as they send their people up the chain to claim seats one by one. I am not asking that you stop this merger, I am just asking that we proceed carefully at this point and do some research.”

He turns around and leans on the table, his cut down left pinky finger clearly in view of all as his hands are splayed across the glass.

“So, what do you all say?”

“I think it’s a good idea,” Douglas Maxwell nods. “I’d volunteer, but I’m just a guy who made some good investments. Think I’d be out of my league. Gregory, why not you?”

“You’re kidding me, right, Max?” Mason snorts.

“Not really,” Maxwell tells him. “You’ve held the CEO position, and you have good business sense. I so motion. Second?”

“Seconded,” says another board member. “Vote?”

“Not so fast,” Amelie Pelletier says, perhaps reluctant to end Mason’s discomfort at being unseated as CEO. “I’d suggest Ms. Hanamura - she has the credentials - but, she isn’t familiar with the Board’s history. As I can’t self-nominate, I motion Selene Chase also be considered for the task.”

“Seconded,” says Douglas Maxwell. “Anyone else want to toss their name into the hat? Comments? Then votes, please. Selene or Gregory as the Board’s agent to visit our prospective partner.”

Hitoshi holds up a hand. “She has my vote.”

The other board members voice their sentiments, the vote coming in at 5-2, with Selene and Mason abstaining.

“Very well,” Mason says. “Selene goes. What is she looking for, exactly?”

“A signpost,” Selene says. “I don’t speak Japanese, Hiroshi.”

Mason smirks. “Wonderful.”

“There’s no need to be your usual chauvinistic self, Gregory,” Amelie Pelletier points out. “I suggested Ms. Hanamura be accompanied by Selene. Does that change anyone’s vote?”

There were no objections.

“Excellent. Then Miss Hanamura will Accompany Miss Chase as her guide and translator. You two can leave tomorrow.” Hitoshi knocks twice on the conference table. He shuffles the papers back into the folder.

He folds his hands again. “Now, before we adjourn the meeting, I have a few things to say. First off, This will be my first time running a company. I will do my best, but I expect support from the board. If I have a question about something, I’m NOT going to hesitate to ask. If you think I’m about to do something wrong, tell me. We can’t evolve as a company without working together.

Second thing, As some of you may know, I am friends with The Furies, the Punk Rock Band that Played last night. I will always have my cellphone on me and you can contact me, but there are evenings that I probably will be out at a concert, either helping out, or in the crowd watching. I love their music, and I love them, they are my family, and I fully support them in everything they do.”

He lets his gaze sweep around the room.

“That being said, you may have heard about the incident last night during the concert. I was there, I saw it all. None of it was the fault of either of the bands. Some stupid gang came in and set off fireworks and tried to start a fight. Yes, I WAS involved, I’m not going to lie. I did what I needed to in order to protect my friends, and your customers. I won’t just be a CEO to this company. When I am around here, I will be down on the floor, walking around, helping out where I can, when I can. If stuff like that puts me in the media, I don’t care. We all know the media will spin whatever story benefits them the most. Does anyone have a problem with any of this?”

“And what of the accident, the shooting out front?” asks Mason. “Just another coincidence?”

“Whoa, easy there, Greg,” Maxwell chuckled. “You make it sound like we’re under siege.”

“Our guests need to know they can come here and have a good time, not worry about fights breaking out or shootings out front.”

“An advertising campaign, then?” Amelie asked. “Or perhaps that should wait until we’re decided on the merger.”

Hitoshi rolls his eyes and pulls out an Electronic cigarette since they were inside. “Mister Mason, Ive been here an hour and I can see one problem... Your additude...” He takes a puff and closes his eyes. “Your an Asshole, and no one here at the table likes you. It shows in how quickly they vote me into the position of CEO. They are that willing to give someone like me a try.”

He slides the E-cig back in his pocket. “We don’t need an advertising campaign. I know the man the gang members shot at. “Mr. Alex North. HOW I know him is of no concern, but I talked to him after the incident. It’s something to do with one of his cases he said, and was totally unexpected. My suggestion is to beef up security a bit around the entrance. Any High class targets of possibility should get extra security, and if we need to have the police beef up their patrols in the area, then we do so.”

There’s a brief, uncomfortable silence.

“Well. Thank you for your opinion, Mr. Ryder,” Mason says. “As your predecessor, I have run the Westview Grand and helmed the Westview Group for three-and-a-half years, while you hid behind Sokatsu, there.”

“I don’t really care if I’ve been voted out. My shares are not for sale, at least not to you, Ryder, and I hold enough to call for a no-confidence vote.”

He stands up, slapping closed his portfolio.

“Have fun. I’ll see all of you at the next quarterly meeting.”

Hitoshi snorts as Mason leaves. Afterwards he speaks again. “I will apologize to the rest of you for my actions. I got the distinct feeling that none of you liked him, and He rubbed me the wrong way from the start. Still My actions and words were a bit uncalled for, but I don’t have disrespect, veiled or otherwise on this board as long as I am the CEO. It makes for a bad workplace.”

“Gregory is used to getting his own way,” Amelie Pelletier tells you. “It has served the Westview Group well enough in places.”
“He doesn’t like James much, I’m afraid,” Maxwell says. “Probably because of the whole silent-partner thing. That you’re Karen’s son, that’s just adding insult to injury. Don’t lose any sleep over it, Hitoshi. Good to have you on board.”

Hitoshi nods. “I will try to do the best I can working with the rest of you.” He pauses then speaks again. “I do have one small question, Can he do anything to my mother because of this? I’d rather she not lose her job because I say something inadvertent down the road.”

Selene smiles reassuringly. “No, he can’t. Karen, your position with the Westview Grand is secure. The rest of us look forward to working with Hitoshi.”
That wasn’t entirely true, of course, as Mason had garnered two of the nine votes on the board each time. It would never be enough to push something through without the support of the others.

“Ms. Chase, if you will excuse me, I will see to our travel arrangements and accommodations,” Mika says. “Hitoshi, do you wish me to communicate our findings to you directly, or work with Sokatsu-san?”

Hitoshi looks over at James, who nods. “Contact me please Miss Hanamura. James will be working on expanding my investment portfolio for the most part.”

He pushes in his chair. “Before we leave, I’d still like to know your feelings on my activities outside of this company, and anything I might need to watch for so as not to bring the bad limelight down upon this board. I would also like to invite you all to the Furies next showing should you wish to see what they are all about because I intend to have them here again. I heard they and the Necromantics pulled in quite a bit of money last night in spite of those silly gang members pulling their hi jinks.”

He looks to his Mother. “Also Miss Ryder, I am supposed to pickup the bands pay as I am going to meet Lya for lunch.”

“Of course, Hitoshi,” your mother says with a tone of respect that you’ve not heard before. “I have it right here.”

“Absent any penchant for making controversial statements on Twitter,” Amelie Pelletier says, “I rather like the idea of having a CEO who doesn’t follow the traditional look-and-feel of corporate America. Karen Ryder has been with us for several years, and nothing untoward about her son’s reputation has been brought to our attention.”

Hitoshi nods. ” to hear it. I intend to shake things up and attract a new younger crowd that wants to spend money around here. As for twitter, I never use it.”

He stops and thinks for a moment. “Look, I know you call My Mother Karen, but calling her that, or Miss Ryder is going to really mess with my mind, so I’ll be calling her mother just to make things simple and less weird for me. I hope you understand. If there is nothing else, We will meet again when more information about the merger possibility comes to light.”

The motion to adjourn is seconded and carries without objection.

One of Mason’s supporters passes you on the way out. “Don’t take it the wrong way, Hitoshi. I support Greg Mason because he’s done a great job at the helm of the Westview Group. I suspect you’ll do just as well, because buying out Jennings? Damned smooth move. Damned smooth.”

(Saturday Afternoon - Post-Meeting, Hitoshi and Mika)

“Ryder-san, may I have a word with you in private?” Mika asks as the meeting adjourns.

You nod and indicate the small ‘quiet room’ off to one side, where a small party may hold privileged conversations.

“I must voice certain concerns and confidences,” Mika says quietly. “First, your finger. It is either a most unfortunate shop accident, or you have undergoneyubitsume for some transgression.”

She holds up her hand to forestall an immediate response.

“The second matter is that my father is the oyabun of the Kuroi Inazuma Ryu, a Yakuza clan. I cannot know for sure, but the proposed merger may involve my family, and I cannot be entirely impartial,” she says. “As you are my employer, I will accept the assignment if you so choose. I will also submit my resignation, if you find it necessary.”

Hitoshi walks over and pulls out a chair as the only small table in the room.

“Sit... Please.”

He then pulls out a chair for himself and turns it backwards.

“I’m going to ask you two questions.”

His pauses and rubs his temples with his fingers.

“First question. IF your father and his clan are involved, what will you do? Will you be loyal to them, or Will you be Loyal to me and this company?”

“I have no allegiance to my father,” Mika says. “However, if my father’s clan is involved, it may ... complicate matters. Pressures above and beyond that which is normally employed in such affairs may be brought to the table, to force your hand.”

Hitoshi folds his hands in front of him, rubbing his pinky finger as he does so.

“Understood. Now for my second question...

Have you every been in love?” He holds up a hand.

“I mean the kind of love to where you know you are willing to go to the ends of the earth to save someone even if it means that you yourself will die?”

“I would like to think our love would have been such a thing,” she says, looking at the floor. “He was a low-ranking member of the clan. We shared a dream of doing something more with our lives, of building a future where we weren’t beholden to the tradition. We were to meet one night ... and he never showed.”

“I do not want to believe my father had him killed, but I never saw him again. None of his friends would speak to me,” she tells you. “And I could not ask my father about him without admitting I had been seeing a boy against his wishes.”

Hitoshi nods.

“I too had someone I loved. I just didn’t know how much when I left Japan months before turning eighteen. Six years later I received a call from her. Her father had married her off to a man and that man sold her to the Yakamura clan to be a sex slave. She had managed to get away...”

He stands and closes the blinds between the small room and the conference room so that no one cloud see into the room he and Mika were in.

“She called the only person she knew would lift a finger to help her. I bought a plan ticket to Japan without even thinking, and found her hiding out in a motel outside of Tokyo. I was one day away from getting her and I safely here when the Yakamura clan found us...”

He takes off his jacket, then his shirt, revealing the tattoos on his back and chest and the scars they cover.

“They tortured us both, and then before my eyes, shot her in the chest. She bled out in my arms. I would have been next if not for luck. I killed fifty of them before they took me down again. My father intervened and made some sort of deal with the Oyabun. I committed Yubitsume to atone for the lives I took, and then they kicked me out of Japan with words to never come back.”

He buttons up his shirt again, straightens his tie, and puts his jacket back on.

“I am no friend to the Yakuza. One day... they will fall, and I will be there to watch.”

“i wish no ill upon my father,” Mika says. “But something in me died that day, and something else was born. If death should be his karma, so be it.”

“Your father has not crossed me... The Yakamura clan however...” Hitoshi leaves the rest unsaid as he opens the blinds again.

“Mika, do your best to Aid miss Chase, and should you find evidence of any Yakuza clans involvement with the company we wish to merge with, inform the board immediately then get yourself and Miss Chase back here. I have taken on one Yakuza clan, I can do so again if I must.”

He opens the door. “You and Miss Chase leave tomorrow I believe. Have a good trip.”

He smiles slightly before leaving the room and heading down the hallway to the elevators.

Hitoshi steps out of the elevator and pulls out his cellphone, placing a call to Lya.

After about the fifth ring you hear the phone pick up and a loud clattering noise along with muffled cursing. “Whaddayawant, Hitoshi...was sleepin’...”

“I’ll make it quick then. First off, I have your Pay for Last night’s Concert. Second off, you know the spare bedroom at my house is yours, Third, I still don’t know how you called it, but yea, you are talking to the new CEO of the Westview grand. Luckily, I talked to the board and they want an edgier bolder CEO. Apparently the old one was a bight of a stuck up asshole. Very old and traditional in his ways of running the company. They honestly don’t care what I do in my off time so I’ll still be spending time with you and the band. This brings me to number four... How’d you like to implement some designs on the Westview grand? I mean after the fundraiser tonight I mean. Speaking of that I need to call board after you, and see if they want to pitch in on this. The community angle will do wonders.”

Hitoshi fires off his points as quickly as humanly possible so as not to keep Lya awake longer than needed.

“Awesome...look forward to getting paid when you show up in your toga. Not willing to pay the price of having to listen to your mother just to have a roof over my head, Hitoshi. ”

There’s the sound of a lighter and then a slow exhale.

“Told you so, by the way... and if they don’t care what you do in your spare time that’s code for ‘We’re waiting for you to fuck up so we can kick you out,’ dude... don’t believe that bullshit.”

There’s another pause as she takes a bigger drag off her cigarette and then the rattle of a headboard against the wall as she shifts to lean against it.

“Seriously? Do I look like an interior designer to you? If your company wants to donate to the charity fund then by all means... but you’re the businessman Hitoshi, not me... and that’s by choice, not circumstance. I know you just want to help, Hitoshi... but I’m just fine living my life the way it is.”

Hitoshi laughs. “Okay sleepy head, first off, clear out the cobwebs cause I don’t live with mom, and I haven’t for a while. I’ve had my own place for a while now, I even gave you a key, and the alarm code. Second, they may be able to swap me for another CEO, but they can’t remove me from the board without buying me out at a price I agree to, and that’s too much right now.”

He grins, and pushes the outer door open, stepping out into the warm sun.

“As for changing the image, I was thinking more Furies concerts... on your schedule I mean. You were a hit, and people wanted more.”

He checks over his mustang for anything wrong.

“Could’ve fooled me with the way she calls you all the time dude,” Lya chuckles before hitting her cigarette. “If the Furies became a regular at the casino there would certainly be an image change, Hitoshi... everyone would start thinking we were some casino lounge act. Besides... after the mess the Lobos caused, I think you’re the only one who wants us back in the casino.”

There’s the muffled sound of another person groaning and the bed shifting. “Need...more...sleep...” a woman mutters.

Lya sighs and leans back against her headboard. “I meant what I said at the restaurant. You’re always trying to help people, Hitoshi, and that’s great... but I only want your friendship, not your money. If you really want to help people, then donate some of your fat wallet to the relocation fund... because they’re the ones who really need it.”

“Lyyyyaaaaa...” the other voice moans.

“Look, I’ve got to go... hopefully we’ll see you tonight. I know you think nobody can touch you, Hitoshi... but I’m begging you... watch your back.”

- click -

Hitoshi chuckles and shakes his head then dials up the other board members one by one except for Selene, and Morgan, starting with Amilee.

“Amelie, It’s Hitoshi Ryder, I have a proposition for you and the rest of the board members that could either make you all look good, or possibly make the company look good in the eyes of the public, but there is very little time to do it in.”

“What did you have in mind, Hitoshi?” Amelie asks. “I draw the line at entering celebrity bake-offs and reality TV shows.”

“No-no, nothing nearly that stressful. There’s an old bar downtown called The Dive. Surrounding it and above it are Apartments. Lots of people patronize it and live around and above it, including Lya. Well some slime sucker did an illegal Eviction and right now many people are out on the street due to it. They didn’t even get a thirty day notice. Just came home last night and boom, out on the street. It’s being fought by Alex North, but in the meantime Lya is having a fundraiser tonight for the bar and those kicked out. Now My kicking money towards the fund raiser won’t raise any eyebrows, after all I am close with the band, but I think it would look good in your image in the public eye, and it might make the Casino look good as a side effect if you were to show up and donate. Mind you, you don’t have to do this, it’s just a wild idea I had.” Hitoshi lays down his speech, and waits for a reply.

He does this with each other member minus Morgan because he knows Morgan will say no. At the last minute he even calls Selene and lays down the speech.

“I take steps to keep my image out of the public eye, Hitoshi,” Amelie smiles. “I have no objections to making a donation - the Westview Grand donates to local charities and sponsors various events throughout the year, as you well know. However, I prefer not to make public appearances.

“That being said, what efforts are you thinking of underwriting? Paying tenants’ first-and-last for a new place to rent? Offering rooms so they have temporary lodging?

“You have my approval as long as the accounting is done properly. I’m sure James can advise you in that regard.”

When you call Selene, it sounds like she’s blow-drying her hair.

“What? Hitoshi? Hold on, please,” she says.

The whirring of the hair-dryer stops and you hear something akin to drawers opening and closing, and perhaps a cabinet. Running water, briefly.

“I’m sorry, you caught me at an inopportune moment,” she says. “What do you need?”

She listens to your sales pitch.

“Interesting. A CEO who believes in social justice,” Selene said, with a tone of mild amusement. “Is ‘tilting at windmills’ listed on your resume, Hitoshi? Are you a white knight here to redeem Vegas? Others have tried, you know.”

Hitoshi smiles. “No, no white knight here, though I do look good in a white suit. I’ll leave the White knighting to Alex North. He seems good at it. No, I’ve been where these people are, back when I grew up in Japan, my mother and I weren’t exactly middle class or rich, and when we came here, I ran into Lya.”

He pauses, remembering that night and what would have happened had he not been there.

“Both of us know what it’s like to run the streets, her more so than me, but even I know it’s not always fun. I’m not trying to redeem Vegas, but I will help people when I can when the situation calls for, and if it happens to improve my image, and or the image of the company I now run, then I say that’s a plus on both accounts. So, you in?”

No, I’m not trying to Redeem Vegas, I’m just trying to keep it safe for those I love. He thinks to himself.

“If you want to make some form of charitable contribution to these people, I have no objections,” Selene said. “If this is something you want to do more of, you should consider writing up a formal proposal for the board, telling us what kinds of charities and causes you wish to support, and at what levels.”

“Admittedly the eviction was sudden, and therefor so was the concert fundraiser. However I like the way you are thinking. I’ll get on that this week and have them ready sometime after you are back. Thanks for your time Selene, I’ll let ya go.” Hitoshi smiles.

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