Before I Die

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The human mind can be a scary place and I would know.. "Not everything I do has to be what you told me! I don't want to be controlled anymore I'm DONE!" Maybe living is a choice for some but not for others.

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A human mind is a terrible place and I for one would know. I have no right to say that my life was or even is bad. I mean yeah I did some pretty messed up stuff but that's beside the point.

Anyway, My name is Helena Young (not my real name it's my character's name) and I am 27 years old and am currently working for Blue Leader. My job in the Blue Army is to guard and protect the leader with my life.

Really it's all soldier's jobs to protect the leader with our lives. The Blue Army in case you didn't know is a part of a huge mass of armies, all of which make up the dark army.

The dark Army's top rank armies are the Silver army, red army, and blue army. If you are to be in any of those armies you are usually treated with respect by the other armies. But that doesn't mean you can just go off telling people what to do all willy nilly. The last time someone did that they were killed on-site by their leader.

A bad choice really, especially since they were a trusted soldier, what is that you may ask, well a trusted solder is kind of like a 2nd, 3rd in command. There can usually be up to four of these kinds of men and women in each army but the leaders can bend the rules a bit.

I, unlike most soldiers, since I'm technically a 'trusted' soldier I am one of the highest ranks you can get other than being the leader of course. But only the leader picks who becomes the next in line if they are to die.

Now enough with my blabbering but I believe it's time for us to actually start this damn book.

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