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You can run from it. You can try hiding from it. But can never escape your past. ~ Something red caught his eye. There was a small red stream running down the tree. Blood. He looked up and found Chloe. Her eyes were closed, Her body limp and slowly slipping down the tree. He caught her before she fell to the ground. "I found you and you won't escape again.

Action / Romance
christel loubser
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Chapter 1

Christoph was going through the plan to make sure everything is covered and that there will be no mistakes. He loaded his gun and told his men to get in their cars. They won’t expect him to go in broad daylight.

“It is time. Everybody ready?” Rick asked and the men nodded their heads. “Good. Remember, in and out. Don’t make mistakes, don’t kill unless you need to and don’t under any circumstances take of your mask’s. They can’t see our faces.” Christoph told his men. They entered the club. It was two in the afternoon so only the employees were there.

“Hands in the air! This is a fucking robbery!” Christoph shouted. “Don’t try anything or you will be killed.” Rick warned. A barman slowly tried reaching for a gun but Christoph saw him and shot him through the head.

“Anyone else who wants to get killed?” Christoph taunted. The people shook their heads. “Good now just stay where you are or my men will drop you like flies.” He warned.

The people terrified did as they were told. Christoph’s men went and got the money. Once they got all the money they lit it on fire. “R, go and start the fire in the back so there aren’t any causalities.” Rick nodded his head and went into the back.

He checked to see if anyone was there but his masked was making it difficult so he took it off luckily, he found no one. He poured the gasoline on the ground and was about to lit the fire when he heard a noise behind him. He got out his gun. He turned around to kill anyone behind him but he found no one. He heard a sound in the other room and he went to the room.

“I know you are in there. Come out now!” He shouted. Silence. “If I come in there your fate would be worse than it is.” He said cocking his gun but was met with silence. He barged into the room.

It is a small office. He saw someone under the table. He reached under the table and with a harsh pull did he pull out a girl. Her chocolate hair covered her face and her hairband was over her eyes.

“Please let me go. I didn’t see your face so I can’t identify you.” Rick walked closer to the girl. “Why should I believe you? You could be lying for all I know.” He said walking towards her. “Please, I promise you I didn’t see your face.” Rick pulled the hairband from her eyes but she kept her eyes closed as he placed the gun to her temple.

“Fuck! R we have a problem! Someone called the fucking cop’s!” Christoph shouted. “Just start the fire and then split. The others are splitting.” Christoph shouted from upstairs.

Rick looked back at the girl. She was looking at him smiling. “Now you are fucked.” She said before hitting the gun out of his hands. She kicked him between the legs and ran but Rick had grabbed her leg. She kicked for his face but he anticipated it and pulled her leg out from under her. She fell to the floor headfirst. He quickly got to his feet.

She was fighting to stay conscious and got to her feet when Rick grabbed her by the throat. “You thought you could buy yourself time but it looks like you have run out of it. I am not going to kill you. Death would be too easy.” He told her before hitting her in the head with his gun. She fell against him and he threw he unconscious body over his shoulder and lit the fire.

The threw her body in the trunk of his car and drove away. He drove around for an hour to cover his tracks before meeting at the roundavu point. Everyone was already there.

“What the fuck happened? How could someone slip and call the cops?” Christoph asked beyond pissed. “I found the little bitch who called the cops.” Rick spoke. “And we can have our revenge on her.” “What do you mean?” Christoph asked looking skeptical at Rick. “She is unconscious in my truck. I gave her a sedative after I knocked her out.”

“You have to be fucking kidding me. Can you think with your brain instead of your dick? You already have four whores at the head house, you don’t need another one but fine if this backfires’ I’m blaming you.” Christoph warned.

’It won’t go wrong Chris.” Rick said smiling. “Okay, fine take your new sex toy to the torture room. I’ll get Yvonne to question her. I would myself but I have to make sure everything runs smoothly tonight.” Christoph said before walking to his office.

Rick got the girl out of his truck and took her to the room. He placed her body on the chair and started searching her for weapons before he tied her to the chair.

Chloe woke up with a splitting headache, in her underwear and being tied to a chair. She looked around the room and tried moving her arms. “Well it looks like the new whore have woke up.” Yvonne said as she walked closer to Chloe. “Tell me what your name sex toy is?” No answer but you could hear a slap echo through the room.

“You will answer me when I talk to you.” She screamed and went behind Chloe. She pulled her hair and whispered in Chloe’s ear. “Tell me your fucking name bitch.” Chloe had managed to get her hands to lose so she hit her head into Yvonne’s face.

Both of them fell backwards towards the ground. Chloe untied her legs and got to her feet before Yvonne could. “You will pay for that you filthy bitch!” She screamed as she held her broken nose.

Yvonne attacked Chloe. Hitting her in the face and body but Chloe fought back hitting Yvonne back. From behind the glass stood Rick and Christoph.

“She is a fighter and I am sure that she will cut off your balls and feed them to you if she founds out what you intended to do with her.” Christopher said chuckling. “I see that now. Aren’t we going to stop this?” “Nah, I want to see where this will go.”

They watch as Yvonne broke the chair and grabbing the sharp wood to kill Chloe but Chloe grabbed Yvonne by the neck and started choking her. “Shit.” Christoph cursed. “Rick get the sedative. Rick nodded and went into the room. He injected Chloe in her neck before she could realize he was there.

She fell limp to the ground. Yvonne was about to stab her when Christoph stopped her. “No, we might need her.” Yvonne saw red. “Look at what this bitch did to me!” She screamed. “It doesn’t matter get yourself cleaned up we are leaving in five minutes.”

Chloe woke up in a moving car. She was still in her underwear but someone had gotten her into a men’s black dress shirt. Her hands were held together by cable ties.

“Rick are you sure the sedative will last till we reach the destination?” “Okay fine. I am just going to take a piss on the side of the road. Bye” Blake said as he pulled to the side of the road and got out.

He had locked the doors just in case she did wake up but it gave her enough time to grab his knife. He got back in the car and drove again. It was raining hard and they were nearing the woods when Chloe made her move.

She had placed the knife against his throat. “Your gun or your life.” She said. “Fuck.’ The man said he gave his gun to her. With her one hand, she tried to open the door but it was locked. She hit the window with the gun and it shattered to pieces.

She jumped through it and ran into the woods. She ran as far and as fast as she could. The rain was coming down harder but she didn’t care. She didn’t care that she was bleeding she just ran.

Blake and the men that were traveling behind him ran after her but couldn’t find her. He called his boss. “Boss we have a problem. She escaped. Gabe, his men and I couldn’t find her.” “Fuck. I am on my way.”

Ten minutes later Christoph arrived. “How did she escape?” “She held a knife to my throat, took my gun and went through the window and ran into the woods. We have yet to find her.” ’Show me where she entered the wood.”

Blake let him to it. He bends down and even thou it was raining did he lift a broken branch and saw blood on it. He turned around and looked at his men. “You mean to tell me that you can’t find a 5’4 girl running in only her underwear who is bleeding?” His men kept quiet.

“She is smart and would have left a false trail. Did you check the trees?” They shook their heads. “We will split up and if you find her don’t kill her. I want her alive. I want to find out who trained her. I will call you if I found her.” Christoph said before walking into the woods.

He walked down a trail and kept his eyes open. He looked in the trees but they were too high for her to climb. As he went deeper into the wood did it became darker. It would be night soon.

He walked past two trees with markings in them. He walked further and stopped. They had been searching for her for two hours already. He looked at his watch. It had stopped raining.

Something red caught his eye. There was a small red stream running down the tree. Blood. He looked up and found Chloe. Her eyes were closed, her body limps and slowly slipping down the tree. He caught her before she fell to the ground. “I found you and you won’t escape again.”

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