Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 10

In the place of the thong of my whip, there was now a thin beam of purple ecstatic light flowing out of the whip and it poured out the handle and fell to the ground like a champagne bottle that had just been open. But there was no loss of light in this case because the light was made up some kind of energy and this energy although I did not understand fully, had the power of paralyzing the enemy when touched, and so when I whipped the whip and in a case of it touching any living creature it had the ability to cause a shock and in the process paralyze the victim.

Of course, I had to be careful with it myself. Because even if it touched me I would only but a pile of rocks until the effect of the whip faded, which would be a good three hours before that happened. I thought using a regular whip would have been a little easier mostly because it stopped upon contact with something like a body but this was not the case with this whip as when I hit a person the whip would cleanly pass through the person’s body, leaving only a feeling of resistance of the flow of purple energy passing through the body.

It felt so much like a sword passing through someone cleanly. And although that would have been the scariest feeling for a soldier to face this assured me that the person was not dying by the flow of pure energy passing through him.

The repercussion the whip passing through the person was usually ended up with me swinging it and hitting it on the animal I would be riding and in rare cases hitting it on me which was one of the scariest experiences I had till now.

To be honest, I was not the biggest fan of the weapon I had got, but I had to admit it was the coolest. What I would rather have is what my sister had gotten which was a trident that was pulled back by a thick band of rubber whose two ends were tied to the two long horns of the Xuter. But this was no ordinary trident.

It of course had the three protruding prongs. Each of those individual prongs had small sharp protudings so the weapon looked like a giant cactus that was about to be slingshot from a small two-legged animal. But laughing at this weapon would be one of the last mistakes you would be making even if you were only able to get a glimpse of the weapon. Because this weapon when fired would shoot and travel fast towards not one victim but to the total area that was equivalent to a small parking lot. Once mid-flight the weapon would break up into three pieces, the prongs, and they would move in different directions splitting off to the left and right of the main prong which would continue straight on directional towards to the person standing right in from of the person firing the weapon. The three main prongs would then fire the small pins that were present on the three main prongs which would then cover the full area ensuring the sheer number of these small pins would find as many marks as possible. Again actually this was not a lethal weapon and although the pins entering your body was painful, it usually felt like many angry ants biting at you and the pain was usually enough to make most of our enemies run in the opposite directions, but for to make sure the weapon was not useless against stronger enemies the pins once in the body would secret the same kind of energy found in my whip, but in a liquid form into the victim's body. This would ensure that within minutes the body would paralyze itself only sparring the heart and brain.

As we headed towards the border we saw villagers from our village hurry in the opposite direction that we were heading, most of them running, carrying whatever they could from their houses and shops. Few ran without anything having high hopes that my sister and the rest of the small army could fend off the attacking village for the hundredth time.

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