Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 12

I came in hot again and unlike the first time, the enemy soldiers were alert. However, I still shouted and charged again going right into the heat of the battle.

Our enemy had very different weapons. Some carried the traditional long swords which had a slight arc to it like a Khopesh while others carried maces and unlike us, they wanted to taste blood. It seemed scary but scanning the battleground I could see that only a few of our had fallen, this meant good news as it seemed like we were on the verge of driving the invaders out and we needed every able body to do so.

I struck two soldiers this time, both of whom slumped to the ground within the first touch of the weapon and since the enemy soldiers were quite aware as to my presence they cleverly dodged my blow. As I passed through the run and carefully guided my whip back into my control I suddenly felt a jerk pulling me back.

I had no time to react as I lost my balance from Zeq and tumbled over his back and fell to the ground face first. I hit the ground with a thud and I felt my face being forced into the ground by gravity. I however quickly turned around knowing showing my back to the enemy was the easiest way to end up dead. Now I saw the orange sky and although it was a beauty as always I knew this was not the time to admire it and so I quickly got into a sitting position and then had a glance of my surroundings making sure I was not in any immediate danger. This turned out to be true as the battle had moved a few feet from where I lay. Nonetheless, this did not mean I could just sit there for the whole battle. I quickly got to my feet and examined my body for any visible signs of injury. Thankfully there were none and I also felt no pain other than feeling tired and the light pain of falling onto the ground from a six-foot Xion.

I then noticed I still had my weapon with me and although I had to be impressed that I still held onto the weapon even after I fell, I was not. This was because during our training Were had taught us that no matter what happened, we had to have an iron grip to our weapon. This way we would never be at a disadvantage of fighting an unfair match against a person who was heavily armed.

As I stood there examining my surroundings I suddenly noticed one of the soldiers turning in my direction. As his eyes landed on me, I saw his face bring up a dirty smirk as he rose his mace high into the air waving it as he shouted at the top of his lungs.

Of course what was next as predicted and although I was scared within I knew I should not show it out. showing it out only meant defeat and although in other circumstances it would be harmless in this one it could mean death.

I felt my mind hesitating but I was still in control of my body. So I plummeted forward getting into a fast pace gaining speed with every step I took.

As I neared m enemy I felt my heart jump out of its place beating hard pumping all the adrenaline it could to ensure I had a better attack, reflexes, and defense against my enemy and although it assured me that I could win this one versus one it also hid the fact that I would not feel pain if an arm or a leg got cut off or even if I died.

This fact seemed to help my already made up mind. But I wasn’t going to allow my mind to take control of what I was going to encounter next.

For now, I was mere feet away from my enemy, his mace held high ready to strike as readied my whip in the same outward arc I had used earlier when I was on Zeq.

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