Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 16

But just as the mumbling rose, he hushed everyone and continued. “The leader did not want to tell this to out to increase the pressure, but I, on the other hand, believe its pressure is what we need at this time…..I know it sounds like the downfall of us a village but we can come out of this! We have won several fights and lost way few less! We will always come to rise! Just like after the Schism we rose, and that was one of the toughest times we had faced. This is nothing compared to that!” he said his voice growing louder at the end of the sentence. It was good he was cutting off the panic right before it started because stopping it afterward would be next to impossible. But he was not done. “We are the Vroudulan and we are not losing until we quit ourselves!” he said and it was a long time since we had heard our own village name and the slogan we believed in, and the last time anyone had heard this from Were was during the Schism when our village was in real mortal danger and on the verge of collapsing.

Silence struck everyone at the battalion for a second but then a voice spoke from behind and it was strong as it repeated the last line Were spoke. Chanting it. Soon there was a flurry of shouts from the battalion and everyone started chanting the slogan and me and my sister joined in and suddenly all the helplessness we had felt a few seconds before seemed to vanish and it seemed like if we were all united like we were now during this chanting we could survive anything. This feeling seemed to apply to everyone there and it a joy to watch.

The chanting went on for a couple of minutes and then died out and just before we dismissed Were spoke again “So my comrades I ask of you only one thing….” he said. “As the leader was reluctant in telling you this information it is very unlikely that he will tell it to the public. So I urge you not to tell anyone about this, not any of your loved or anyone beyond this battalion. We don’t want everyone panicking now, all we need to do is ensure for the next few months we win every single encounter with enemy villages. Understood?” he asked and there were uncertain responses from the battalion. “Understood!?” he shouted now and there was a firmer response. Feeling content with the response he dispersed us and we went our way new thoughts filling our minds.

We were pretty quiet walking back home. I looked at my sister’s face and she had a puzzled look on her face like she was trying to think hard for a solution for the probable destruction of our village.

As we entered the market street we walked near the Ceiba tree walking past it not even noticing the small figure jump from the tree and once again land my shoulder. It was kind of good that he decided to show up at this time as it helped us to distract ourselves from such a negative thought, especially when we had been through a tense time just a short time before when we were in the heat of the battle.

I held up my hand and he gladly crawled over my arm to reach. He then turned rested on my hand lying horizontal, one of his big yellow eye staring at me as if he was waiting for me to speak, to tell him a bedtime story so that he could go to sleep.

“Oh boy, I really think this story might be too much for your tiny, fragile body to handle,” I spoke teasing him and I heard my sister giggle at this comment. Yet he remained unnerved, his eye still staring at me and just as we reached the metal door of the Chawk he closed his eyes finally accepting that I wasn’t budging on the story.

My sister opened the door of Chawk and we entered and as we walked the stairs my sister asked "Should we tell our mom though?” she asked and I almost immediately responded “Of course not, come on, after direct orders from Were I really don’t think we should do it. Come to think about it, its actually a direct order from the leader. We do not want to be on the wrong side of him.” I said and almost shuddered at the thought. My sister almost instantly agreed and apologized and although my sister was not particularly disliked by the leader, I did get the feeling that he did not like me. Again, in this case, it seemed to be my looks more than anything and it think he did not like the fact that someone so physically different like me was roaming on his village, me acting like I really fitted in.

I know I might sound crazy but I really thought he had a frown whenever I passed him, but I could have been wrong as most of the time he was angry about something or the other happening in the village.

We then reached our house and was greeted by our worried mom. After assuring her we were not hurt in any way and skipping the part of Zeq falling on me, we sat for lunch. Yes, I and my sister had to skip breakfast, and now that we started to relax we started to feel the suppressed emotions blurt out. One of the major ones was hunger and yet again our mother had gotten us covered.

We had a significant meal and there was little conversation as we were just too hungry to speak and although my mother wanted to hear our experience on the battlefield yet again, she knew that now was not the time.

Once we were done with the meal, I felt drowsiness overcome me, and I was still weak and tired from the battle and so I did not argue with my body as I crashed onto the bed and almost instantly fell asleep, not even glancing to see if my sister had done the same. Also for once, I did not hear the voice ask me to recite the prayer which was a blessing right now.

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