Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 21

When I did open my eyes I expected to be back in the arena but something told me that was not going to happen, this was because the first face, I noticed when I did open my eyes was my mother’s. “What happened?” I asked almost totally confused as I sat up.

Unlike the last time I took a nap, now I felt extra fresh like I had just come out a massage therapy or a spa. As I pushed myself into the sitting position I felt my strength in my hands and legs restored.

“You passed out right before the match even started brother!” came that familiar voice. I turned to look at Xey and Zefe in my house standing just next to me. My sister too was there sitting on the bed she was sleeping in earlier. “Me and Zefe here had to haul you all the way to your house boy.” he informed. I instantly apologized but then Zefe said “Well that’s what cousins are for.” she followed this with a giggle. “Just am happy that we were there for you.” continued Zefe. “Only can assume the worst if you were all alone there when this happened.” Xey spoke again.

“Well you are all right, right Aiden?” asked my mom now. “Yes, and I feel my body really needed that rest.” I replied in Gorse so that Zefe and Xey could understand.

“Wait!” I spoke my mind suddenly really clear to think. “How long was I out? Is there any chance we can see the Zelia still?” I asked really without thinking.

To this everyone in the room erupted in laughter. for some reason, I thought I had woken up in the middle of the night and that the Zelia might have still been on.

Xaya was the one who spoke now. “Brother! there is no way you can see that event now.....You have slept so long that you have broken your own record! Okay, do tell me this brother what time do you think it is now?” she asked.

I was in total confusion and now looked up at the wall where the hall room analog clock was situated. It read quarter past four, which kind of startled me. “Four fifteen AM?” I asked in a very doubtful voice.

“PM” answered my sister and the whole room erupted in laughter again.

It ended gradually and my mom spoke again. “I think you were so tired yesterday that your body just shut on you, but that’s okay Aiden, at least you were not hurt any other way.”

Suddenly the word ‘hurt’ hit me like a bolt and nothing else seemed to matter at that time.

“Mutie! what happened to him? Did he....” I could not even finish the sentence as I looked at Zefe and Xey’s expressions hopeful for answers. “We could not watch the rest of the event cause of you Aiden, but we heard that Muite...well he was pretty banged up at the fight....” he said his voice for once not confident like it always used to be.

Xey’s word use of banged up was used by him very loosely and gave almost no actual meaning and so I looked and Zefe now hoping she would explain. “He’s alive.” she said but was not too enthusiastic about it.

“He suffered a few broken ribs and has fractured one of his arm and leg...but he’s recovering fast and is going to be heading back to his home.....right about now.” she said looking at the clock.

“Thank go he survived!” I replied my building tension crumpling down. Few more minutes of discussion later Xey and Zefe took leave and we returned to our normal selves.

As I cleaned the hall and did my chores a thought kept persisting in my mind. I finally spoke it out directing it to my sister who was cleaning her bed just next to me. “Hey, why don’t we go and meet Muite.” I asked and Xaya replied “Sure many of our villagers have been meeting him since the morning and most of them are saying that it is lifting his spirits seeing that so many of our villagers care about him.” she replied in a happy tone.

So we then decided to meet him after we finished our chores. Our mother declined to come with us saying that she had visited him in the morning and that we should go without her.

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