Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 25

After what seemed an eternity, we once again reached the house which with no sunlight to illuminate its features, looked even creepier. Stopping and listening keenly I not hear the footsteps which would have meant we were not followed, but we were still desperate to finish this mission and get home.

Opening the cellar, looked at the eternal dark cellar content which looked back at me giving me shivers.

We now proceeded to pull the coffin and line it up with the cellar entrance. It seemed to fit in the wide cellar door which was a relief, but as we lifted heavy coffin to make it stand so that we could lower it into the cellar, I and my sister realize how heavy it was.

We could hardly keep it at a thirty-degree angle even with two feet of the coffin on the ground, and now slowly inched it towards the cellar entrance. Finally, after aligning it we lowered it. The cellar floor seemed deeper than the coffin which was both good and bad.

It was good because we could lower it knowing it would fit in, but bad because we had to ensure we lowered it slowly so that it did not crash into the cellar’s ground thus making a noise and alerting the two idiots of our location if they were still prowling around.

But lowering this coffin was tough. The coffin was several times heavier than both of us and we struggled, our muscles straining and paining as we tried to lower it into to pit.

“ this thing?” my sister groaned as we both held on to the handle struggling to lower the coffin slowly. I was in too much pain to answer as blood rushed from my head to my hands trying to aid them. A few more seconds in and the coffin was halfway out when my sister called out rather loudly, her voice clearly indicating pain. “I can’t hold on much longer” she said and instantly I felt the coffin’s weight increase as one of my sister’s hands lost grip. At that point, I decided and told her. “Ok.... let’s ditch this...leave the handle at the count of three and then run back towards the main path. She instantly agreed barely nodding while I started the countdown. “3...2...1! Let go!” I yelled and we both let go the coffin instantly disappearing as it slipped into the cellar. I instantly closed the door but that did nothing to suppress the sound as a loud metal clunk was clearly heard almost deafening me. This was not helped by the fact that the forest was unusually quiet.

We then ran, bursting into a sprint and ran all the way back towards the Quike, not even once bothering to look back in fear that we might trip and fall. Thankfully according to my quick observation, no one had seen us which was good and after finally reaching the Quike we started to relax seeing the dull candles light up the streets and everywhere else.

We again started a light jog back towards our house knowing we were a little late for dinner. As we ran my sister asked within breaths. “Why did we not take help of Solder to move the coffin?” to that I answered “The lesser he knows the better...if he knew something the leader might torture him to give information. But since he did not know anything, he will be free from any harm.” my sister agreed, and no other conversation was made until we sat for dinner. My mom once again asked for a suitable story as to why we were late.

I fabricated another story and thankfully my sister took the cue and continued and later as we were ready to go to bed and when my mother was out of earshot, I spoke to my sister in hushed tones. “Tomorrow Xaya, I promise we will get answers and then inform everything to mom.” My sister who now was on her side on the bed and covered with a blanket only could nod in reply and I could totally relate to her as today’s experience had left us both shocked and tired both mentally and physically.

At that point my mom returned again and requested for the prayer which tonight I recited in a murmur, not having enough energy to finish the last sentence.

If I had only known that there was going to be more questions than answers, would I have been more prepared when the door knocked harshly the following morning.

The knocking on the door was loud and seemed desperate. But yesterday’s adventure had taken a toll on me as I lay there in bed and squinted through groggily eyes at the door.

My mother was sleeping on the bed where my sister slept like she always does and she too was not awake which would have meant it was early in the morning.

I confirmed this to crane my neck and look at the clock of the hall which confirmed this.

It was five in the morning and there was only but a hint of the sun beaming in through the open window.

The loud knocking continued again and this time it awoke my mother. She got up and walked towards the door, me grateful that the noise would finally stop and I could resume sleeping.

As my other opened the door I once again opened my eyes to see which idiot wanted to disturb us at this hour.

Through my half-asleep eyes, I saw someone tall, in the corridor behind and because I was lying down I was currently looking at his expensive dress with gold linings.

Moving my head to a better position I saw the face it belonged to. At first, I thought I was in a dream and all of this was just the ‘crazy part’ of the dream but when he started speaking I knew that this was all for real. “Melina..” said Ivor in a smooth voice and by now my eyes were open in horror as I saw Ivor covering the frame of my door. “Do you have any idea what your kids have done?” he asked rather calmly.

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