Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 28

Everything seemed so surreal that I started shivering in fear, even pinching myself trying to convince this was nothing but a bad nightmare but it was not and then finally after repeated reassurances from my mother and sister, I was finally composed and relaxed my mind forming a quick immediate plan to execute and now spoke in a clear voice, trying to sound much more confident than I was a few minutes before.

“Okay, now what I need to do is plan out today...make sure I have enough training to fight...maybe...just maybe my skill is enough to win,” I said trying to sound positive. But the fact that I did not know my opponent and that no one had ever won the fight till now was daunting enough to make my current confidence fade.

“Yes” my mother’s long accent spoke and she continued. “We must plan now, and make it count. Your father and all of us will ensure that at least if you don’t win, you will make out there alive” and I liked how my mother did not mention the negative and instead focused on the positive outcomes of the event. “Yes we assure you.” my sister said as she threw a friendly punch towards my stomach and landed it squarely. She spoke now “With that type of reflex I can assure you will have a hard time fighting. ” and I broke into laughter and so did my mom and for a second everything seemed fine.

We now quickly formatted a plan and within a few minutes, we all freshened up, ate, and got into comfortable clothes. We now all left the Chawk and although the crowd had dispersed when Ivor had closed the door. It soon regrouped as we headed down to the marketplace.

As we got into the chilly air of the marketplace we noticed a guard, like the one I had seen in the arena entrance, waiting for us near a shop, and although he did not say anything and we were still feet from him I knew he was there for me. This was because it was very rare to see these soldiers far from the leader also in such a part of the village.

We now walked towards him knowing even ignoring him would not be an option. “The leader wishes me to convey a couple of things to you." he said and it seemed puzzling because he had just been in our house a few minutes ago.

But of course, him being the leader and all he was to busy to spend more than an hour with me, me being sobbing and all.

He now spoke and his voice seemed familiar. he was none other than the guard who had told me to extend my arm at the entrance of the arena.

“First, before lunch, there is the public meeting at around twelve until then you are free, to do whatever you want to do and the second is that I will be accompanying you when you visit your father, of course to ensure he doesn’t try anything stupid and escape." although I hated these soldiers because of their premium armor and never once been in a battle, I knew there was no point in refusing to speak to him.

So we told him our plans and since we had decided to meet our father we all now headed towards where the weapons were stored which happened to right next to the stables.

As I grabbed the usual armor that I used to wear I could not help but notice what the gaurd was wearing.

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