Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 30

I was not prepared for my cunning sister to do this and so I was in the mercy of her grip, which was string and she cleanly threw me I too landing on my back staring at the sun.

For some reason, I broke into laughter and my Xaya did too and I was sure she felt the same way I did right now, back when we were young and did everything recklessly.

Knowing that this was my last day I knew I couldn't ask for a better day, me and my sister ‘playing’ with each other trying to prove we were better than one another while my parents relaxed and sat near the bush looking at our antics.

But there was someone who seemed to enjoy himself way more than he was supposed to as I heard a stifled giggle from the guard.

Looking up I saw him looking at me, leaning on his weapon, taking its support, and as soon as I made eye contact with him, he looked away like as if he was looking at someone else.

Ferog was nowhere in sight so the poor guard had no one to cover him, as anger suddenly boiled through me. I told my sister to take a break as I walked over to the guard who still looked away like as if not aware of my presence.

I felt a suppressed anger I had felt when I first saw such a guard spring loose as I blatantly scolded him in Gorse.

He seemed to disregard me and snuffed at me as I confronted him. Even though I could not see his expression because of the mask under I could tell he was enjoying himself here.

I now lost it as I shouted to him. “You want to fight? Because I want to kick you so hard that you will mind your own business when you're around me or my family." And I had such anger in my voice that it surprised me when the words left my mouth. This anger was something that I felt was deep inside me like it was buried a long time ago.

It felt like the anger towards the leader combined by those how spoke foul of me and all of that suppressed throughout the years was finally coming out this second, this moment.

“You don’t want to fight me voule.” said the guard his voice in a low grumble and it was at this moment I knew I had to fight and win this guy no matter what thus proving this ‘elite’ army was nothing but a bunch of lazy, unruly, overweight villager in heavy armor.

“Oh, of course, you are scared you buffoon, that’s because you have never even fought a battle in your life.” I said totally taunting him. He took the bait and spoke. “Biggest mistake in your life voule” he said in his thick and heavy voice not even changing pitch.

By now my mom and sister were by my side and my father intervened and took me to a side, my eyes still furiously. “Aiden, what are you doing?” he asked, “Want to teach that idiot a lesson!” I said.

My father who was the wisest man I have ever known spoke something next that actually shocked me. “Do you really want to fight him?” he asked as he extended an arm and caught hold of my face in one hand forcing me to look directly into his eyes.

I looked into his eyes and I instantly knew how I had to answer the question he asked wisely enough like he always expected me to answer. “Yes. Because I think it is good practice for me before the fight.” to which my father replied. “I know the hatred you hold against him, I can see it in your eyes, but use this opportunity to your advantage, use it for practice, not for venting out your anger.” he said. I nodded as he spoke after a brief moment of pause. “The time will come when you can vent out your anger, but you must be patient for that." I thought he was referring to the Zelia, but I was unsure as I nodded.

He then let me go as he said to everyone present 0there. "Looks like we have a fight!"

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