Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 32

The guard did exactly what I had spoken under my breath and that was the end of cool and composed me, as I charged without even seeing whether it was a good time to attack. I now attacked madly and swung my flail in every direction trying to embed it deep into his skin and make him bleed for his mistake and it seemed to work. One of the flail’s spike got entangled in his golden mail and I know seeing that my weapon was kind of useless I tackled the hefty guard to the ground headbutting him right next to the embedded spike.

I knew that this was perfectly legal to do in a fight but I expected my father’s voice to shout to me to tell me to hold back and regroup but I never heard him and so I got to work, my anger getting the better off me.

Since this idiot had such a good helmet I knew punching it would make no sense and just as my mind raced through the idea of removing his mask my eyes fell upon his loosely covered neck.

In my head anger, seemed to take over and I was in such furious state that my hands with new instructions from my overthrown mind went instantly towards the throat of my attacker.

I did not even know this guy, heck not even his name, yet here I was choking him trying to end his life. But then I felt a rough hand around my back and suddenly I felt myself in the air as the hand pulled me away throwing me feet away from the attacker. At first, I thought it was my father who had interrupted, but I was wrong it was the guard himself.

He was up, on his feet, my one spike of the flail still embedded in his mail of his armor and he walked towards me, now with his Kanabō in his hand, swinging it menacingly.

I was now down on the ground and as my mind finally snapped out of the rage, I felt how weak my body was. I could hardly get up and it seemed like I had used all of my preserved energy when I went full berserker on him.

He was now feet away from me and spoke and although I did not know what kind of expression his face wore, I knew that he was ready to kill me, but instead of swinging, he spoke.

“Your mind’s fortress is weak, voule. You have no emotional fitness whatsoever. Look how one small word has gone through your puny mind. No matter how strong you think you are having an emotional mindset like yours will only lead to death.“* he said and I was astonished by his sayings. This too, like most of what he had said till now, was true.

“I hate you voule..." he said again apparently not content with what he had to conveyed to me earlier. “I really hate you for being one big voule and although I want you to win, I cannot let that happen unless you paid the price for choking me.“* he said and I knew the inevitable was going to happen.

I was still on the ground and could not get up because of how close he was to me. Instead, I tried to move back, trying to flee.

My father was now telling him to stop but like before he seemed to shut his mind and through the corner of my eyes I could see my mother and sister shouting, pleading him to stop.

And then with a grunt, he picked up his weapon and swung aiming for my head. I squirmed and moved and the bat hit the ground, bringing up dust. I now grabbed my opportunity and pulled on the free dangling spike of my flail that was hanging from him and held it by the spike and drove it into his calf muscle of his leg.

He growled in pain and I rushed to get up, not noticing him swinging his bat again. He hit me in the side of my head, my flimsy helmet taking the brunt of the impact. I was knocked out cold before I could even stand up.

I came to, around a few minutes later, with a slight headache and instantly I was on high alert. I saw the guard a few feet away and surprisingly my father tending to him. My mom and Xaya helped me to sit up and feeling okay I then stood up.

I felt anger build up again along with my throbbing head but resisted the urge to go up to him again.

My dad came around to me and still like a professional spoke. “The battle is well and done, the winner being Gawk." It took me a couple of seconds for me to realize that the guard’s name was Gawk.

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