Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 34

The experience was phenomenal and even at the time everyone lit up I did not feel anything but joy in me. I now looked at the crowd in the way I usually did. Seeing a reflection of who I really was.

As mentioned before the first lights that everyone showed was how the person was in the past, and a few minutes later it would change to show the current state of the person.

Now that everyone was lit up I found that there were many yellows. This meant I was happy, which I found to be true, next came the red and green which meant I was much angrier than an average person which I think I meant was the way I thought when people called me names, the green seemed to be mostly based on my friendship with Nibbles as I knew I was not someone like Muite.

And just before I could look again to confirm my findings the villager's skin suddenly changed color indicating the current state I was in. To my surprise it remained almost equally the same. Yellow followed by red and green. I think the yellow had just made its appearance when I found out everyone did feel the way I did.

Still stuck in awe, I saw as everyone opened their eyes and came out of their meditation-like state and then the glow faded away becoming their old dull green skin again and almost as soon as everyone opened their eyes there were voices and whispers and almost everyone was speaking.

The continuous murmur which sounded like a bunch of bees now became louder at which point the leader spoke. “Today’s match will be held at sharp nine. That’s all for today, you may leave”

Everyone now dispersed still talking and scratching their heads as to what they had just witnessed. I was expecting the leader to speak about what had just happened but he left completely ignoring me like I was not there in the first place.

I now rejoined with my mom and sister and noticed my dad had just arrived. I narrated the incident in excitement to my dad to which he said. “My skin glowed too, in fact, every villager's skin does glow up.” he went on to say that even hen he was in prison, his ski would light up during this process and this was when he knew someone was most likely to fight in the Quike.

Still struck by the amazing thing that had happened to me we all now headed back to our house now accompanied by a guard bigger and much menacing-looking guard than Gawk. Completely ignoring him, we reached the Chawk laughing and cherishing the moment while it lasted.

Upon entering our house the guard positioned himself outside the door in the already narrow corridor, thus giving us some privacy which I personally appreciated him for.

My father was the last to enter into the house and as he did he looked around or tiny house and spoke how it looked almost the same before he went into jail. Of course, some things had changed. He now seemed to recollect his memories as he looked at faintly familiar things and spoke how little time he had spent with us before going into prison.

He said that we were only but toddlers when he was sentenced to jail and now spoke great tales of what he did with us when we were nothing but a normal, happy family, while my mom cooked a savoring meal for lunch.

The next hour went in a flash but that was only because I was enjoying it with my family.

By the time we were done eating and cherishing old an recent memories, it was mid-afternoon. The hall clock read two and now my mother forced me to sleep as she said that was going help me be attentive and active during the fight.

I too felt like having a nap, as all the fighting and practicing had now made me tired.

My eyes heavy with sleep, I heard my mother come up to me and ask for the prayer which I recited knowing that this might be the last time I would have to chant this prayer.

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