Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 36

A quick glance at the shops revealed drawings of me on shirts and with similar words such as what was written for Muite, beautifully written in Gorse.

This reminded me of the cap that I had bought during Muite’s fight and I touched my pocket of my armor where I had it safe.

I did not know why exactly I had gotten it along but somehow it made just that tiny bit more confident, maybe reminding me if Muite, a farmer, could survive this fight so could I.

At this point, I disembarked Zeq, and my sister and parents, joined me as we spoke deciding what to do right now.

We now decided an early dinner was the way to go, as eating right before a fight would only make you tire more easily.

Locating a small restaurant to the right side of the Quike, almost at the end of the long train of shops we sat down with our food on wooden chairs that were placed right outside the restaurant.

Our new bulky guard acted as security, as he did not allow anyone present there to overwhelm me with wishes, which was good enough for me as I wanted to have some peace of mind before entering the arena.

Dinner again was at peace with the exception of Zeq walking past us and the guard as he went in search of leftovers in the bin next to the restaurant.

My sister and I at this time decided to come clean with all the lies when had told them, also about the coffin to which our parents only forgave us which was a burden removed from our shoulders.

Once we were done was when the nervousness set in and I started sweating profusely.

Looking at the watch my sister had on her I felt like I now had to utilize the limited time I had.

The time was now exactly seven and I felt like I had to practice at least for another hour to make sure I knew all my moves.

Thus after pestering my father, I practiced right then and there, and when my father once again tired I took help of my sister.

Me and Xaya were so engrossed in our fight that we did not notice time flying by and that we had guests who were speaking to our parents.

It was only when my sister signaled me to stop and look at my parents did I notice who had come to visit us.

It was Xey and Zefe along with my mother’s sister and her husband.

While my aunt and uncle spoke with my mom and dad Zefe and Xey came up to me and Xaya.

Zefe gave me a big huge like she did before and spoke. “Aiden! Oh, Aiden! what’s happened to you!” I could almost feel the quiver in her voice like she was holding back tears. She let go and then it was Xey’s turn. He had never hugged me before and I was cool about it but this time he did not seem to mind at all. “Cous, remember, when you are in that arena, always be strong. Remember what I said earlier about putting on a show for the leader? Do that even if you don’t think you will survive! It worked for that farmer and that means it should work for you too." I nodded even though I was in a hug with him and I knew he could not see my response.

He finally let go and the limelight now turned on my sister who my cousins had not seen in ages.

We all now got reconnected and enjoyed, and the fight almost slipped my mind as I got into general conversation with my cousins, when I heard the ruff voice of the guard yell out. “Hey! Boy! It’s time, so move it!"

Sudden panic erupted in me and my first instinct was to run into the woods that were just a few meters from me, but then I relaxed and walked towards the guard and asked him how much time was left, to which he answered, “Exactly half an hour, and by the time you make all your preparations, it would be the right time to fight.”

I agreed with him and he started walking with him my family very close by. The cheerful, lighthearted conversation had ended as we walked back to the crowded Quike’s main entrance where I, Xey, and Zefe had entered through during Muite’s match.

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