Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 39

There was a decent-sized clearing right in front of me, where no shrubs grew and instead was completely filled with light brown sand.
This clearing, of course, was there for the audience to have a good look at the competitor's terrified faces before they fought. This clearing also seemed to be the only one of its kind as far as I could say the rest of the arena almost resembled a rainforest, with its variety of bushes, shrubs, and trees, which made me question how much of the action could one see from their seat.

Tense seconds passed as I entered the clearing, suddenly aware of how many faces beyond the mirrored glass were watching me, mocking me and jeering at me.

This made me conjure of how I was presenting myself, and I now realized I as resembling Muite, inexperienced, and scared.

I now stood straight and tried to look confident, and although the premium helmet covered the panicked sweat from my face, I tried my best to show off that I was not scared, at least by body language. As I stood there thinking what exactly I had to do, I felt the still, cool air getting disturbed by something coming to my right.

Zeq had shown up and was now right beside me standing tall and proud, his oval eyes showing no hint of fear. Reassured by his presence, I took a step forwards as the drums faded and the sound of the metal bars coming down behind me filling up my ears.

I was still thinking of making a dash for it and trying to slide through the bars before the completely dropped, by I knew that that was not going to work and that I really had to fight this one out.

I now took another step determined to eradicate the former thought in my mind as I entered the forested area.

I was actually confused right now as to what to do, because there was no announcement whatsoever and the arena was ominously quiet and I could not even hear the cheering of the crowd, beyond the glass.

As my senses grew sensitive, I could hear muffled voices that seemed to belong to the annoying announcer who commented on Mutie’s fight. It was now obvious that the glass was stopping the sound and strangely I thought I heard someone else’s voice, that conflicted with the announcer, but I dismissed that as I knew I was not in the right mindset.

I now tried to move stealthily through the bushes, whip raised, and my shield in my other hand while was Zeq right behind me as we ventured further into the mini-ecosystem.

As I took step after another step, I felt my body relax and I almost thought I was alone in this arena, which might have been the dumbest thought of that night.

Now I scanned my surroundings and made a mental plan and although I had never done anything against my father’s orders, I thought it was the best decision to make as the tension and fear only increased as I further ventured.

Once again I knew nothing about this fight, the proper rules, the name of my opponent, heck, I did not even know how he looked like! But I did know one thing and that was to get to that big hole in the center of the arena and get whatever was in it outside and hopefully then the fight would end.

So I now readjusted myself and corrected m path hopefully heading towards the center of the arena.

I now walked faster and then I felt the need to sprint. I could be fast and quick with the victory before even there was a chance to start the actual fight and so I started to run, blatantly aware that were hundreds of eyes on me as I passed through a clearing of trees tops.

I quickened my stride and I felt Zeq behind me fall out of pace and I thought if I lost him now I would be all alone to defend against myself. So I made sure I was not out of eyesight for him knowing that if he really wanted to he could catch me up in one big stride.

Few meters of continuous running and there was no sight of the hole and I was beginning to think I had wasted my energy in this stupid run.

But according to what I had seen from my seat earlier, the hole seemed just a few meters ahead.

There was also no sign of the big Ceiba tree which seemed puzzling. I now turned behind to convey my disappointment to Zeq when I saw him lift his bulky head up as if he had sensed something.

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