Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 40

Now time seemed to slow down as Zeq charged right towards me, and I jumped out of the way as he drove right into the trees I felt of me and vanished into the forest.

Panic struck again as I took to my heels and ran after Zeq, knowing following him was better than being alone.

I now followed him in a safe distance knowing that if he would get caught in any trouble I could try to help him out without being seen.

Zeq now seemed to enter a clearing and just as I neared the edge of the forest and into the clearing, I saw something above me dive and attack Zeq. The creature seemed like a large flying dinosaur and I could say this by the wingspan and the oddly shaped head.

Looking at the creature keenly I realized it was a Sordes and although these would grow no more than a squirrel, this particular one was huge, so big in fact that a person could easily ride one of these magnificent creatures.

The Sordes was light blue to the eye and had an immersive wingspan that helped it glide from tree to tree. Its beak was lined with razor-sharp teeth which it used to tear apart its prey and I instantly knew it was a threat to me and Zeq.

The Sordes now swooped in and struck with its beak into Zeq, who bowlers in report as he turned back and tried to snap back at the flying dinosaur. Thankfully it looked like the armor on Zeq had done its job and protected him and as the giant. Recovered from the dive and swooped up to avoid the trees I got a good glimpse of the creature.

It’s back was lined with thin needle-like spikes that ran from its upper back till its long tail and it had dark red splotches like blood on its back. Its tail had a sort of bludger at the end which in its natural habitat would have been used to defend itself against its enemy.

As the big creature rose I noticed something else and looking more closely I saw a figure on the back of the creature and I immediately knew it was my competitor.

Thinking quickly I ordered Zeq who had stopped at the other end of the clearing to lure my enemy towards me, as instantly scoured for a tall tree.

Having pretty good climbing skills and light armor because of the excellent decisions of my father and sis I quickly climbed the tall tree and waited in concealment for Zeq to lead my enemy towards me.

Since I had never left the clearing I was pretty sure I was not seen and my enemy, who I decided to call Stuq (which meant idiot in Gorse) wouldn’t know where I exactly was.

I now tried to remain as silent as possible as I hoped and prayed that Zeq could manage himself and know where I was hiding.

Before long I felt the ground shake and the sound of Zeq in fear fill the air as he emerged from the clearing he had just disappeared into and in a split second, the Sordes was right above him, circling him in the clearing waiting to strike, my plan seemed to work as the Sordes was gliding very close to the trees.

It sensing Zeq wasn’t heading for the trees for cover now dove again similarly to how it did earlier and at that point, I sieged my chance.

Luckily the ancient creature had begun it’s swoop right above me and so I now came out of my hiding and brandished the whip, swinging it as fast as I could trying to get any part of the creature.

I seemed to have overestimated the speed of this creature as all I could get was its long tail.

But then things really got out of hands.

The whip now spiraled over the tail of the Sordes and then came the big bludger at the end of its tail.

Like I had been taught before I held on to my weapon not reading the end of the tail coming right to my face. It hit me hard, like how Gawk had hit me but this time thankfully I was conscious as I lost my balance and fell face-first from the tree.

Thankfully there were long thin branches to cushion my fall but the fall was nonetheless hard. Also right next to me lay my whip, which luckily had fallen off the creature’s tail.

I now glanced up trying to find the nasty creature and I saw it struggling to maintain altitude as it tried hard to fight the paralyzing magic of the whip. Zeq who was right in front of me now came over and helped me get to my feet and then I assessed the damage done to myself.

The fall was hard and my hands and feet had taken a beating and were bruised but not badly because of the armor. My head to whirled a few seconds after standing as it recovered from the Sordes’s blow and my helmet had come off due to the impact.

Grabbing it quickly I wore it on, it still having the big dent in its side.

However as I tried to buckle the helmet by the strap I realized that it had ripped upon impact and so now I had to wear it, making sure it did not fall again on my next encounter with Stuq.

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