Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 41

Now getting myself together I got onto Zeq’s back and we rode into the forest, in the direction we had seen the Sordes fly, my hand aching to strike a blow on anything that moved.

My heart was racing and I could feel the blood through my veins as I passed small clearings thinking I would encounter Stuq and his Sordes.

Few meters later I sensed a clearing ahead and instructed Zeq to take me there.

Zeq now proceeded in caution as he entered the clearing, I too weary Goran surprise attack.

We walked through Zeq looking mighty as always as walked, me on his back into the clearing and all I could do next was gasp.

Somehow we had made to the center’s of the arena because right in front of us was the unmistakably big broad trunk of the Ceiba tree I had seen during Muite’s match.

My emotions quickly changed with astonishment and excitement as I saw the breathtaking width of the trunk,

Since this tree was so tall and the branches so high the leaves formed a canopy which because of the shadow during the day did not allow any other crops to grow due to the lack of sunlight.

So the ground here was filled with loose sand like the entrance I had been through.

This made the scene look even more beautiful and before I got totally soaked in its beauty I suddenly remembered where I was.

I now scanned the area for the big hole which I knew if I entered and came out with whatever the prize that lay beneath I would win this stupid event.

Judging from the place where I sat I remembered the hole being on the opposite end of where I currently was and so I had to go around this enormous trunk to do so.

So I instructed Zeq to go around the trunk which he did so leaving huge clear footprints on the beach like sand.

As I once again looked at the trunk of the tree wondering how a tree could get so big I heard a wail from Zeq and I instantly turned around with my shield at the ready.

And this was when I got the shock of my life, The Sordes was right in front of me and Stuq rode him in jet black armor that much like me covered his entire body.

I now froze in fear not knowing what to do but Zeq did not back down not even looking afraid as he sized up the giant winged creature, that had needle-like teeth long enough to pierce his thick armor.

Looking at my enemy for the first time I remembered the other times I had been in this type of situation.

Usually, when defending our village we had encountered other villages with beasts but not ones that were this huge.

This was because the bigger villages and settlements had more resources to capture the big creatures like the Sordes and since they could do this, this meant they attacked bigger villages when they were in times of need.

I had never seen a Sordes so big nor have battled with anything so mighty before and although Zeq was big the creature it was tall with a moderate wingspan that made it look terrifying.

The Sordes now hissed like being intimidated by Zeq and Zeq did his signature snort back at him, like he knew he could win a head-on fight.

I still could not see my opponent clearly because of the ancient flying creature standing on its hind legs and spreading its wings to look fierce but at least by the brief looks at him or her could sigh a breath of relief as he was not as big like an ogre or a giant which was the second stupid thought of the night.

Zeq and the Sordes now began to circle as they waited for the commands from their masters but I had a better plan in mind.

I wanted to speak to my opponent not because I wanted to know his name or the name of his beast but buy my self-time.

And like my father used to always say, time buys you options and options buys you opportunities.

Opportunities to attack.

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