Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 42

“What’s your name?” I spoke trying to sound bold. No reply.

I spoke again raising my voice thinking he could not hear me

And even though the arena was quiet no reply.

I then realized I had made the second mistake of that night and so switched languages to the only other language only me, my mother, and Xaya knew.

“What’s your name?” I asked loudly my heart in my throat as I thought might hear a response which would mean he would actually understand what I was saying.

But there was none. Instead, my opponent put his weapon, a menacing halberd, to his side vertically, letting the handling end touch to the ground, and with this, the circling of the two creatures too stopped which meant something was really about to happen now.

I would have guessed his expression would have been of total shock, but since his mask was like mine I could not see anything through the heavily meshed mask.

I now knew I had an insane opportunity to end the fight right now. And so I had to plan my next move very carefully. I had never surrendered in a fight before but I did know what I had to do in that case thanks to Were.

First off was to remove my helmet with my weapon still in hand. This was due to the fact that I wasn’t totally sure whether my opponent was going to give in and so kept my weapon as a precaution instead. If all went good then was the part to drop my weapon which showed I was no longer a threat.

Reciting these rules in my mind, I slowly set down my shield and used that hand to reach to the back of my helmet. It might have seemed like I was drawing a weapon to my opponent, but thankfully he did not attack. I then slowly removed my helmet, now easier due to the broken strap.

I then quickly removed it over my head briefly fearing that very moment was perfect for my opponent to attack. It was only now I realized several things.

I finally gasped fresh air and I could see my surroundings and actually appreciate the scenery around me. Briefly enjoying it I finally realized how tense the situation really was.

Zeq and the Sordes were on their toes snarling at each other waiting to rip each other at first command and my opponent was looking blank at me still not a word uttered till now.

The silence was unbearable and although I could faintly hear the cheers and voices of the announcer, the tense atmosphere only made me even more uncomfortable. I now felt I was losing grip of the situation and so I opened my mouth to speak and diffuse the conflict when I heard the voice.

It was definitely a boy’s voice and it was filled with so much hatred, that I felt like I was back at my village being tormented by the villagers.

“You voule!!” he spoke and I could feel the heat in his anger. “How could you!?! How dare you?!!” he said and I had no time to act puzzled or confused because his Sordeswas now charging towards me so fast I had time to utter only one word to Zeq. “Kizal!!”

Zeq now lunged and I thought I was too late in giving my command but Zeq was quick and attacked the Sordes his beak-like mouth ready to rip any flesh off the Sordes.

Even though the Sordes was big and intimidating it was a poor performer on land. This became apparent the very second it attacked Zeq. It attacked with its sharp teeth digging into Zeq’s back.

But Zeq may be due to his armor so thick or he was so determined to get a piece of the Sordes's thin fragile legs, lunged at the weak spot diving teeth first into the dinosaur's legs.

Apparently he had been paying attention during our brief conversation and had detained the weak spot on the meaning-looking dinosaur was its legs.

He caught hold of it and instantly the Sordes stopped its futile effort to penetrate the armor and instead let out a deafening screech.

It was so loud that I tried to close my ears with both hands even with the dangerous weapon in one hand and the large shield in the other.

And then I saw the Sordes seem to lose balance as Zeq pulled on it and then there was a sudden jerk as the Sordes attacked Zeq’s exposed neck. The jerk was so hard I was thrown off of Zeq and into the sand.

Thankfully I landed on all fours and quickly got to my feet and ran to cover.

Zeq and the Sorder were now totally in the heat of battle and Zeq did not even seem to notice I had fallen off him. The same seemed to apply to the Sorder who did not notice Stuq trying to free himself from the creature.

I now with the cover of the big tree looked as the battle raged on and then realized that Stuq seemed to have his foot stuck on the harness he had used on the Sordes. But as I watched on he seemed determined to get out and with every jerk the Sordes made he seemed to get a little bit free.

Fear now filled me as I thought about what I had to do next. Within a split-second, I made a decision and started climbing the extraordinarily large tree as I knew getting any close to such huge beasts fighting would mean the end of me.

I knew getting to the hole was possible but since I did not know what dangers it had waiting for me, I wanted to lessen my chances of dying by first eliminating any threat I could.

And now threat right now was my opponent and I felt the anger rise within me as I recited his words. “You voule!!”. How could he say that to me? He had never met me until now, much less see me, and yet the first second I removed my helmet all he could say was the foul word that I grew up to loathe.

I felt anger build up in me. Not like the times, I fought the Gurzal gang or the various small fight at the border...this anger seemed to be exactly like when I tried to kill Gawk.

And now I wanted to kill Stuq.

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