Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 43

I was now fairly high up the tree my shield on my forearm secures in place by the enarmes, while my whip was in the loop that acted as a holster for my weapon.

Using both hands I clawed my way up the tree towards the nearest branch of the great tree.

Fingers aching I finally reached the lowest hanging branch and sighed a breath of relief as I was away from immediate danger

My helmet was lost in the scuffle and so I had to manage without it from now on. I now glanced down and saw the fight. I was right above the bloody fight that was ensuing between the Sordes and Muite.

By what I could see now Zeq had an upper hand over the Sordes because the creature wasn’t adept to fight on land for a prolonged period of time.

But still, Zeq seemed to suffer injures and I could faintly dark blue blood from the vulnerable places of him.

Seeing the blood on Zeq's skin suddenly got a reality check and my anger vanished and I realized I had gone overboard again and I had ignored the lesson Gawk and my father had tried to teach me.

And just as I contemplated getting off the tree I felt something to the right side of my chest. It did not hurt but instead felt ticklish and my immediate thought was that I had rubbed against some ivy that like Xey had told, might have been poisonous.

But that seemed far from possible as my armor was intact with minimal damage.

And so I loosened the straps of my armor just a little to see Nibbles crawl out and clamber onto my hand. He must have gotten into my pocket earlier and I had totally forgotten about him and he had shown up during the critical moment of my life.

My attention was again drawn towards Zeq who was struggling right now under the might foot of the Sorder and I knew now I had to save him and so leaving Nibbles on the branch of the Ceiba tree I prepared to jump from the branch.

Nibbles scurried off into what might have been his new home and I now looked down thinking I really could do this.

The ground was around twenty feet from the ground and missing my jump would certainly mean my demise and sadly unlike Nibbles I had no flaps under my as arms to act as wings, so I knew I had to do this perfectly. But then something so unexpected happened that I lost my balance and fell several feet onto the Sorder’s back, fortunately, as I had planned.

It was a screech, unlike anything I heard that scared me. And this was unlike the Sorder’s or Zeq’s screech and the worst part it seemed to emanate from right above me.

And then I seemed to understand why winning this stupid event was so tough.

It’s wingspan covered the only sources of light the moon and the bright white ceiling lights and it was so large I wondered how this creature even flew in such a confined space, that is the arena, it’s home. It was trapped here because of the steel rods that made up the ceiling of the arena and by the looks of it, it seemed to take whatever was put into its home as food and so right now we were just food for a bird in a cage.

I know remembered the word Minokova, and finally knew what Xey had tried to tell me. I now upon seeing this humongous bird now knew why people before me no matter what creature they used, were defeated if not killed during this brutal fight.

Zeq and even the large Sordes looked like tasty meals to the Minokova which dwarfed them by several times.

But I did not get a good look at the bird, whose size was fit to be the king of the Ceiba tree, as I had to reel back to reality, for I was right behind my enemy on the back of a very agitated Sordes.

I then without thinking placed both my arms around the neck of Stuq and held him in a rear-naked chokehold and instantly felt Stuq’s hand grab my chocking hand trying to free himself.

At that moment I realized that unlike me, Stuq had no shield and only his halberd which he currently had in his other hand and along with that he held the reins that controlled the flying dinosaur.

As I struggled with my opponent I suddenly felt like I was being lifted up and then looking down I noticed that the Sordes had taken flight!!

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