Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 44

This seemed to be due to Stuq pulling on the reins in his struggle against me, he too seemed reluctant to let go of his weapon and so along with it the reins and trying to free himself with only one hand he was involuntary pulling on the reins with his weapon hand thus commanding his creature to the skies.

I had never taken flight on anything and had never, at any point of my life, been more than a few meters off the ground but now as I risked a glance at the ground I realized I was flying way much higher and this made me grip Stuq’s neck much more tightly.

Stuq was overwhelmed at this point as he was trying to free himself from me while also trying to fly the Sordes which at this point seemed out of control.

The creature now violently climbed and since I had eaten hours earlier I did not puke anything which was one of the more wiser decisions made that night. But the flight was nauseating. The Sordes now flew violently out of control over the canopy of the trees almost crashing into the treetops.

I was scared and I tightened my grip, the world now was just a haze of colors and the pressure on my body was so much that I just felt like letting go, But seeing the ground terrified me even more. I was not scared of heights but flying several meters above the arena only terrified me. At every moment the Sordes seemed to crash but at the last moment it wold recover and try to fly flapping its membrane wings rapidly trying to get altitude. Through the ordeal I understood the Sordes was a glider and not a flier which meant if Stuq did not land him soon the creature would crash itself.

I managed to get both of my legs onto the Sordes’s bare skin and that really helped me secure myself a bit. Next daring myself I looked back to see where I had perched my legs and that was when I realized why the dinosaur was so out of control.

I that seemed that my whip had indeed done its job. And although I had gotten only a small part of the creature I had gotten its crucial point.

The tail was what I assumed the beast controlled to steer himself, much like a rudder of a boat and so I knew controlling it was the key to flying the Sordes.

This was also not helped by the fact that my hands were around Stuq neck who was pulling on the reins constantly causing not letting the creature land and instead, commanding it to fly higher.

And then there was another jolt as we narrowly avoided a tree top and it was currently going so fast it seemed faster than any creature I had ridden before.

Then there was another treetop which we narrowly missed and it was becoming evident that we were going to crash soon.

But the worst part was yet to come, we were heading right towards one of those reflective mirrors right towards the audience.

The Sordes seemed to have enough of what was happening on its back that it was trying to commit suicide by ramming into the glass.

Then another thing what Xey told clicked into place, electric glass!

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