Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 45

Not only was the glass reflective and sound absorbent I was also electric which in my mind would act as a deterrent to anyone trying to escape the arena. This brought along another thing. We were going so fast I thought we were going to crash right into the glass but considering nothing of that sort happening ever before I doubted it.

Alarms rang in my brain as we flew low swerving madly to the left and right as the Sordes tried to align itself. We were now only a few feet from the glass and I felt my eyes open wide in utter horror as I saw the glass approach rapidly.

Within seconds it was right in my face and my gut kicked in as I let go if Stuq’s neck now falling several feet to the ground and in danger of crashing my head into the hard concrete wall upon which the glass was situated.

I did not remember the impact, but I did remember the ground coming so fast towards me, it was most certainly going to be my demise.

I somehow remembered other things right before impact. Seeing the Sordes crash into the glass and Stuq still on his back and then both of them fell towards the ground lifeless and right before they hit the ground it was too late for me.

When I woke I thought I was back at home and the fight was over but the situation dawned upon me very quickly.

I was face-first into the ground and unlike the previous times, I knew this was the hardest fall I had ever had.

Every muscle in my body ached from exhaustion and the fall and I was certain some, if not all, bones in my body were broken. I moaned loudly, uncontrollably as my pain surged through my body. I could hardly feel my hands and feet and I felt if I moved I would kill myself. But understanding the gravity of the situation, I did slowly and agonizingly, every joint of my body screaming in pain.

Finally, I did manage to get on my back and several thoughts flashed in my mind, like blaring sirens on a downed aircraft. I could not think straight the pain subsiding any alarm of my mind. Then one thought flashed across my mind.

I had put on a show, a show, in my books, that was anything but entertaining, at least for a small teen boy, and that this would be the perfect time to call off the fight and I prayed Ivor would do so.

I did not know the state of my enemy and hardly knew if I could fight on and screamed out in pain begging Ivor to call off the fight as I awaited some sign of relief.

But there was none, instead, through the corner of my eyes, I saw something that I knew was going to be the end of me.

Stuq was walking towards me, halberd in hand and even though his helmet was still on I could very well tell what he was thinking by the way he walked. After all, I had tried to kill him and I knew for the second time today I was paying for my mistake. But I was not going down without a fight.

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