Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 47

There wasn’t another word from Stuq and imagined his surprised face behind his helmet. He just stood there looking at me blankly, thinking how I could say something like that in front of him.

He then swung his weapon behind his back and now was ready to strike the most powerful his muscular body could muster.

Somehow I had a gut feeling that my shield wouldn’t survive the upcoming blow seeing that there was already a hole in the shield. From the previous blow.

I then prepared my fate this was the time to go, I had no strength to move and even holding up my light shield seemed like a tough task to do.

And then he swung and pulled my shield closer to lessen the impact but there was none.

The screech was deafening and my hands abandoned my shield to go to my ears; the same was what my opponent did and in that very instant I knew it was my chance to escape. Through the pain and confusion, one thought passed through my mind and that was, Minokova. And there was something bothering it. Since I and Stuq were here and the Sordes out for the count, this meant only one creature was stuck in the grasps of the terrifying Minokova. Zeq.

New energy filled through me as I knew I had to help my comrade in distress and so, I threw out my legs, kicking it square on the shins of Stuq. Stuq whose concentration was on the vociferous screech lost his balance and tumbled back and then with pure fear running through me, I got up in a flash and grabbed my whip running towards the direction of the screech.

I ran through the woods so fast I clipped several branches and twigs which found new marking on my exposed skin, I also tripped several times during my run, fearing that Stuq would be right behind me.

The sound seemed to emanate from the center of the arena almost exactly where I had been a few minutes earlier and just as the horrendous screech faded another much heart-wrenching scream of Zeq. This sent a shock-wave through my tired body.

Many minutes later I reached the clearing only to see the huge Minokova circling Zeq. Who stood terrified in the center, like an eagle circling its prey.

I readily grabbed rocks and stones in my hands and started throwing it at the Minokova, who after a couple of throws caught me in its vision.

“ZEQ!! Into the trees!!” I shouted and there was no time to see what he did as I started to run knowing this huge bird could kill me in an instant.

I knew there was only one thing one place to save me now and it was the hole.

I made a beeline towards it running as fast as I could around the enormous trunk of the Ceiba tree. And then I stopped.

Right in front of me was the hole, wide enough for two people to get in, but so dark that even with the floodlights shining brightly right above, there was nothing I could see.

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