Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 48

It reminded me of the cellar I saw earlier and I was getting the same creep feeling now too.

Zefe’s words hammered in my mind. “Whoever has gone in has never made it out.” My mind froze in fear and so did my body. I now was standing at the edge of the hole armor scratched and dented, various cuts and bruises on my hands all over my body and helmet lost somewhere in the arena, I now having my weapon, the whip for my defense and attack.

Then with a gust of wind so unnatural in the arena, the bird was over me, and yet I did not want to jump into the hole. And the sight of the bird was just terrifying.

The bird looked more like a dragon because of its size but its feathers are seemed to be made of sharp swords, it’s eyes reflected like mirrors, its beak and legs seemed to be as strong as steel. It also had two long tails that flowed from its tail feathers coming all the way down like feathers of the greater racket-tailed drongo. But instead of coming to a blunt end, the tail ended with the tip of the tail sharp like two swords on either end of the tail, marked in a bright red as opposed to the jet black color of the entire bird.

The bird now hovering high above the ground and looking at me squarely now opened its beak-like as if was going to screech again.

I kneeled down and closed my ears again, knowing this time I was surely going deaf. Then it came but this time by some gratitude it was a short screech, like a warning, yet it really hurt my ears and I could hear the ringing in my ears like a bomb that had gone off in very close proximity.

Then seeing that I did not heed it's warning it attacked me. For some reason, rage-filled me decided not to jump into the hole and instead face this beast head-on.

Another of my countless stupid mistake I made that night.

The Minokova swooped but unlike the Sordes it did not go beak first, instead claw first. But I was prepared for this and as it swooped I attacked with my whip rising it high above my head and attacking wildly.

I had no clue whether it would even have any effect on a bird so big and considering that Zeq getting hit by the whip was not so bad, my chances to paralyze the creature seemed slim. I now regretted getting a weapon for killing like Muite had, but now it was too late.

The bird now seeing the long whip seemed to abandon its dive but I was determined to get at least one hit on the beast to show exactly what I was capable of.

And so maneuvering it over my head to keep up the momentum of the whip I swung it and it hit the right-wing of the bird. I was so overjoyed I failed to notice one of the long tail feathers come right towards me.

And as soon as it made contact I knew I was in deep trouble. Even though I had armor on my shoulder the feathers seemed to go through it like a knife through butter but unlike other encounters, there was not a mark left where it had gone through my armor which was weird. Then came the pain. I felt like the tip of a hot sword had gone through my entire upper arm. And then immediately felt the pain only soar as the bird flew away.

I now tore up my armor as fast as I could to check out my wound and what I saw made me want to throw up.

My arm had instantly swelled up and there was a gash from where the very tip of the bird's tail feathers had gone through my arm and what was worse was that it was now purple in color from what seemed poison from the tail entering m skin. I now really knew why most of the people entering this arena were killed or returned so badly injured they could hardly live normal lives.

This also seemed why no one won the prize, which was just a few feet from me.

I was so focused on my wound, thinking at what point I was going to drop down dead from blood poisoning, that I failed to notice someone attack me from behind.

A brief glance and I saw it was Stuq who had gotten behind me unnoticed and now he had attacked me, grappling me and pushing me forwards, into the hole.

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