Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 52

Minutes passed and I was quickly losing hope. I was down to the last of my strength, trying hard to hold on to that small little crevice. I was sweating so profusely that the drops of sweat flowed over my wounds making it burn even more and my dirty clothes were soaked by sweat or the water I could not tell.

Finally, I lost hope thinking my only friend in this arena had had a horrible death and that there was nothing to save me now.

But then I felt the ground rumble again not as violently as before but much lighter, and then a roar, something between pain and utter display of dominance, and then the hole turned black, for there right above stood Zeq looking bigger than before and then he crossed the pit in one stride stopping on the other side to drop down his long tail into the pit. His tail now hung in the middle of the pit hovering above its entrance and I knew I had to jump to grab onto his tail.

Gathering one last breath and gathering my innermost strength I finally jumped catching it. I now hugged it with my body and hands trying to get as much grip as possible. Involuntarily I closed my eyes in angst that I would fall back into the pit.

Zeq then pulled me out and finally moments later I was on solid ground again. Upon finally touching the solid ground did I finally find the courage to open my eyes and what I saw could only be described as chaos.

It was hot, because of the fire that was spreading everywhere, what might have caused it, I had no clue, but almost all the vegetation inside was now ablaze.

Then came the Minokova I could see it clearly flying well above the trees and brushes and as it turned, I noticed the familiar figure on its back. Stuq.

Somehow he had gotten onto its back and maybe now he was using this mighty creature as a substitute to his Sordes?

But he was far away and seemed to be struggling to control this wild beast and as I watched the Minokova as what seemed like a last futile attempt to get rid of its rider now climbed gaining altitude rapidly and then, like a plane performing stunts, stalled right in mid-air letting gravity to take over as it dropped like a rock, gaining enormous speed every second getting so very close to the treetops and the fire and just when I was sure the Minokova was on a suicide plunge, it rose from the dive ascending rapidly, gaining enormous amounts of G forces as it rose.

Then from the corner of my eye, I saw a small figure tumble off its back, probably unconscious at this point, due to the pressure and forces he had to face from the enraged Minokova, as he fell from way higher than what I fell from right into a burning tree.

At this very point, I knew Stuq couldn’t have made it, and suddenly I felt my heart sink. ‘Why did he try to control that beast? Was he crazy?’ I thought, but before I could think anymore I remembered the harsh words he called me in the pit and suddenly all remorse for him was lost.

“Idiot!” I called out, over the sound of burning woods. “Who’s the voule now, huh? Such an idiot you were to try and tame such a beast!” I called out even though I knew he was probably already dead or barely clinging to life.

Speaking about the Minokova it had cleverly used its momentum to go head-on with the Ceiba tree. Why? Because now it too was ablaze, its enormous trunk now half the size and seeming very weak.

It was hard to say where the fire had started from but my best guess was the Ceiba tree itself as it was ablaze from head to toe whereas the other trees and shrubs seemed to be only now catching fire from the other trees.

The bird crashing into the tree now produced the familiar earthquake-like sensation and now I realized exactly why this giant beast was doing this.

The tree’s branches that grew above and beyond the arena’s roof were now crashing into the oval rusted metal rings, causing them to break apart consecutively. And then was when I realized what this creature was trying to do.

“It’s trying to escape!!” I said to no one in particular as I watched the bird carry out another similar procedure. Just once more and I knew that the metal rings would fail, causing a great big gap in the roof for the creature to escape.

Zeq now snorted and it seemed like was telling that it was time we too escaped from this burning place and so I now scanned the arena trying a way to find a way back to the arena entrance.

And then is when it hit me and so I reached into my pocket and brought out the Scroll rising it with one of my hand, showing that I had won the challenge.

I was so hopeful that someone would come and save me that I had failed to notice the big branch from the burning tree falling from a great height towards me, Zeq however did and pushed me out of the way, the branch hitting him instead. He gave out a cry of pain and this as when I knew no external help was coming for me.

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