Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 53

Looking at the entrance I had come from, I knew it was impossible to go that way because of the fire, the only way to get out of here was through the other entrance from where my enemy had entered from, which was not too ablaze at the moment.

I now got onto Zeq’s back and commanded him to head towards that entrance dodging the rapidly growing fire and heat as he crashed right into smaller trees and shrubs.

It seemed like an eternity to get there and the rapidly growing fire threatened to surround us blocking us from the entrance but Zeq seemed very quick as he too knew how dire the situation really was.

As we ran I started to feel the smoke in my lungs and the leaves and twigs fall on my shoulders and then I felt something very unusual land on my head. It did not feel like a leaf or a twig but was indeed that small. Grasping it with my hand I got my hand down and opened it to see Nibbles there seemingly having a broad smile on his face.

Suddenly it struck me and asked him for confirmation. “Don’t tell me it was you who set that tree on fire!” As of on cue he lit his tail with its signature blue flame and at this time I was certainly sure it was because of happiness.

Shaking my head in disbelief I held onto Zeq much closer as he ducked under a fallen trunk, while Nibbles went right back into my pocket.

And just another few meters of running I finally got a glimpse of the other entrance. I had seen it before, during Muite’s match but being here in this arena and looking at it coming closer and closer to me with every stride Zeq took, really gave me shivers down my spine.

It looked exactly like the entrance I had come through with the overhanging viewing room where I knew the current ruler would be sitting and watching the mayhem unfold. Also, this would mean there was another announcer other than the guy with the irritating voice, who would have been commenting for his audience, in Antrera or some other language and this would’ve explained why it seemed there were two commentators in the arena, there were actually two commentators commentating for two different audiences!!

The only difference however was the gate, it was unlike our old dainty gate with its rusting metal bars.

This gate seemed to be covered with the same reflective glass as the rest of the arena and this made me quite uneasy.

Finally, we were only but a few feet from the gate and I started to have second thoughts but did not convey them to Zeq, for I knew he was only trying to keep me alive.

The last dodge and a crash into yet another small tree and then we were finally there. The other side of the arena. I got off of Zeq and onto the small clearing similar to how it was back at my entrance, and then I looked back, to see whether I could see my entrance from there, but all I could see was the burning fire rapidly approaching us.

I was now trembling with fear, I did not know what would happen next. If I try and get through this gate will I be killed upon sight? Who were these people and how did they look like?

Zeq now interrupted me with a large sound that seemed to be filled with pain and that was when I noticed on the side armor of his thick hide, there was a purple gash that looked oddly familiar. I now recognized it as the birds doing and I now knew it was time for me to save Zeq’s life.

Now another quake hit us and as I looked around I saw the humungous tree crashing right into the ground, tearing apart the metal rings as it fell. Because of its size, it came crashing down onto the reflective glass, shattering it and going right into the audience stands. It was far from us and we were safe, but the fire only seemed to increase its pace with the fall of such a carbon-rich tree.

The Minokova now flapped its wings majestically and took off from its burning home and into the open air through the gap the tree had made.

Now it was our time. And so gathering courage I turned back around and faced the mirror gate, the gate to the other city.

I looked at my reflection and could not help but feel different as I knocked on the glass well aware that there was someone behind it, watching me.

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