Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 54

Tense moments passed and I grew very anxious, yet I did not try and show it. The fire had neared us and Zeq collapsed right beside me. I did not seem to notice, staring at my own reflection thinking whether I had finally found someone like me.

I felt myself buckle under the immense pain and weight of the battle and just as I went to my knees I heard a rumbling sound and then suddenly the glass seemed to rise.

At first, I could see feet and there were many, a thought flashed across my mind and then I thought I had made a terrible mistake and that I would be captured by these waiting feet and tortured for the rest of my life for the sins I had committed and for being a Volderan.

But then the glass rose even higher to reveal people just like Stuq and then just a little bit higher, and they seemed to resemble Stuq and then finally completely to show that they looked just like…..Me!!

They looked almost exactly like me, with five fingers, five toes, white complexion, and hair just like mine albeit with different colors and shades of black and brown.

I did not seem to care about the flame licking at my boots, as I just stared, seeing them for the first time ever my enemy, nemesis, the Voulderan’s greatest enemy was me, well at least not me, but my race.

There they stood three people, one woman who stood the left off me and who’s expression was ambivalent, one man who stood next to her and to the right and whose face expressed confusion and a small little girl who face hid behind her father’s legs, all clad in brown and black winter coats wearing tall boots like me and looking, no, staring back at me, just like how I was surely doing to them.

Now reflexes kicked in as I felt the flame and heat on me and I took a step forwards only to be stopped by a pair of guards that had armor that if Gawk or any other of the ‘special army’ would see, would be instantly jealous of.

They held some kind of futuristic weapon in their hand which looked so weird I couldn’t even explain it even if I tried, but then the woman showed some kind of gesture and the guards allowed me to pass.

Sensing some kind of kindness, Zeq suddenly rose to his full height and with a mightily heave made it across to the other side, and collapsed again, away from the danger of the fire.

The gate was now shut and just as I had expected it was a one-way mirror so the people from the other side could see what was happening in the arena.

My focus now went back to the three people who looked like a family, a family like my own, back at the gate where I left, hoping, waiting for me to come back, and then out of the blue, one thing came to my mind.

I spoke it out loud and pointed to them from left to right trying to confirm my suspicion. “Jude Fougeres, James Fougeres, Ava Fougeres and…….” I noticed something amiss and only then did I notice why Jude’s expression was so mixed, I looked back into the blazing arena and I spoke in a voice that was barely louder than a whisper “Roland Fougeres.”

This time there was no stopping he tears as I turned back, tears gushed out of me fiercer than ever and I nearly collapsed if it hadn’t been for Jude who caught me before I fell taking me into her embrace and into a warm hug as James and Ava joined in and hugging me tightly. And then the heavenly voice of my dreams spoke into my ears. “Welcome home, Aiden Fougeres!!”

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