Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 6

Everyone’s skin started changing color. Some of theirs changed light blue while others glowed in bright yellow, while the rest glowed in red. Of course, I did not have this amazing ability and I had seen this before a couple of times but I was fascinated when this phenomenon happened because it was so rare.

I did not know the real meaning of why different villager’s skin glowed different colors but my mom once told me that it showed the composure of the villager they were praying for.

Like the red stood for anger and so if the villager in question was always angry about something and had a bad attitude most of the villagers would light up in red. She also said that blue stood for how well he or she cared about other living things including plants and animals and how well he or she treated them. Then came yellow which she said showed how happy he or she was and the lack of yellow meant he or she had a life that was miserable and had little happiness in his or her life. Right now everyone was still closing their eyes and praying and I, as always, opened my eyes to witness this rare event. In the past, I had so many questions regarding this phenomenon as I had literally felt nothing when I closed my eyes to pray for the doomed one but after lengthy conversations with my sister and my mother, I got a little idea as to what they felt.

To my question as to whether they could actually see their body light up in different colors since they could not obviously see it happening as they needed to close their eyes and really concentrate on their well-beings to the doomed one, they said that they could feel the doomed one’s emotions override their own for the time they started praying for him. They could feel exactly how he felt both in his past and the present and they could feel what the doomed one felt in majority. If he was always a happy person that is what they felt. If he was sad presently, which was in most of the cases, they felt that pang of utter sadness he felt when the decision was made by him or to him by the leader.

Currently, I saw Muite’s emotions on display, even though he was nowhere to be seen. I saw that most of the villagers were lit up in yellow which meant he was a happy villager spending most of his life in nature and having little to no contact with villagers that would want to start fights with him. He also had less anger which was also shown by only but a few villagers. Then came the majority and that was the blue which most the villagers were and this indicated that Muite’s was a humble guy who cared about everything around him from his crops to the villagers he rarely sees to the animals and birds he encounters. Then in an instant, the colors changed again now to show most of the villager’s body to be in a color of dull yellow and bright red which indicated he was currently angry and sad. It seemed he was more sad than happy which was ereally what I expected.

Just as I thought their colors would change again everyone opened their eyes and the instantly changed color to their old dull green appearance. It was fun to see this light show when I was young but now once understanding the meaning of these colors it just bought me immense pain to see such a happy villager turn into a heap of anger and sadness. Not to mention the fear he was feeling which for some reason did not have a color but my mom and sister did assure me that the display of colors was nothing compared to the feelings they felt when praying. They also said that feeling fear of the doomed might be something really sad to feel as they know how real scared they are inside even if they don’t show it outside.

I felt a little relieved to not feel the feelings of an another but at the same time, I felt like I was not really understanding the person who I was about to leave in my life. Just as everyone regained their composure an old feeble voice broke the air “He cannot face this fight.” she said “He is too pure, not to mention he has not fought before.” said another and before long the crowd had started protesting to the leader telling him that it was unfair to put Muite to the fight that he was weak and had no experience.

What the leader did next astounded everyone present there. He walked off the stage and was instantly accompanied by two guards presumably the same two who had escorted Muite off. However the protest continued as the crowd thought he might return to their protest, but after a few minutes of protesting the crowd’s momentum died as it became apparent that he was not returning and although it was awkward for him to leave the stage right in the middle of a protest it was very well understood by the others who had gathered there. This was not the first time a helpless and defenseless villager had been subjected to fight. And in the past when there were similar arguments in which even substitutes were discussed but then after as the rules clearly stated the villager who had the problem was the person should face in the fight. So it seemed like a waste of time to go over the same argument again knowing the output.

Minutes later after discussion within themselves, the villagers dispersed knowing that they had business to attend to. I and my sister walked back with the crowd silently, each one thinking the fate of Muite.

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