Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 7

There was still a slim chance Muite could get out alive. But that happens only if he admitted that he was fine with the damage done to his crops which would lead him only to a loss and no pure justice.

To add with this it was a well-known fact that the leader used to pressurize his contestants mostly because he did want the opposition to get their hands on the prize that could potentially help us unlike our well-off opposition. So even if Muite would admit that the destroying of his crops was okay within minutes of entering into the fight, there was a fat chance that the leader would let him out of the dangerous and scary fight without him trying to win.

Not a word was spoken until we reached home. Only when we sat for dinner my sister spoke. “Are you sure there can be no substitutes?” she almost blurted out like she was continuously speaking. And even though it seemed like a legit question for someone who was seeing the speech first-hand instead of hearing the gossips of other news-hungry villagers, we all including my sister, knew the answer before she could even finish her question.

My mom had been very careful with this stuff and since my sister was not of age to see the event for herself, that according to my mother meant that she could not even attend the public meeting that happened every single time someone was to fight in the Zelia, even though the public hearing was free for anyone to attend.

How this time missed the opportunity to prevent my sister from attending the public hearing was unknown, but it might have been my mom was having other things on her mind, most probably something about her husband, my father.

Nevertheless, she found about what happened pretty soon and it was no surprise mostly because our unnatural silence was resonating the room spread in its eeriness on every living thing it touched. What was more surprising was that instead of blaming herself for not being aware of where her kids were, she proceeded to speak some details about the event itself, mostly because she might have known that sooner or later both us would have to know about what currently was happening in our village.

“We have tried time and before to change the one before, but it just doesn’t work that way,” she said her tone pretty weary. “No matter how young or old if the competitor has chosen to fight, they cannot withdraw it at any cost.” she stopped and we knew why she stopped. It was because of our leader and his obsession to win the prize that lay within our reach. Our leader was known for his ruthlessness of leaving his contestant in the fight even if the contestant admitted defeat within a few minutes of the fight. It was perfectly legal to admit defeat just a few seconds within entering the fight and many have done it before, but our leader because of his obsession of winning would let the faith of his village rest on a contestant who might have never even picked up a weapon his whole life much like Muite.

Whether this was good or bad we did not know, because winning the fight would actually be the helpful to us, as we would be able to make the living standards in our village higher, assuring everyone to live a life without poverty, but on the other hand, it felt wrong to send a poor villager into a fight with only a verbal confession of him saying he wanted to fight which like in this case which was blurted out in anger, could ultimately lead the death of him.

But as mentioned before no one had won this said fight and although it seemed like a simple one the fight there was more to it than just two figures fighting on the street.

This was a big event and was held in an arena like as if two of the greatest gladiators were going head to head. There was more to it, and I heard a lot of wild things that were present in the arena but since I had ever been let inside due to my age I could not believe everything I could hear. This was all going to change tomorrow night when for the first time I would be let inside into the arena.

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