Aiden and the Scroll of No Man's Land

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Chapter 8

I got back into reality as I heard my mom said. “It’s hopeless now. And although we know the faith poor Muite, we cannot change anything….” her voice trailed off as she looked at me in the eye for few seconds as a thought flashed across her mind as suddenly spoke changing the subject into something I hoped she wouldn’t say “Aiden…I don’t think you should go tomorrow to Zelia.” “Mom” I spoke instantly and although I wasn’t a hundred percent sure that I was going myself to the event, I did not want my mom deciding whether I was going or not. “No… you don’t understand…..” she said hesitating at the last of her sentence. “Why ma?” I asked hoping somehow to go. My mom now looked confused and through her eyes I could she was scared. I spoke trying to calm her. “Is it because of the possibility that we might not be able to see Muite again?” I asked and it seemed like the only thing that my mom might be scared.

My mom now looked away from me and stood up and walked a few paces away from the bed we were sitting on and it was clear that she was thinking. She finally turned around and faced me and spoke suddenly looking a little relieved. “Yes!….Yes! That’s why I feel you should not go.” she said her voice sounding desperate. “I don’t think seeing someone… know….die in front of you is something I wish you to see.” and her explanation was perfect, there was no argument to that.

Yet I tried a last attempt “It’s not always the case.” I said my voice winding down in volume as the sentence went on. “Yes I know” she said “But that’s…..” she almost continued. Her expression now looked like she wanted to say something but no words came out from her and I noticed she was frozen in place. I suddenly became scared as I looked at her. “Mom are you okay?” my sister asked and I immediately without waiting for her response spoke, “I will not go if you really do not want me to go.” “Yes…yes, I am fine.” she responded to the question after a couple of seconds to my sister as if she did not hear me at all.

I saw my sister and she gave me a look that conveyed the message ‘Now why would you push it? Look what you did to mom now.’ as she relaxed. I too relaxed as I thought about what I had just done. But this was kind of common with my mom. She when under stress would suddenly freeze and although it was scary at first we later realized she was actually thinking hard for a solution and so she would dedicate almost all of her mind to get a solution. Sadly this meant sometimes she would be almost unresponsive to anything for quite some time which might last from a few seconds to a few minutes.

“I’m sorry I pushed you.” I spoke now feeling guilty. “No….” spoke my mom and this confused me but an explanation came soon. “No…I leave this as a decision to you.” she said and this was not what I was expecting. It was almost she had read my thoughts. “But I will say this.” she said and I was half expecting her to be saying something at this point. “You know how I feel right now and how I feel you watching a match that might end in death.”

“I also realize that I cannot stop you if you have your mind made up. But, I say, if I were you I would not go…” and again it seemed like she wanted to say something but she just stopped there.

“Just so that you should know I have not decided myself.” I said trying to release the tension building up in the room. “No repercussions from me to you if you go” she said as she continued “and this is from the bottom of my heart.” and as soon as I heard that sentence I felt the tension finally freeing up and the atmosphere filling up with breathable air again.

As the tension left I felt tired and looked at the clock and knew instantly it was pat our usual bedtime and so after helping my mom and sister clean the dishes at the sink we settled into beds for the night and just as I covered my sheet over my body and closed my eyes I heard the voice again and it spoke to me asking for the usual request, for the recitation, and with a little prick of irritation, I spoke in a weary voice fulfilling its desire for yet another night wondering if this going to go on forever.

The night was calm like almost every other night, quiet, deserted, dark. The same could not have been said for the following morning, and I did not expect the chaos of the day to start so early of the day. The sun’s rays had just illuminated the outskirts of the village, where the prison was, and with that, it brought with it a horde of villagers. Seeing this type of crowd so early in the morning and knowing that our schedule for the day had no large groups of travelers visiting us today meant only one thing.

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