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A new president had been selected, but Ruby is upset about it. She wants to stay with her gangsters. She can't because if she did, they are in danger. Ruby wants to protect them and to do that. She has to leave the loved ones behind...not each loves one. Ruby James a girl who is raised by gangsters and was born to be one. Is she supposed to be a gangster?

Action / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Okay, I get it. I’m a gangster and raised by a group of gangsters. So what, what’s so bad about it? I just don’t get it but those people think there is something wrong about it. Like one day, I’m gonna show up with a pistol at school and go crazy. If you think that I’m talking too much reader, then stop reading about me. Look I’m not that interesting either, so might as well close the book.

You’ve got to be kidding me that you are still reading this. I guess I might as well tell you something, instead of just chit-chatting with you. There is this place that I’m leaving on now, which is divided in half. Yes, I meant on this blue planet, Earth. What I mean, is that half of the people are normal and the other half are gangsters. I’m one of the half people who live in the alleys and broke many laws. That’s why the government thinks it’s too much work to stop us from killing. So they decide to divide this world into half and just leave us. Hate to cut this short but one of my gang is calling me.

“Ruby get your butt over here! I’m tired of waiting, so get moving,” yelled Mackenzie, who is the second oldest of the gang.

Mackenzie is a bit boyish. So she got this short hairstyle like a guy, but longer. My gangs and I aren’t even blood-related, but I can say that we are related sometimes. Like for example, I’m a bit boyish just like Mackenzie.

I got up and went out the door and went downstairs. I saw Mackenzie in her workout clothes. Right, I remember that I promise her that I will work out with her.

“Hey, Mackenzie you don’t look bad yourself.” I lick my lower lip and smirk. “I bet all of those muscles you build are just-”

I got interrupted when Brick came into the living room with a bag of chips. You know those kinds of brick that you build stuff with. It describes him, I mean he’s hard and big.

Brick is crouching down those chips and talking at the same time.“Ms. James hay is for horses, also we don’t have any horses. So we don’t need any hay.”

I rolled my eyes at him, and turn my focus back to Mackenzie. I open my mouth to continue what I was talking about. Instead, I was interrupted again when someone had slammed the door so loudly. I furrowed my eyebrows and waiting for the person to enter the living room.

When the person shows up, I shout, “Really?! Why can’t I even finish my sentence today?!”

Brick snickers as he continues chopping down his chips loudly. The person who just walks in the living room is, Chance. Chance, our leader who doesn’t even need another chance. He walks over to us and grabs Brick’s chips right out of his hands.

“HEY!” roared Brick, as he slams his left hand down on the table so hard. “I wasn’t even finished with that! Can’t you at least use your manners? Heh, I bet you never-”

Mackenzie went up to Brick and grab him by his shoulder so hard. Mackenzie gives Brick, a glare that can even give you goosebumps. Mackenzie said in a low voice, “I bet our leader has some news for us, Brick.”

Chance made a worried face and rubs his forehead. Chance signed, “...look, guys. We need everyone to gather up now. Right in this instance, so Ruby calls Phoebe and Zero.”

After everyone is gathered up in the living room, Chance got this stack of papers in front of him. Chance looks serious, well doubly serious because he is always serious.

I got curious so I broke the silence, “So...Chance what are those papers about? Also why so serious?”

“I bet it got something with the government. Right, Chance?” Zero mutters under his breath and like he had been hiding a secret. Zero is a guy who is the ninja in our gang. Which means he’s quiet and got those smooth moves.

“Yes...not many days ago, the new president had been selected. President Andrew, he wants to stop the gang. So...” Chance took a deep breath. “So he plans to get every gangster under arrest and bring them back to their families.”

Everyone was quiet in the room and I can feel my blood getting cold. I don’t want to see my parents again. Since when did the government plan to get involved again? Before I can even think more questions.

Phoebe stood up, “HELL NO! Going back?! Damn that Andrew, what the heck is he even thinking?! I thought that we made a promise to the government about we won’t bother the other half!”

Bricks’ fist started to turn pale white and his face started to turn red. Like he’s gonna explode any minute or second. While Mackenzie on the other hand who is trying to cover her shock by calming herself.

“But-but why? Why after all these years?” I was chattering when I spoke. I was shaking all up and feeling numb. Zero sighed and took a coat and put it on top of me.

“No...not all of us. The only couple of us, only a couple of us is going under arrest.” Chance said quietly. “Go to bed all of you. We will continue this tomorrow morning.”

Before I can realize it, everyone had gone to bed. Except for Chance and I sitting across from each other.

Chance rubs his forehead again, “Ruby...go to bed. I don’t want to talk about this tonight. Go to bed like the others. Do it for me.”

I was about to speak when I realize that I am really tired. So I got up and drag my feet with me. While thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow.

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