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Chapter 2

I woke up in tears this morning, but I don’t remember why. I only remembered that my gangs started to disappear. One by one they will say their good-byes. I’m preparing breakfast for everyone when Mackenzie came downstairs.

“...Morning, Mackenzie. Didn’t sleep well, I guess.” I sighed and remember what had happened last night. “Mackenzie...”

Mackenzie sat down in front of her breakfast, but she didn’t even touch her breakfast. So I went over by her side and rub her back. Mackenzie groans, “...I didn’t even sleep last night, Ruby. About last night's news was a shock.”

“COME ON GUYS! Look maybe the news...can be turned around. Like bad to good.” Brick said as he starts to dig in his breakfast. I still remember what happened yesterday night about the news. The news that Chance shared with us was horrible and shocking. I was way into my thought when I didn’t realize that Mackenzie was calling me.

“Ruby James.” Mackenzie sign, “Try not to think too much about it. Maybe Brick is right that there might be good news, too.”

I was standing behind Mackenzie’s chair when she stood up and hug me tight. Mackenzie is a head taller than me, so I laid my head on her shoulder. Phoebe enters the kitchen with a bottle of beer. I guess she must have a tough morning, too. Unusually, she will start drinking from noon to midnight. Phoebe pops her bottle open and starts drinking it all down, “Hah...that feels much better. Where is Chance?”

Mackenzie and I pull each other apart when Chance walk in followed by Zero. Brick finished his breakfast and started to went outside, but stopped by Phoebe. Phoebe caught Brick by his arm. Phoebe mumble, “Don’t leave me, Brick. I wanna go outside, so hold up.”

Brick shook off Phoebe’s grasp and stood next to her, meanwhile, I went up to Chance. Chance took a glimpse at me and it looks like he’s afraid to make eye contact. Like I’m dangerous to him and this is the very first time. Chance will always make eye contact to me because I’m the youngest and the easiest to look into my eyes. I was shocked when he didn’t, but instead, he looks away.

“Chance, why did you look away?” Mackenzie said as she stands up straight so that she is the same height as him. “What did Ruby ever did to you? You’re the leader and you just look away?!”

Everyone in the room was shocked when Mackenzie said that to our leader. It’s not like no one had ever said that before, it’s just that Mackenzie doesn’t care. She would never help other people unless if someone told her to. Chance looks away from us and sits down on a couch, while Zero glare at me. Like what did I ever did to them and why are those two actings so weird today? Is this about last night? Chance spoke, “Let’s talk about yesterday's news. When I mean couple of people...I think I mean one person. We have to pick one of the people in our gang and send them to the government. If we don’t, then from two weeks we will be killed.”

“OMG! D-don’t tell me.” Phoebe took a long deep breath and look toward me. “You guys pick Ruby?!”

I knew it! I could tell that she is going to say that next because those two were acting so weird a minute ago. I knew that I am going to blow upon them, but I just couldn’t. I want to, but this pain in my chest. It’s like there is a fire burning inside, but I can’t tell if it’s madness or sadness. Maybe both. I look around me and I could feel my eyes are tearing up. I try to hold them back, but I just couldn’t.

“How could you?! What was I to you guys?” I sniffed, “Chance, Zero, Phoebe, Brick, Mack-”

Then I collapsed and starting to bursting out tears. I can feel someone’s warm hand on my shoulder, but I just push them away. I ran upstairs to my room, thinking about all those years. All those years that I spend in this house and with my - not blood-related families. All of that happiness that we created and all of those things that we went through together it can’t be fake. Do they really want me to be gone? Do they hate me? I haven’t even entered my bedroom when everything started to get burly. Before I can even know what is going on the world went black.

Meanwhile, everyone is downstair yelling at each other.

“Chance! Zero!” shout Brick, as he went up to Chance. He grabs Chance by his collar and starts to punch him up. The other three quickly came up to Chance and Zero to break them up.

“ENOUGH!” Phoebe’s voice booms through the living as they all turn to Phoebe. Chance slowly got up on his feet as he wipes the blood away. Bricks’ fist is red and some cuts from punching Chance. Mackenzie went to the bathroom to get the First Aid Kit.

“I thought - I thought...Chance why though?” Phoebe spoke softly, “Why did you guys pick Ruby?”

“Chance didn’t pick Ruby. I did.” Zero looks away, “I pick Ruby before I even told Chance about it.”

“Why though?”

“’s a good choice.”


Zero smirked, “You don’t need to know, Phoebe. The choice that the government gives us is to pick Ruby or no one. If no one then we are dead meat. Also...not just us dead meat. All of the gangsters. If we pick one will be dead.”

When Mackenzie got done patching up Chance ruins, Chance went upstairs to check on Ruby. When Chance reaches to Ruby’s bedroom hallway, he gasps.

“GUYS! GUYS! MACKENZIE GET THE FIRST AID KIT QUICKLY!!!!” yelled Chance as he carries Ruby as a bride.

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