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Chapter 4

Five more days, until I leave this place where I was raised. I’m still in my room after what happened last night. Checking the weather for today when I heard a knock on my door. Without looking up, I said, “Come in.”

“Hey...I’m very sorry about what happen yesterday...” Mackenzie took a seat next to me, even if I’m not looking up. I could tell that she must have been crying, but I could be wrong. It’s just so weird and rare if Mackenzie had cried. Brushing my hair out off my face I made a weak smile, “It’s fine. We weren’t even expecting that...”

I’m still mad at them but I know it’s not right. It’s not - it’s never their fault, it’s the government’s fault. They try to kill us once and now they are back to it again but with me this time. It’s like I’m a treasure or something so valuable that they want. Why are they even attacking us? Did something happen that we don’t know? There is a long silence I almost forgot Mackenzie is still here when she broke the silence.

“, I’m not trying to blame on anyone but Chance didn’t pick you. He will never pick you to leave...your like...special to him.” Mackenzie turns around to make eye contact. “I know he wouldn’t do was Zero. He picked you..., but I don’t know why...I mean from what Zero had said. He said that the government told him, I mean why him? He isn’t even the leader...”

“When was the president got selected?” I asked because I want to know how long it took Zero to make that decision and how long he didn’t tell us. Mackenzie sits up straight and pinches her nose by the bridge, “I did some research last night...but it’s off. It said that President Andrew became a president the same day Chance told us the news. Then...I snuck into Chance’s room last night to dig through the paper he brought home. Eventually, it wasn’t in his room, it was in Zero’s room.”

Wait...why is this all Zero? Something is off here so I asked, “Why is this all Zero? Are you trying to say that it was all Zero’s fault? How did they know that the government wants me on that same day when Chance came home with the news?”

Mackenzie nods, “True...I don’t know how but when I look into all those papers. It was all about this and that. About you going to the other side and then it said that Zero is going too.”

That caught my attention, “Wait Zero is going too?”

“Yes, I will be going too...hon.” Someone - Zero answered as he sits at the opposite side of me. I clench and unclench my hands feeling uncomfortable. Yesterday’s event came rushing back to me, it was disgusting. Zero chuckles, “Sorry Ruby...I know this is all a shock, but you should know that I will be by your side at all times. No matter what, you’re special to a sister. So please calm down.”

That’s when I had it, I quickly got off my bed making Mackenzie startled. I felt disgusted by all those words that came out of Zero’s mouth. I mumbled, “I - I need air the air in here is thick. I must have stayed in here too long. Excuse me please.”

I shoved the door open speed walking to the garden which is in the backyard. I don’t know why I’m feeling like this I mean I never had. I love Zero as a big brother but lately, he had been disgusting me out.

Looking up I see birds flying across the sky is free nothing to worry about. I love this garden - clean air, beautiful smells, and the calm wind blows every often. I made my way into the garden laying down on the grass in a star shape. I come here often whenever I’m stressed or want to be alone. Closing my eyes as I try to listen to the’s like they’ve got secrets. I don’t felt disgusted anymore, I felt calm...

“Ruby. Ruby! Ruby wakes up!” Someone said as they poke me on my side making me laugh. Cracking up my eyes a bit I saw Phoebe towering over me. She stood up giving me a hand which I accept.

“Did I fall asleep?” I ask as I look at the sunset. Phoebe pats me on my back like I won or something.

“Yup you did congrats! You should go and sleep inside I think it’s going to rain soon...check the weather.” Phoebe said as she joins me looking at the sunset. “Wanna sleep with me?”

“Sure...” I replied as I remember that....when the clock hits midnight. Four more days left. Then three...I’m not ready. Phoebe hits me with her bottle of wine, “Hey cheer up kid, nothing in this world will tear this gang apart. Don’t forget that far or near whenever you’re in trouble. Just yell us - call for us and we’ll be there.”

“Thanks...could you carry me to bed please?” I ask as I try to climb on her back. She giggles, “You sure are a little kid.”

I rolled my eyes, “Bitch your an asshole and little kids don’t swear. Also, I want a tattoo, Phoebe, like you please? I’ve been waiting for decades.”

I’ve always wanted a tattoo on my back or my upper arm, but they kept on saying that I’m a little kid. She just shook her head, “No no no baby. Do you wanna get yelled by Daddy?”

“I don’t care...I’m old enough Mommy.” I snickered as I ride on her back. Since I’m the youngest I love to play is the little kid of the family. Even though I am, but I want to call them Mommy, which is Phoebe and Daddy is Mackenzie. I know I’m weird, but it’s fun to be a family instead of being siblings.

Phoebe laughed, “Old enough to be a granny! Haha! Whatever, it’s up to you baby.”

“Hey, I’m not a granny!” I whined as we climb on the bed together. I curled up against Phoebe’s arm, “You’re granny now. Good night old granny.”

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