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Chapter 5

I look over to my right where my suitcase is waiting to get picked up by someone. I felt my tears falling, but I quickly wiped it away. Today is my last day here and I still don’t even know why I’m going to the other side. Zero is coming with me including Chance, but not the others. I stood up from the couch and went to my bedroom one last time. It’s the place where I sleep in, wake up every morning, alone time and sometimes we have a party in my room because it’s the largest.

“Don’t worry it’s not the end yet,” Phoebe said as she went up to me. I gave her a confused look, “What do you mean? I will be going to the other side and I won’t be able to visit you guys. We all know that there is a border that kept up separate from us and them.”

“You dummy! Nothing goes as what it was planned from the start Ruby. Nothing does, because nothing is perfect.” She looks into my eyes and grips hard on my shoulder making me winced a bit. “Because this isn’t over - the war was never over. I’m not giving up on you bitch and that goes the same with the others.”

With that been said, Phoebe turns around fast on her heels and walks away. The war was never over. Her voice played in my head as I try to brush it off. What does she mean? It had been many years since the war we had with the other side. After the war, everyone starts to settle down and that’s when the peace began. Maybe it began but who knows?

I walk down the hallway finding Brick leaning against the wall arm crossed across his chest. He looks up revealing his tired eyes. Then I saw a couple of tears came down from his eyes leaving me frozen in my place.

“R-ruby...” Brick’s voice cracked as more tears kept on falling. “I’m sorry to show you this... you’re like a sister to me...I can’t believe you’re leaving.”

I don’t know what to say because seeing someone who I used to think that they never cry. Since they look strong and they always make jokes. I guess I was wrong because everyone cries no matter what.

Brick pushes himself off the wall walking to me, “Promise me one thing that we will meet again one day...please don’t forget us.”

“I promise Brick.” I wrap my arms around him as he hugs me back. Tears start to build up in my eyes and some are already sliding down my cheek. “Brick I’m sorry.”

“We should stop crying,” Brick kissed my forehead. “Cause if we keep on crying we will flood this mansion.”

I rolled my eyes leaving Brick snickering, but I still could see sadness. Then I heard a shout downstairs, “RUBY IT’S TIME!”

“Don’t forget the promise, Ruby James.” Brick flashes me his bright smile as I quickly turn around. I sniffed as I try to keep my tears in when I bump into someone.

“Found you~!” Mackenzie said cheerfully before I could even say sorry. I wipe my tears on my sleeves, “Mac...good-bye...I’m sorry.”

“Good-bye?” Mackenzie raised an eyebrow, I look at her as if I had hit her head or something. Then Mackenzie chuckled, “It’s not the end yet and what I mean by yet is when we all die. There’s still hope and luck silly! See you later alligator!”

“After a while crocodile...” I smile as I walk downstairs. Chance look up from the floor when he saw me coming down.

“Took you long enough,” Zero said as he went to help a dude with the suitcase. I look at him, “What?!”

“You heard me and I know.” Zero grins as he took my suitcase. I lowered my voice to that only he could hear, “What?! We’re going to the other side Zero! I don’t even want to go...”

Zero lift my head by my chin, but Chance slap his hand away. He rolls his eyes, “It was just a joke, Ruby.”

I walk away from them as I head out the door to see a helicopter in front of me. I narrowed my eyebrows, “Why helicopter? Can’t we just ride on a plane?”

“Ma’am those are our orders.” A man in suits mumbles. “So deal with it...”

“Fuck off.” I grit my teeth as I head back inside. “We’re riding a freaking helicopter.”

“Aww, stop being childish.” Zero tries to pat my head but I back away before he could. Walking past him, I whisper “What is wrong with you?”

He tilted his head back as chuckles, “Sorry I haven’t had my coffee yet.”

“We are done loading your suitcase, so please follow us.” It’s the same man again. We follow him, but I try to stay 3-meter away from him. Chance stopped walking till I’m next to him, “Come on.”

He took my hands and we hold hands making goosebumps forming on my upper arms. What are all these feelings? Maybe I’m going crazy or nervous or scared or...gaah!!! What is going on with me? I shook my head from side to side making Chance think I’m going crazy...I think.

“You alright there? Are you nervous? Of course, you’ll be nervous.” Chance asked with a worried face. I lied, “Y - yeah...”

Okay, I just stuttered and like what the heck?! Maybe I am going crazy... When we all got on the helicopter, I mean there is at least 3 helicopter here. Chance and I went on the black one, I mean why not? Zero plan to go on the blue one, but he did not argue about it.

“I’m going to sit next to Chance’s bodyguard or whatever you are,” I said sharply making him puff and walk away. Chance tries to hide back his laugh, but he starts to laugh off his head. I grin, “That is because I don’t know his name. I was being nice for once, because if I was not. I would have called him a potato.”

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