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Chapter 6

Ruby, wait! Ruby! RUBY! “Ruby wake up!” Someone was shaking me as they try to wake me up. Cracking my eyelids a little letting the brightness hitting me like a gunshot. Ouch, it hurts! I snuggle closer to the warmth when I heard someone - Chance giggled. I push him away from me making him bumping his head on the window. Wait, window? Oh yeah right, we are in a helicopter.

“I’msosorry, it’sjustthatIdidnotmeantobethatclosetoyou,” I said, more like I rap through it. Chance look at me like ‘what did you just say’ face. Then he starts to shake his head from left to right and right to left.

“I never knew that you could rap right after you wake up.” Chance laugh as he rubs the back of his head. Ouch, his head must have hurt.

“I am so sorry that I... push you,” I said as I reach for his head. “I wonder if they have an ice pack.”

“I don’t think so... Also, it is not really that bad.” Chance says as he continues rubbing his head. I know what it means when people are rubbing their heads after they got hit by something. They are trying to make the pain away, duh.

“Hey, you!” I shout over the sound that is made from the helicopter. “Got some ice pack?”

Chance look at me like ‘What are you doing’, I point on the back of my head showing what I mean. His eyes widen and I have no idea why, but he went up so close to me. I could feel his breath on my neck when he spoke, “Did you hit your head? What happen?”

I look at him like ‘are you really that dumb’ face and he looks at me mouthing me ‘what?’

“You need an ice pack, silly. Your head must have hurt after you hit that.” I said as I lean forward trying to get the man in the suit attention again. I clear my voice, “HEY YOU DUDE OR POTATO HEAD!”

Potato’s head snaps back and looks at me annoyed, but like I care if he is mad or not.

“Got some ice pack? My brother here is hurt because of your trashy helicopter.” I ask innocently, but the potato head still looks annoyed. Potato head, grit on his teeth before replying, “No, we do not have any ice pack for your stupid friend! I mean brother, but it’s the same thing. It’s his problem, not ours.”

Okay, that really got me mad making me glare at him and sternly said, “First of all, DON’T you dare call him stupid because he is way much smarter than your cotton brain. Second of all, YOU guys plan to let us go on this stupid ugly stinky smelly helicopter. And third of all, Chance is my brother and if he ends up having a bruise on his head is ALL of your guy’s fault.”

I know it was my fault for pushing Chance, but what else I could do? My heart was like having a heart attack and I felt like I am running out of oxygen. I really need a doctor, I think there is something wrong with me. Maybe it is this helicopter fault and the potato guys fault, too.

I lean back on my seat but taking a peek at Chance. He’s looking out the window like nothing happened between me and the potato head. I scoot closer to him so I could get a good view... of him? Woah! Okay, okay what? I look at him closely like I am studying something that is really important. Taking in his structure, his imperfection - I don’t think there is one and his perfection.

Someone clears their throat, making me snap out of my thoughts.

“It’s not nice to stare at someone for a whole 5 minutes, Ruby.” Chance snickers as I look down... blushing? No, I would never blush and maybe the temperate here is high.

“I was not staring I was.... admiring,” I said, but whispering the last part. What is wrong with me? I really need to call 911...

We got off the helicopter - FINALLY! The potato head went up to me, “Ma’am, we will be getting your suitcase, but you must follow John.”

Potato head point at a man who is wearing a black suit with a black tie. He’s wearing sunglasses which makes it looks weird on him, I don’t know why. I saw Zero coming from behind John giving him a pat on the back. Making me raising an eyebrow...what the heck is Zero doing?

“Come on, Ruby. We don’t want them waiting for us.” Chance slips his hand into my making me going CRAZY again! I should probably ignore it for the best instead of going crazy.

“Hello, my name is Jonathan, but people call me John for short. Call me John, because it makes it way easier. You are..?” John raises his hand to Chance who shook it faster and letting it go. Chance replies, “My name is Chance and she is Ruby.”

“Oh... what a really unique name, but it’s pretty cool at the same time. No worries, welcome Chance, Ruby, and Zero.” John laughs, but he frowns after I rejected his handshake. Like really dude? I ask annoying, “Would you mind? I mean like getting to the point dude, why am I here? Can’t you just get to the freaking point? It’s not like we are making peace here.”

Chance squeezes my hand, making me look at him as he shakes his head, but trying to hold back his smile. John looks at me with a sorry face, “I am so sorry, but if you would like we would head inside. It’s pretty hot out here and I bet the flight was tiring. We could continue this talk tomorrow.”

John turns his back at us walking towards a big building... the White House? I don’t know, but it is white and looks like a house. We follow him into the building, but at some point, Zero grabs my hand and we start to hold hands. Making me feel like a little kid who is afraid to get lost in this big building.

“Let my hands go Zero and Chance. I felt like a little kid, here you know.” I whisper as they quickly let their hands go. I could hear Zero chuckles next to me, but Chance just rubs the back of his neck.

“Oh, before I let you guys in your bedroom, I need for you guys to get the office with me. To show them that you guys are here safe and sound.” John says as he took off his sunglasses, but he looks really familiar. We walk up and down some stairs and taking left and right turns. Until we are in front of a big door. John knocks on the door before we heard a voice saying, “Come in.”

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