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Chapter 7

“Come in.” Said a voice belonging to a man behind these big doors. John opens up the door revealing a man in his 40s. The old man stood up behind his desk, “Welcome, I’m president Andrew.”

I grit my teeth, but Chance put his hand on my shoulder calming me down. I swear if Chance did not do that, I would’ve to rip potato’s Andrew head off. I can’t believe this old man and gosh when I say old. I mean like he looks like a poop head to me.

“It’s my very pleasure to meet you guys,” Andrew said as he held out his hand. Zero looks at his hand broadly, before shaking his hand. Chance was next and he shook Andrew’s hand a bit rough making Andrew pull back fast.

“And it’s my pleasure” to fuck you off, I said but the last part in my head. When I said a pleasure to fuck you off, it means that I will beat you up.

“Go on to your rooms. Settle down guys and be comfortable, before the sun rises again.” Andrew said as he returns to his work. Everyone left the room and I was the last one out before taking a glimpse over my shoulder. I saw something when I left the room, but I heard something familiar before we even enter this room. I swear I did, maybe I’m going crazy again.

“Ruby, are you okay? You’ve been quiet ever since we left the room.” Chance looked down at me. I shook my head ‘no’.

“I’m fine,” I said as I went straight into a room with a queen-size bed. “Just tired and you should get some sleep, too.”

“Ruby, if you need to talk to someone. I’m here for you, okay?” Chance said, “Good night.”

“Night.” I crawled onto the bed and it’s so SOFT!

Chance walked out of my room, suddenly he stops.

“I’ll be next door to the left of your door, okay? Sleep tight and sweet dreams.” Chance said as he is switching the lights off and silently closing the door shut.

I woke up with someone knocking on the other side of the door. Pushing the blanket aside as I get up to get the door.

“Hey,” My voice cracks as I met Chance with a smile. “Morning.”

“Morning to you, Ruby.” Chance smiles then he starts to petting my head and messing up my hair.

“H-hey!” I whine as I try to get away, but Chance pulls me close against his chest.

“I’m glad you’re here.” Change sigh into my hair. “I was worried that they might have taken you in the middle of the night meanwhile you’re asleep.”

I was a bit taken back because I thought Chance doesn’t like physical contact, or maybe he does. Chance had been my leader ever since I was born and in those years we’ve spent together, he got those red lights flashing around him. It’s like a warning no physical contact. Now? Uh...did someone turns off the lights?

“They aren’t getting rid of me that easily, Chance.” I joke, “Cause I’ve got another chance! Get it?”

Chance rolls his eyes and since when does he know how to rolls his eyes? I let out my laughter and Chance broke out a smile.

“Very funny, Ruby.” Chance says.

“Oh boy, I’m punny! Heck yeah, maybe I’m a joker!” I laugh, okay I should stop. I’m being immature.

“So... What’s our schedule today?” I ask, “I can’t believe that someone got my whole day planned out already. It got to be fun, or I’m leaving.”

“Well, we should go downstairs and get breakfast.” Chance says, looking at me up and down, “And you might need to get out of your pajamas before we start heading down.”

Oh shit, I forgot I was still in my tank top and a short that I borrow in the closet yesterday night. I quickly slam the door in front of Chance, who respond with a groan. Oops.

“Sorry!” I apologize loud enough for Chance to hear me.

“Yeah, that hurts...” Chance wines.

I went to the closet and found my yesterday attire, but it stinks. So yeah, that’s out off my list. I found my pajamas in one of the drawers, maybe I could find something cool to wear. I jamb around the drawers and found skinny ripped black jeans, white plain t-shirt - wait, there’s something on the back, I’m A Big Bad Bitch.

Oh, heck yeah! Whoever owns these clothes are pretty dope! Cause this stuff is my jams, I went back to the closet and found Adidas shoes. Okay, those are fine. Not to brag, but Jordon’s are better.

“Ruby, I’m patient you know.” Chance says sarcastically and I roll my eyes. Since when did he become not so the Chance I know? Wait let me rephrase that, what happened to the Chance that I know? I slip into the Adidas and burst out the door and almost slamming right into his chest.

“Easy there tiger, what’s the rush?” Chance smiles as he steadies me. I glared back at him, “Says the one who told me to pick up my pace a bit, I mean a lot.”

“I technically didn’t say that.” Chance says in his defense, “But come on, we need to get going anyways.”

We made out way downstairs meeting two guards waiting for us on the last step. Oh, it’s the potato head again and his best friend, maybe tomato? I can’t believe I’m naming them as foods, I don’t know their name.

“Good Morning to you all, President Andrew is waiting for you in the dining room with breakfast served ready.” Potato says and nodded is head to Tomato.

“We shall lead you the way.” Tomato says, “Forgive for my manners, my name is Zack.”

Oh, they’ve got names, too.

“Hey, Zack.” I greet him, “I’m Ruby and this is Chance.”

You know, sometimes you’ve just got to keep things professional even when I hate them. I look at Chance who shows no expression, so he.

“Yes, we’re aware of that, Ruby.” Zack says, “But let us lead you the way.”

We went down the hallway then did many turns to the left and right, oh I’m so confused. This is more like a maze than a government.

“Here we are,” Zack holds onto the handles then pushes the door open leading us into the dining room. “Your food will be served soon and President Andrew will be joining you.”

Potato, I still don’t know his name, stood next to me and set a hand on my shoulder, “You know, you were never meant to be involved with the gangs.”

“What?” I ask confused.

Chance eyes flicker with flames when he saw Potato’s hand on my shoulder, “Don’t touch her when you don’t even know her story.”

“But I do,” President Andrew enters the room with Zero next to him. “Let us enjoy ourselves first.”

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