The gangster's little unknown assassin

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The apple never falls to far from the tree. Sage is an assassin since the age of 6. At first it was against her will, but in order for her to protect her mother she had to do it . Sage's father is a gangster, and almost 16 years ago his wife was kidnaped. Left to raise their two years old set of twins wasn't easy and all that happened while he didn't even know that his wife was pregnant. So what will happen when tragedy once again strikes Sage's life and she has to go live with her father ?

Action / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 - Sage

Hello my name is Sage. I never meet my father and neither did I meet my brothers. On the bright side I had my mother with me and she talked about them all the time.

From what she said I have two older brothers, they are twins and 2 years older then me.

My mom told me that I have a lot of uncles from my father’s side, she also told me that my father is a gang leader. His gangs name is Hell Sinners but everyone outside of the criminal world calls them Sinful Bikers. Why you might ask because the gang is always riding their motorcycles.

The Hell Sinners gang is the biggest gang in Italy.

I don’t even know how they are the best cause if they were as good as the people say they are, then they would have found me and my mother when we were still in Sicily.

But that was a long time ago...

My mothers name is Dalila, she used to say that I look exactly like my father. His name is Sin. My older brothers names are Diesel and Vin.

Enough with my rumbling, let’s get this story started

Sage’s POV

Beep...... Beep.......... Beep......

Oh come on ! Not even dead I can sleep in peace !

Beep...., Beep....

Ughh !!!!

I’ve had enough of this annoying noise, maybe if I turn around it will leave me alone.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

Nobodys POV

Bold - doctor

Italic - nurse

" Doctor Demi I think that the girl is going to wake up soon”

" And why do you think that nurse Neli ? ”

" Well doctor, when I went to exercise her muscles she turned herself in bed without anyone touching her. She also groaned like if she was complaining about something. ”

" I see your point Neli, let’s go examine little miss unknown. ”

25 minutes later

" What do you think doctor ? Is she going to wake up soon ? ”

" I don’t know for sure but the things are definitely starting to look up for this little lady.”

Unexpectedly the girl (Sage) sat up, yawned and opened her eyes scaring the doctor half to death.

Sage’s POV

" Are you ok sweetie ? Do you remember what happened ?” Questioned me the friendly looking nurse.

" Unfortunately I do. Could you give me a cup of water please ? ” I said. I remember her. She was nice to me and helped my mother so mind as well be polite.

" Of course dear, I’ll be right back. ”

The nurse exited the room and came back a few minutes later with a cup of water and more happy nurses.

" Congratulations dear ! You finally woke up.”

" The doctors through you would never wake up but we never lost our hope. We knew if you survived the operation then you would survive a coma. ”

" You’re a fighter and you fighted to survive so we knew you weren’t giving up just yet. ”

And so on. This nurses were really nice and they had fait in me. For the first time someone besides my mom had fate in me. It was a nice feeling.

The sympathetic nurces keep going about how they knew I would wake up and things like that. I learned that their names where Neli, Natalie, Salma and Silvia.

We were all talking, or better they were talking and I was listening to them when the shocked doctor came out of his shock and cough to get our attention.

" Aaaaaa....... Ummmm...aaaaa...*cough* *cough* It’s good to see you awake. I will run some tests on you to see if you’re completely ok and then we will see what will happen. ”

So that’s what was done. The tests were runned and I’m perfectly fine. They want me to do some physiotherapy to strengthen my muscles but besides that I’m fantastic.

” Since you’re awake I’m going to call a social worker to take care of you ” the doctor informed me.

That was the worst thing he could have said.

After the doctor left Neli came in and gave me clothes.
She was the closest thing to an older sister that I have but..... Before I went into a coma I didn’t have big boobs or period so she had to explain and teach me somethings and for that I’ll always be in debt with her .

Neli left to give some privacy to change and while doing so it gave me time to think and… I decided that I’m going to leave the hospital now.

Nobody was in sigh so I left my room and walked in the direction of the hospital exit.

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