The gangster's little unknown assassin

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The apple never falls to far from the tree. Sage is an assassin since the age of 6. At first it was against her will, but in order for her to protect her mother she had to do it . Sage's father is a gangster, and almost 16 years ago his wife was kidnaped. Left to raise their two years old set of twins wasn't easy and all that happened while he didn't even know that his wife was pregnant. So what will happen when tragedy once again strikes Sage's life and she has to go live with her father ?

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Chapter 1 - Sage

Hello, my name is Sage.

I never met my father and neither did I meet my brothers. On the bright side, I had my mother with me, and she talked about them all the time.

From what she said I have two older brothers, they are twins and 2 years older than me.

My mom told me that I have a lot of uncles from my father’s side, she also told me that my father is a gang leader. His gang’s name is Hell Sinners but everyone outside the criminal world calls them Sinful Bikers. Why, may you ask? because the gang is always riding their motorcycles.

The Hell Sinners gang is the biggest gang in Italy.

I don’t even know how they are the best because if they were as good as the people say they are, then they would have found me and my mother when we were still in Sicily.

But that was a long time ago...

My mothers' name is Dalila, she used to say that I look exactly like my father. His name is Sin. My older brothers’ names are Diesel and Vin.

Enough with my rumbling, let’s get this story started

Sage’s POV

Beep...... Beep.......... Beep......

Oh, come on! Not even dead I can sleep in peace!

Beep...., Beep...


I’ve had enough of this annoying noise!

Ummmmm..... maybe if I turn around it will leave me alone.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

Nobody’s POV

Bold — doctor

Italic — nurse

“Doctor Demi I think that the girl is going to wake up soon”

“Why is that Neli ?”

“Well doctor, for starters when I went to exercise her muscles she turned herself in bed without anyone touching her, and she also groaned as if she was complaining about something.”

“I see your point Neli, let’s go examine little miss unknown.”

~ 25 minutes later ~

“What do you think doctor? Is she going to wake up soon ?”

“I don’t know for sure but the things are definitely starting to look up for this little lady.”

Both doctor and nurse left the room and went to attend to their other patients.

Sage’s POV

Confused, I started looking around. I have a tube down my throat, another in my nose and I think there’s something down there, where nothing should be…. Machines surround me, one is hooked to my finger, following the cable coming out of the piece clinging to my finger I see a machine registering my heartbeat.

Trying to remove the piece from my finger, I raise my arm and immediately feel something pinching it, not letting me take the arm too far. I look at the place where I felt the pinch and see a needle stuck there.

The needle was connected to a strange bag filled with a transparent liquid. I think Jaime told me about it once ... The clear liquid is called serum and it serves to keep me hydrated.

I looked around me again and noticed that there are two doors in this room. One is all made of wood, that’s probably a bathroom door and the other is also made of wood and it has a built-in glass window, that one must be connected to a corridor.

Suddenly a woman in uniform walks through the door of my room and looks inside. I look her in the eye and watch her, trying to figure out if she’s a threat or just a helpless woman. She looks at me, and suddenly her brown eyes widen and a look of surprise passes through them. Very quickly she walks away from the door and leaves.

Not paying much attention to the fact that the woman is gone, I turn my attention back to the needle in my hand and start to remove it. Not even ten seconds later, the bedroom door opens and the lady from moments ago enters, this time she isn’t alone, she is accompanied by another woman in a nurse uniform.

The strange woman approaches me and I recognize her as the nurse who helped me when my mother went into labor. She approaches me and starts taking my temperature, while doing so she starts talking to me.

“Hello, my dear. I am Nurse Neli, sorry to be so insensitive, but it is part of the protocol and I have to ask you, do you remember what happened before-” I interrupt and quickly answer her.

“Unfortunately I do. Could you give me a cup of water please?” I said. I remember her. She was nice to me and helped my mother so I may as well be polite.

She nods at me confirming that she heard me and looks at me with a sad smile.

“I’ll be right back, darling.” She informs me and leaves the room.

Darling, how strange to hear that word from someone other than my mother.

“Umm ... hello, my name is Salma.” Speaks the other woman who stayed with me in the room. I nod my head at her to demonstrate that I heard her and focus on my bedroom window, watching the sky.

Noise from the corridor distracts me and Salma and I look at the door of my room, very quickly Neli and two other women run into my room, the two women who accompany Neli run to me and start talking both at the same time leaving me confused.

Why the hell are these people behaving in such a strange way? - I wonder to myself.

A man in a gown comes into my room and coughs to get the nurse's attention. They shut up and the man introduces himself.

“Hello miss, it’s good to see you awake. My name is Doctor Demi and if you don’t mind I need to run some tests on you.” I look at him suspiciously, but I let him get closer anyway.

True to his words, the doctor does all the tests he needs and leaves my room.

The moment he leaves the nurses come back to me and the two strangers start talking to me. Apparently, one of them is called Natalie and another one is Silvia.

The four nurses surround me and talk about how they knew I was going to survive; how I am a fighter, a survivor, and how they always believed in me and never gave up on the idea that one day I would wake up and blah, blah, blah ...... They talk and talk and talk and I don’t answer them, I just let them talk.

They were with me for hours. They talked about everything that came to their minds. They took all the tubes out of me and disconnected me from the machines, taking them out of the room right away, and finally, they gave me food.

A few minutes after I finished eating Dr. Demi came back with the results of my exams, Salma, Silvia, and Natalie left the room and left me alone with Neli and Doctor Demi.

From what Demi said, I’m in perfect health. He suggested that I do a little physical therapy to help strengthen my muscles, but otherwise nothing much.

”Since you’re awake I’m going to call a social worker to take care of you.” The doctor informed me. That was the worst thing he could have said.

After the doctor left Neli came in and gave me clothes.

She was the closest thing to an older sister that I have but..... Before I went into a coma, I didn’t have big boobs or periods, so she had to explain and teach me some things and for that, I’ll always be in debt with her.

Neli left to give some privacy to change and while doing so it gave me time to think and… I decided that I’m going to leave the hospital now.

Nobody was in sight, so I left my room and walked in the direction of the hospital exit.

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